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  1. She stayed in baluniefield rd Douglas while peter played for leeds , peter went to the stobbie school like most Douglas boys of that era
  2. Think he picked his strongest team , I was expecting todd to come on for mcdade , but meekings shouldn't be near our team or even the bench , he and Forster were responsible for the late nightmare against partick , you can sometimes get away with one bombscare center half but not two ,
  3. Why is there not minus for team selection, waited on the team lines then made the correct decision not to go to the game , that side was never gonna win 3 points
  4. Wife ex wife was born that year ha amongst other things
  5. Have to agree all they do is ask about United this Shankland that , and the 83 on his user name what’s that all about , even if I was born in 83 or 66 no way would I have that as my username
  6. This all day long , Cammy has not had the best of seasons , but against queens away he had up till then his best game , next game he is dropped for a useless formation change , then in the derby he was the only Dundee player with pass marks , so yet again dropped for this useless formation change bringing in Meekings who is not fit to wear a dundee jersey, the guy is at snails pace the whole game ,
  7. Was speaking about this on Thursday , it needs to change I’ve had a staved finger around 3 years protecting my face , I was also in row O , Bobby Geddes shot , hope you mend soon
  8. Takes off Mcgowan and Byrne and replaces them with 2 16 year olds before the game is secure , absolutely shocking
  9. Has he been playing ? Is he match fit ?
  10. They all look happy enough , and Hemmings and Cammy all smiles , whos the bald guy on the end ? Looks a bit like Jim Duffy
  11. McGowan for me , but would have been McPake had he stayed on the pitch longer
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