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  1. skullduggery

    Call Me Naive....

    Frank you never mentioned anything about disabled cubicles or disabled kids with your original post. I apologise.
  2. skullduggery

    Call Me Naive....

    Why would you not take your bairn to the match because of this. Plenty folk full of the drink at football.
  3. skullduggery

    Call Me Naive....

    No different to any Saturday night in towns and cities all over the world. I'm not condoning anything but it's certainly not unusual.
  4. skullduggery

    Call Me Naive....

    Doesn't just happen at football Frank. And its nothing new to be honest.
  5. skullduggery

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    I thought you were being facetious mate. Thought I should check though
  6. skullduggery

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    What exactly is "Rocket Science" ?
  7. skullduggery

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    Then playing 3 at the back becomes a problem, surely?
  8. skullduggery

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    so if we play 10 across the back we WILL definitely win if we play it well?
  9. skullduggery

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    It was not the start to the season I, and most of us would have liked, but lets be honest Dunfermline away was never going to be easy. I personally believe The Manager got his tactics wrong in the 1st half, others dont, and they are entitled to their opinion. To McPake's credit he changed things for the 2nd half and we were much better. We were on the end of 2 decisions by the referee that went in our favour tonight. We have been on the wrong end of ref's decisions recently on plenty of occasions, so swings and roundabouts imo. A hard earned point on the pitch and in the dugout so not a disaster.
  10. skullduggery

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    Well I was thinking more along the lines of 0-0-10 or if thats being a little unrealistic 2-2-6
  11. skullduggery

    Dunfermline V Dundee

    So what you are saying is, if you play with any formation and system and play it well, you will definitely win?
  12. skullduggery

    Who Wants To Be Deewok?

    Include the chance to be Deewok once a season to all season ticket holders. A different Deewok for every home game. Sit back and watch sales soar.
  13. skullduggery

    Shaun Byrne - Officially Signs

    Yep I think its imperative we sign a goalkeeper as I dont think Hamilton is good enough to be 1st choice for us. We have the makings of a really decent team, with the new signings, and it would make sense to add a good experienced goalie.
  14. skullduggery

    Shaun Byrne - Officially Signs

    Good stuff from the BOD and the gaffer. Quite optimistic about this season tbh.
  15. skullduggery

    Have You Got a Season Ticket

    Ye me and 3 bairns bought. Good value with the £1 a bairn offer.
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