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  1. Garageflower

    The New Stadium Thread

    @WoodStein thanks for clarifying that
  2. Garageflower


    Still only a suggestion though, eh? If you are going to bother your a**e relaying information, at least keep it factual. Otherwise keep yer secrets to yersel
  3. Garageflower


    I thought that was a suggestion, not an expectation?
  4. Garageflower

    The New Stadium Thread

    This excerpt from the latest statement from the club relates to the new stadium and how it will benefit Dundee FC financially. That is how I interpreted it anyway. "The sole motivation of the owners is to offset the losses of the club against any gains made by Dark Blue Property Holdings"
  5. Was at a game and the guy behind me was irate and it was clear he was struggling to put his frustrations into words when angrily screamed "f**cking...errr...BOOOOO" I still say it sarcastically today
  6. Garageflower

    The New Stadium Thread

    See, these are the moments when I believe you have sense of humour and not just a moan.
  7. Garageflower

    The New Stadium Thread

    But, yeah, prob best to get back on topic....has that eyesore of a for sale sign been removed by Nelms' PA yet!?
  8. Garageflower

    The New Stadium Thread

    They are both part of the waterfront development. How is that having nothing to do with eachother. Cheers for being condescending though... Cheers for the info Woodstein. Im obviously out with my 'about 10 years' my point still being that the massive majority of objections being when building on Site 6 started and not at the appropriate time is still relevant
  9. Garageflower

    Heeds Pickled!

    So it's not evidence. Just hearsay. This is exactly what i'm getting at. Fans turning opinion and hearsay into unequivocal facts.
  10. Garageflower

    The New Stadium Thread

    When was that bud?
  11. Garageflower

    Heeds Pickled!

    Has he stated that publicly?
  12. Garageflower

    Heeds Pickled!

    I was just thinking the Clough/Taylor dichotomy till you mentioned it
  13. Garageflower

    Heeds Pickled!

    What evidence do you base this on apart from fan talk. If that were the case he wouldn't have signed in the 1st place
  14. Garageflower

    The New Stadium Thread

    Exactly mate. That is just one of many buildings to go up in that area. I'll have a good chuckle at the moaners pulling their hair out though!
  15. Garageflower

    Heeds Pickled!

    What is ridiculous though. The fact that Dodds isn't the assistant manager? Having just watched the 2 interview videos of Nelms and McIntyre, both were asked about an assistant (JM) or Dodds (JN). JN's response to the Dodds question seemed to me to be an effort on JNs part not to embarrass someone else in football, cos he is a professiinal and it would look bad if he came out and said, "No definately not him" When the question of an assistant was posed to JM, he said they have still to decide on a candidate. Now...if him and Dodds are as tight as everyone thinks, then it would have come up in the contract negotiations. So he was either told "no, find someone else" or he wasn't a candidate to begin with.
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