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  1. Got my season tickets today but had to use the finance option for the 1st time due to being furloughed for 3 months. But a negative turned into a positive as 3 of my family who didn't have season tickets signed up as well. 7 of us now, just when the club needs it most. DDYB.
  2. Is it any wonder, hardly anyone( I personally don't buy any newspaper, but everyone in my albeit small social circle gave up on this rag many moons ago) buys this disgrace of a local newspaper any more.
  3. I remember this game well, I was 11 years old. I was at the back of the Derry and had climbed up above the crowd. Crazy scenes when I think about it now. Bottles, stones and darts thrown by both sets of fans. The barriers got jumped a few times. I was standing at the top of Main Street outside the Bowbridge Bar after the match trying to get the bus money home from my uncle who was inside the pub, and the Dabs tried a mass charge up Main Street to get at Dees fans walking down the Hilltown. Crazy but great days.
  4. Should rename it the “Happy BirthDee “ thread.
  5. No failures in Dark Blue today IMO. A thoroughly deserved victory which was the most important outcome today. The team played well and we got a result and a clean sheet.
  6. I was born in my grandfather’s house in St Kilda Place in 1968. Dad was in the Navy so we moved around a lot before settling in St Nicholas Place when I was about 7.
  7. Rocky 80-84. Macalpine PS before that. Born in St Kilda Place, brought up in St Mary’s and live there now. No place like “The Holy Land”
  8. You have to be a manager in the first place to have someone ruin it for you. J McP is not a football manager atm , and more than likely never will be.
  9. Not being silly, 50 year season tic holder, just interested in what part of the ground you have had your season ticket in. OK same part of the ground then for the 50 years?
  10. I really don’t make much of it to be honest. DDYB
  11. West Ham man myself, I started supporting them because of those friendlies against the Dabs. I think they were part of the Ray Stewart deal when he moved from them to the Hammers. I have been to Upton Park ( The Boleyn Ground) many times. Fantastic atmosphere there. I have yet to visit the new stadium, but plan to do so this season. One of my son’s also supports West Ham, the other is Crystal Palace.
  12. Cobra, I hear what you are saying, but is it really impossible to imagine , that a manager who played most of his entire professional career as a defender, not have picked any ideas up from the managers he played under, on how to drill his defence into doing their job to the best of their abilities. When he was appointed, that was the one area of the team I was least concerned about. Unfortunately that is one of our many weaknesses. Motivation and desire seem to be one of the key areas we are lacking. Again given McPakes history/experience in the game, that was another area I felt he would excel in. Some players dont make good managers and McPake is looking like he falls into that bracket unfortunately. Nelms appointed him at a time when we needed an experienced head after relegation. That decision is now looking like it may be costly in the long run.
  13. Then lets push the boat out and get Stewart on loan for the rest of the season. Whether he would come back is a different matter, he has felt the wrath of the Dundee support ( I say that, not as a dig, but a fact, I was there that night at Peterhead ) first hand.
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