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  1. Hi all just thought I’d pop back on here to say hello. As he is leaving us, nothing would please me and 1000’s of other Palace fans if he was to rejoin you guys. best of luck for next season Nick
  2. Hi guys, its been a while while since I’ve offered you our warm wishes from CPFC in south London. It’s great to see our two clubs working so well together again. ryan Iness has had a chequered career so far mainly due to off the pitch issues. However, I saw him play at Swansea on Tuesday night and think given a run of games, should serve you well this season. dont forget, because of all of our mutual love of Mr Speroni, Dundee have 100’s of cockney Palace fans, and we all wish you guys a great season. ( the first Scottish result I look for)
  3. Guys thanks for your kind comments. I think both our seasons have been mixed really. At least we managed to stay up in the end banking another £100m in doing so. Plus we have the repeat of the 1990 cup final which I will be going to. I just hope the result goes the other way. Let's face it, it's been the year of the underdog (Leicester) and all that. Right, I did mention in a previous post that I can lay my hands on a few Palace season tickets and if a couple of you fancy me hosting a night in the smoke, please just contact me (*** help my liver) . I hope this infinity between the two clubs continues long after Julien has retired. Our season will be classed as a success if we win the cup & Brighton don't get promoted (they are to us what that lot next door are to you) If it's ok I will pop back on here once in while to wish you and you wonderful club well?. Best regards Nick
  4. Hi all. I hope you don't mind me popping back on here. I just wanted to say well done for your crediable finish to your season and of course sending that other lot Down. (The mugs) If you go onto our Holmsdaleonline there is a current thread about which sets Fans we feel are the nastiest. Needless to say your supporters are mentioned in a fantastic light on more than one comment. Best of luck for season 16/17 And don't forget you have plenty of new admirers in South East London Regards Nick
  5. Hi Dee's Just thought I would pop back on to say well done for a great comeback last night. Shame you couldn't go onto nick all 3 points. Don't forget you have loads of Palace fans wishing you guys well this season. Regards Nick
  6. I tell you what Andee, if a group of you guys got together, contact Palace direct for maybe a Cat B game they would help you without any doubt. More than that the Palace fans would welcome you all with open arms. Can't see you going home without a hangover thou.
  7. Keep in touch with me Gnasher, I am co- buying 3 season tickets with a Scouse mate of mine. He won't be able to go to all games. So you never know........
  8. Good morning guys, Just thought I would pop back on to give you Palace's full fixture list in case any of you were thinking about joining us for a game. When do the D's fixtures come out? Best of luck for the coming year. 20 thousand Palace fans will be watching for your results. Nick Crystal Palace 8 Aug 2015 Norwich City v Crystal Pal 15 Aug 2015 Crystal Palace v Arsenal 22 Aug 2015 Crystal Palace v Aston Villa 29 Aug 2015 Chelsea v Crystal Palace 12 Sep 2015 Crystal Palace v Manchester City 19 Sep 2015 Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace 26 Sep 2015 Watford v Crystal Palace 3 Oct 2015 Crystal Palace v West Bromwich Albion 17 Oct 2015 Crystal Palace v West Ham United 24 Oct 2015 Leicester City v Crystal Palace 31 Oct 2015 Crystal Palace v Manchester United 7 Nov 2015 Liverpool v Crystal Palace 21 Nov 2015 Crystal Palace v Sunderland 28 Nov 2015 Crystal Palace v Newcastle United 5 Dec 2015 Everton v Crystal Palace 12 Dec 2015 Crystal Palace v Southampton 19 Dec 2015 Stoke City v Crystal Palace 26 Dec 2015 AFC Bournemouth v Crystal Palace 28 Dec 2015 Crystal Palace v Swansea City 2 Jan 2016 Crystal Palace v Chelsea 12 Jan 2016 7.45pm Aston Villa v Crystal Palace 16 Jan 2016 Manchester City v Crystal Palace 23 Jan 2016 Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur 2 Feb 2016 8pm Crystal Palace v AFC Bournemouth 6 Feb 2016 Swansea City v Crystal Palace 13 Feb 2016 Crystal Palace v Watford 27 Feb 2016 West Bromwich Albion v Crystal Palace 1 Mar 2016 7.45pm Sunderland v Crystal Palace 5 Mar 2016 Crystal Palace v Liverpool12 Mar 2016 Manchester United v Crystal Palace
  9. Blue Monday you really shouldn't talk of such things 😟 That lot have an inbuilt hatred of all things Palace. This link should give a quick overview https://youtu.be/R4CvRDkdp7g As for some minor links between the Clowns & Knuckledraggers (Charlton & Milwall) you know what they say you can't choose your family but.... Each to their own but thanks for the responses.
  10. A question for you Great Dee people. I have seen Charlton (clown town as we call them) mentioned on here a couple of times, if any what is the tenuous link between Dundee & Fans with extra large kipper shoes and spiny bow ties? We used to have a sort of rivalry with them and the sh**e team down the M23 who will remain unnamed.👨â€â¤ï¸â€ðŸ‘¨ðŸ‘¨â€â¤ï¸â€ðŸ‘¨. Obviously they are both in a much lower league to us now and we consider both of them irelavant now. Just wondering.
  11. Posted this on another one of your threads. http://newsnow.co.uk/A/775399873?-284:829
  12. If anyone was thinking it might be beneficial for both clubs to grow their mutual respect and maybe do something like this again, have a read of this link. http://newsnow.co.uk/A/775399873?-284:829 Hope it works.
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