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  1. Not caring who it is , I just want to see the tweet twice while I’m on the golf this afternoon
  2. Notso

    Best Pre-season Business

    That was a Brilliant summer transfer, took a few weeks to gel , first win was the 4/3 win at tannadice, never looked back after that
  3. Notso

    David Tanner.

    He and his brother are Dundee fans , he’s a disgrace
  4. Notso

    Dundee 4 - 1 Celtic

    Not 37 years ago , my daughter is 41 and she was mascot that day , sure she was at least 10 that day , .just checked it was 1987 , 32 years ago still a long time ago. Celtic fans in stand beside us through their scarves at the director's box , and were singing forDavie Hay to get the sack
  5. Notso

    1967-68 Leeds Fairs Cup Semis

    Aly did indeed clobber big Jackie at the first corner , and he never came back for more ha
  6. I liked the way he allowed good old fashioned shoulder challenge for both teams had a decent game
  7. Notso

    Glen Kamara

    Just send him on loan , and Dundee can get someone in on his wages if he’s not gonna play
  8. Notso

    Memorable Cup Replays

    Not sure who got sent off , but Gallagher should have been sent off that night , he kicked Tosh McKinley that much that night that Tosh ended up in ninewells overnights
  9. Notso


    He’s nae Kevin holt , thank goad , he was immense today
  10. Notso

    Andy Dales - Officially Signs

    Ha ha ye derby county
  11. And the Iain Philip, George Stewart. Jim Steele half back line
  12. Might be Scott Allan coming back then , with Calvin away it would make sense to get another loan from Celtic
  13. Notso

    Kamara: Off To Cardiff

    Along with another 10 he was shocking today , made saints look like Barcelona
  14. Notso

    Moussa. Etc

    Don’t think we are paying Williams , sure he got a pay off , and signed a new contract at Stanley at the start of the season
  15. Notso

    One Dee

    I would agree , I remember thinking well he was a waste of money , soon changed my mind though
  16. Notso

    One Dee

    Billy Campbell was a brilliant player, I was so annoyed when he went in a straight swap to Motherwell for Jimmy Wilson
  17. Notso

    Half Time Today

    I honestly don’t see a problem with highlanders twirling scarves, are we only gonna allow army people who support Dundee walk around the pitch in future ?
  18. Notso

    Most Dundee Goals In a Game

    No it was royal liege away , think it was 5-1 and George scored 4 THe DWS game was famous for Jim McLean getting abuse from the south Rd enclosure then scoring twice in a 3-0 win and running over to the enclosure and giving us the V sign
  19. Notso

    Best Spine

    Thomson Allan , Jim Duffy , Charlie Cooke, Alan Gilzean
  20. Notso

    Most Dundee Goals In a Game

    10 -2 against queens at dens was the most goals I’d seen the Dee score , Gillie scored 7 sure it was in 62 the year we won the league , the 6-5 against Killie someone mentioned stands out in my mind, due to a raker of a goal from Alex Stuart from around 35 yards or more into the T.C Keays end ,
  21. Notso

    Genseric Kusunga

    He scored a few in his time , specially remember he scored an O.G , in the San Siro against A.C , although later on big Ally Donaldson said he was mostly to blame for the goal and felt sorry for big George ha
  22. Notso

    Duncan Lambie

    He was unplayable in the colenge game , probably the best game I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness at dens
  23. Notso

    Next Seven Days

    2 nil saints now
  24. Notso

    Worst Home Crowd

    It’s dominos night in the ferry league ha
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