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  1. Agents generally get a % of the player's wage plus agent fees if there are transfer fees involved
  2. I'd assume a reduced contract is a new contract, so clauses can be added? Maybe has agent added a clause that has led to this outcome?
  3. You can add McDaid to that mix too
  4. Close...its Ja-coo-bi-ak-whatafkngoal!
  5. Decent scoring record at this level and a good age with room for improvement. Happy with this
  6. I think we played our best when we switched to this formation last season, Berra making the difference tbf. I think we would need another CB if we continue using the 3-5-2 though (and now another striker of course)
  7. Just looking through the ins and outs of the SPL. Some decent players available. Would you take Calum Miller to cover Left Back/Wing? Definitely need a goal scorer, but a winger and cover for LB were areas I thought needed improvement too. Scottish Premiership ins & outs: who has moved in summer 2020? - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53432796
  8. If anyone is interested in joining the Discord and getting involved, or just to have a nosey, here's the invite link. https://discord.gg/9RYPG8 This particular database has its own channel within this discord called "1992-to-present-database"
  9. Yeah, I def think that's the case. Maybe Griffiths made the Celtic squad, or maybe even the Livi or Wolves squads. I'd have though Dailly would be in one of his English team's squad, but he did play 150+ games for Utd. He is doing this for all the pro leagues. Im not sure of the extent, but def Scotland England and he said Caniggia is at Boca, so pretty much worldwide. Some job if he gets it finished!
  10. I'll pass on all the suggestions. Eh jist canny wait ti play Football Manager wie that squad!
  11. Sorry, I should have explained. The players at the bottom are just ideas the guys had but didn't make the full 25 man squad. So you'd have to take out one of the midfielders from the 25 man squad to get O'Hara in
  12. I noticed Dodds was in the Aberdeen squad. Might be the same for others, but some great suggestions here
  13. Someone is building a Football Manager database where every team has their best players since '92 in a 25 man squad. I asked to see the Dundee team and it looks pretty good. He sent the Utd team too. Who would win if matched together and who would you add/remove from this 25 man squad? I did ask about Caniggia, but he felt he had his best days at Boca Juniors and since you cant have a player at 2 clubs, that's where he put him.
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