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  1. 21 year old girl with no underlying health issues has just died in England from covid 19.. really scary stuff.
  2. https://youtu.be/xbEHEzEEHJ8 this is up your alley @eyeothedug boy on my Facebook shared it. not saying I agree with this btw because any death from this is one death too many.
  3. Eh what is that old quote, no sure who from but.. “if you’re not a liberal when you’re young then you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative when your old, you have no brain” bit cold but it always stuck with me.. people grow out of certain ways of thinking and become more self preserving as they have a family of their own etc..
  4. Having a strong defence is the foundation to a successful side and should be the easiest thing to sort out, we seemed to have cracked that with Berra and at the same time improved forster and meekings’ performance levels greatly. The hardest thing in fitba is putting the ball in the net.. we have the man in hemmings to do so, hopefully dorrans can step up and supply a few for him the night.. the wins will come if we remain as solid as we have been, obviously without giving away silly penalties etc.. 2-0 the night cmon!
  5. Finger ooot Dundee cmon.. 2-0 Alloa.. great chance for us the day to narrow the gap
  6. Spot on about Berra, meekings and Forster all playing @Mr Sensible
  7. Cheers Rev! Felt like I was due a positive post like that tbh after being a bit down about the club recently.. when I think of all the great times I’ve had supporting us, the great memories just roll aff the tongue. So thankful I’m a Dee 💙
  8. Cheers buddy! Right back at ya DBK came from the heart ya ken 🤪 💙 DDYB
  9. Haha you’re right mate knew there was something off with 3 sides I’d written 🤪 I was actually in the shankly that day.. sat in the Derry all season but couldn’t get a ticket for that game they sold out that quick was the one season out of like 12 years i didn’t have a season ticket tae.. but tbh any where you sat would have been great the whole stadium was bouncing 😂 unreal day and night definitely.. few bevvys were had 💙
  10. Love these positive topics and I’ve got so many to choose from so I’m gonna list all meh wow moments.. 2003 Scottish semi final against caley, I was 11 and had the chicken pox that day, should have really stayed home but as a young excited dee going to hampden for the first time, there wasn’t a hope in hell I was missing that ane.. I mind the roar when georgi sliced his shot in the bottom corner and it was mayhem.. first time I realised there was something special about our club.. the final was great for the crowd and atmosphere but rangers were there for the taking.. opportunity missed but still a great day out. Sadly lacking these days unfortunately.. The whole deefiant season and how we fought adversity against all odds points deduction, playing junior players, boys taking pain injections, siege mentality.. couple of games in particular stood out. Partick at home where we all held up the red cards in defiance singing “no one likes us we don’t care” for what seemed like 10 minutes, so loud it made my hairs stand on end and my spine tingle, Griffiths scores a beauty that day ana if i mind right. McCanns goal against raith, went right down the bottom of the Derry to piley on abady.. truly unreal scenes. Helocopter Saturday: A full house ,3 sides of dens jam packed with dees, when we went two nill up and boys were congo dancing round the Derry and waving our scarfs etc.. special scenes honestly and even though we almost f**ked it, the relief and the joy at full time was something very special, pitch invasion etc.. it felt like we finally cracked it and we would be in the Premiership for years to come after finding the right manager.. ah well. That save too though 💙 Palace game is right up there for me, top 3 moments for sure.. it truly was unreal.. over 2000 Derry boys travelling down for a testimonial ffs, the noise we made and the party atmosphere, palace fans saying we were the best away fans they’ve had an everything, f**cking surreal scenes.. the caballero song was defeaning and when speroni came over to us and we were bowing down to him in unison, was honestly one of the best nights of ma life haha there’s one picture where you see how massive our support was and speroni clapping us in front of it.. stunning photography and I’ll never forget it. Mcpakes equaliser.. knees cracked, my dad went flying down the rows, we were right at the back of the shed and the PHUCK YOU after it was f**cking epic 😍 best celebrations ever that night behind that goal man.. Doon derby of course last but not least.. years of pain and hurt against those chunts washed away with one right footed sclaff from one of our own to send them DOON at dens.. dinna care if they’re going up in record style this season.. we sent them doon that night and they still hurt tae this day about that ane.. we made the shankly cry tangerine that night.. while we mocked their cheesy songs with a little beautiful Monday 💙 a night that will live long in the memory.. Dinna care how poor we are right now tbh.. nobody can take those moments away from me, the times I’ve shared with my family watching us will never ever be a regret, they are cherished for a life time.. I hope the Young anes now have memories like these to share sometime soon no club like us DDYB
  11. Agree mate especially with the bit about Killie and Motherwell.. phucking pisses me off seeing them constantly survive and flourish in the top league getting 3rd etc.. while we yo yo from division to division from one phuck up to the next.. we have been so poorly miss managed and run it’s unreal..
  12. This last week has maybe deflated their massive superiority complex.. doubt it though.. f**k the dabs
  13. The game against partick will show us if we’re looking over our shoulder to the relegation playoffs or that we’re looking up towards 2nd spot.. both a real possibility at this point.. 1 option unfortunately looks more likely right now 😕 heres hoping the new boys come in and make a real difference after a few training sessions together..
  14. Piss poor tbh.. I know it’s hard playing against ten 10 cause they sit in etc.. but it just amplifies our creative woes right now..
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