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  1. Apart from the added on time he had a no bad game imo.. 4 minutes would have sufficed I think.
  2. Derrygunner

    Six Minutes Added On

    Tbh yer right if that breakaway for us before their goal resulted in a goal I’d have been running around naked in the garden.. but ah well.. move on eh suppose.. was expecting a pumpin anyway.
  3. Well what did you expect us to do? Go toe to toe an get well and truly pumped like we did in October against them? It was always gonna be backs to the wall stuff, didn’t expect anything out the game, never do against Celtic with our record against them but to concede late on like that is sickening. agree on how deep we were though an maybe be a bit braver with the ball instead of just pumping it up the park to no one needed to push out/up a lot more as it was just coming back every time. sorry this was meant for the match thread but it got closed before I could reply haha
  4. Derrygunner

    Six Minutes Added On

    No words for that. sums up our season.. phucking unreal. fuming.
  5. Derrygunner

    Dundee V Celtic

    f**k off an go pump Neil McCann (he’s handsome enough mind you) .. your hatred for Woods and McIntyre is unreal. He is frustrating but he isn’t near as bad as made out.. I was raging at that attempted shot at the end when he could have held on to it though, awful.. Deserved a point overall.. naive at the end going for the winner and gettting caught.. 6 minutes added though? Hahahahaha actually astounding, f**cking fuming.
  6. Derrygunner

    Relegation Battle

    Saints game postponed.. so we won’t be bottom by the weekends end at least .. could be 6 points adrift from 10th though.. mon the hearts
  7. Derrygunner

    Scottish Cup

    Liam McLeod and Dodds at the start jizzin their panties over United saying how big a club they are and how the premiership would benefit from them being there.. no on that display it wouldnae.. fkkkn junior league wouldnae benefit from that shower oh tangy sh**e being in it.. awful and caley well worth the win, played some really good stuff actually.
  8. Derrygunner

    Scottish Cup

    Yassssssss get it up ya tangy b*****ds
  9. Derrygunner

    Scottish Cup

    That was onside just ana.. ffs jammyest team in Scotland
  10. Derrygunner

    Scottish Cup

    They have been absolutely garbage today it’s unreal.. every time I’ve seen them live on tv they’ve been ridiculously bad. Wee diving fanny McMullan.. ICT will be seek if they lose this now, only one fitba team on that pitch the day.
  11. Derrygunner

    Scottish Cup

    f**cking diving Arab b*****ds man.. jammy c**ts
  12. Derrygunner

    Dundee V Hibs

    Actually gutted the admiral is out, was excited to see him the night rip the piss under the lights ah well let’s get a free kick on the edge again and Scott wright will send the Derry into phucking raptures!! DDYB cmonnn
  13. Yasssss great win.. put ya through the f**cking ringer though don’t we FFS haha DDYB
  14. Derrygunner

    Livingston V Dundee

    2-2 Aberdeen ana get in!!
  15. Derrygunner

    Livingston V Dundee

    Yassssss wrightyyy boy

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