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  1. Howard Webb. The worst display by a referee in a World Cup Final ever...FACT.
  2. Liam Kennedy and Aberdeen Football Club, take your story and your £400k and ram it where the sun don't shine. Cheeky b@5!@rds.
  3. McGinn has been outstanding at times this season and was the MOM in the DOON derby. However, showing no loyalty to the club/manager who gave him the chance at Scotland's highest level/coupled with his attitude last night...he can do one.
  4. Lets forget them, look forward to having a great night and a fantastic 16/17 season. Mon the Dee.
  5. Keep it simple...like them... Down Pearl Jam.
  6. Greg by a mile. County defenders dance, funny as feck.
  7. Gutted. Would have been there if played on Wednesday,get back early that morning. Murdoch and Sky, you are a bunch of b@$#@?ds. Away the Dee.
  8. Fantastic opportunity to get the fans on board...also as someone mentioned, new fans. The season approaching has real feel good factor lets build on this and give the fans more to look forward to.
  9. Have to agree 100% with Joe. 3500 people employed to catch benefit cheets(1.2 billion) and only 300 tackle tax avoidance(70-100 billion...estimated). We have to start paying a living wage to all.This government will crucify working people given half a chance. Rant over. Come on the Dee.
  10. Obsessed DAB. I hope the club can sort it out. PS The DAB maybe should return to school and learn how to spell.
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