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  1. That was a Brilliant summer transfer, took a few weeks to gel , first win was the 4/3 win at tannadice, never looked back after that
  2. He and his brother are Dundee fans , he’s a disgrace
  3. Not 37 years ago , my daughter is 41 and she was mascot that day , sure she was at least 10 that day , .just checked it was 1987 , 32 years ago still a long time ago. Celtic fans in stand beside us through their scarves at the director's box , and were singing forDavie Hay to get the sack
  4. Aly did indeed clobber big Jackie at the first corner , and he never came back for more ha
  5. I liked the way he allowed good old fashioned shoulder challenge for both teams had a decent game
  6. Just send him on loan , and Dundee can get someone in on his wages if he’s not gonna play
  7. Not sure who got sent off , but Gallagher should have been sent off that night , he kicked Tosh McKinley that much that night that Tosh ended up in ninewells overnights
  8. He’s nae Kevin holt , thank goad , he was immense today
  9. And the Iain Philip, George Stewart. Jim Steele half back line
  10. Might be Scott Allan coming back then , with Calvin away it would make sense to get another loan from Celtic
  11. Along with another 10 he was shocking today , made saints look like Barcelona
  12. Don’t think we are paying Williams , sure he got a pay off , and signed a new contract at Stanley at the start of the season
  13. I would agree , I remember thinking well he was a waste of money , soon changed my mind though
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