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  1. How did you work that out? Are Falkirk and Raith part time? Arbroath are not an established Championship team. If they become one, they will likely turn full-time
  2. the vitriol from some fans is unbearable. Worse than Facebook groups. I'm outta here
  3. Why would a fully functional full-time club need to go part time because of relegation? Surely part time teams would eventually turn full time if promoted with improved finances?
  4. a permanent 14 team works for me. With no Hearts coming down and Utd & Inverness going up, we would be odds on favourites. Not that it's ever that plain and simple, but it's a better starting position than most alternatives. ... no task force for League reconstruction... no (well, we dunno what else has been gained yet)
  5. did we change formation when Crankshaw came on. Did we look better in attack because of this? Great that we are solid defensively and it's pleasing to see the manager making necessary changes to try win the game
  6. Jamie Nessquick Shaun "Tuna in" Byrne Tate n Lyall Cameron Jamie Adams Apple Ian Angus Beef Massimo "Cheese" Beghetto Christopher "Straw" Berra n cream Chic "Pea" Charnley Mark Craib Craig Curran Dyron Daal Bert "Penny" Dainty Derek Flemings Peh Rhys Healey Paco Tuna Alex Pringle
  7. I thought he was gonna get sent off after a couple of rash challenges. I was relieved to see him subbed
  8. I'm pretty much on the same page as @Reverend Lovejoy & @Deewee
  9. It was a weird atmosphere come to think of it. Not much singing and even the goal celebrations were a bit subdued. Felt a bit like a pre-season friendly. I think we just need a we run to remind us what winning is 😅
  10. Forster had Graham in his pocket all day and even forced a yellow card out of him. His header at the corner laid the goal on a plate for Hemmings. Great performance all around but Hemmings still edged the MOTM for me. He worked hard and deserved his goals. Long may they continue. Special mention to Callaghan. I was impressed with his burts into the box, really connecting midfield with attack, something we have been lacking. I hope his injury doesn't have a detrimental effect on the team, cos McPake might just have been onto something tactically there.
  11. Has Strachan not said on many occasions he wants to run the youth system and not 1st team affairs? Why do people keep linking him with these types of posts when he clearly doesn't want it?
  12. Just got to my seat and looks like Motherwell have a bigger crowd than us. Minter
  13. Anyone know where I can watch extended highlights?
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