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  1. Nah, you need to explain more with extra condescension please...
  2. Garageflower

    Rate the Manager: Arbroath (Home, 05 Oct 2019)

    Loan players dont have to play a % of games. Totally up to the manager if he wants to play him. If the parent club is not happy, they can recall him
  3. How exactly were we playing with 2 LBs? If Partick Thistle never played a certain centre back in the no. 10 role, we would never have seen the best of Gary Harkins.
  4. Garageflower

    Arbroath Game.

    happens all the time on the manager merry-go round. I'll assume by that comment you want McPake sacked already?
  5. Garageflower

    Arbroath Game.

    Maybe he offers something Todd doesn't and has been showing that in training? Never seen the lad play tbh, so we'll just have to trust the gaffer here
  6. Garageflower

    Arbroath Game.

    It's no just Dundee making wholesale changes If the manager thinks it needs shaken up and drops players cos he thinks they are under performing, then that is good. Would be utterly pointless continuing with a team and formation that isn't producing just to have a "settled" team.
  7. Garageflower

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    That's his job tbf. He trained with us and the management at the time felt he wasn't worth a deal. Despite scoring against us, he had a poor season for Saints. It was the correct descision for me. If we feel King isn't worth a deal and he gets a deal elsewhere, good luck to him. Obviously in an ideal world he plays sh**e against us
  8. Garageflower


    What formation is this Standard 442 with Finn playing right mid, or a diamond with Finn holding and McDaid in the hole...or other lol
  9. Finniesta makes team of the week! Kerr was in SPFL team of the week last week too.
  10. Garageflower

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    I wasn't at the game, so not seen DJ play this role, but the mass consensus from 'Well fans on forums/socials after his transfer was that he lacked work rate and couldn't play the lone striker role and was the reason he fell out of the team when they changed to that system. Great to hear he played very well. Seems we have a more rounded player that signed for 'Well last season?
  11. Garageflower

    Under 18s

    Anyone any idea how Fife Elite works? Are the players registered with them or is it an Academy where all the Fife clubs send their youngsters?
  12. Garageflower

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Ahh gotcha. Thought that twitter signing emoji from this morning by @Boba Fett was real and I missed a signing! I can't see the lad scoring many as he tends to play deep, but I can see him setting up a few.
  13. Garageflower

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    Gonnae no dae that...just gonnae no!
  14. Anyone know sales for the rest of the league and for the Prem?
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