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  1. Derrygunner

    Motherwell V Dundee 27th April 2019

    Crazy game this man 3-3
  2. Derrygunner

    All Quiet On Sandeman Street.

    Tbh I wouldn’t believe any of the players or manager if they came out with the same cliche pish they spout after every defeat.. heard it ah before and it means fuckkk all if they canna put their words where their feet are on the pitch.. so they might as well say sweet efff all.. Historic season for all the wrong reasons I’m afraid.. right from the first whistle in paisley tae now.. couple of bright spots at tynecastle and a good performance at Easter road etc.. no where near good enough to stay in this league unfortunately over 38 games
  3. Derrygunner

    The Manager for Post-split Games

    Backed him for a long time but He’s really irritated me recently with selections and subbies and inability to change the game so I’d say we need a change of attitude for the final 5 games like 2 years ago when Hartley was in the dugout an we brought in McCann short term.. hate constantly changing managers but I’ve just lost all confidence in his ability to get us out of this shambles.
  4. Derrygunner

    Aberdeen Match

    All hard luck stories I’m afraid.. no goals in that starting line up when we’re desperate for a win, fair enough we needed to keep it tight and I understand that but it’s do or die time and playing a young inexperienced lad in a game like this is baffling imo I’ll stick by that.. no the young guys fault, I’m sure he was giving his all which is maybe better than some of our side recently but there’s a time and a place to play the youth, when we’re two points adrift at the bottom, this isn’t that time imo..
  5. Derrygunner

    Aberdeen Match

    Its like when Hartley went 7 in a row two years ago at this time.. need a change for the final 5 games.. baffling team selection again today I’m afraid, for playing the young lad Moore alone..
  6. Derrygunner

    Aberdeen Match

    Yep only reason surely that he wouldn’t be starting, never mind coming off the bench.. just typical that he got that injury against Livingston.. it’s been a horror show for us ever since that moment
  7. Derrygunner

    Aberdeen Match

    2-0 game over
  8. Derrygunner

    Aberdeen Match

    Brings him on when we go a goal down again, like during the week he comes on as soon as we go 2 doon.. too late ffs he should have been on at half time the day..
  9. Derrygunner

    Aberdeen Match

    1-1 in Hamilton ffs that was quick
  10. Derrygunner

    Aberdeen Match

    1-0 Hamilton at least.. but canna believe he’s played the young lad Moore the day when we’re in a relegation battle.. unreal decision from JM imo done well up to then apparently
  11. Derrygunner

    Chanting At Dens

    This time 2 years ago after the 2-0 defeat to Hamilton at dens leaving us bottom with 5 to play there were definite “Hartley Hartley get tae phuck” chants from the Derry and elsewhere.. that’s the only real time I’ve heard anything like that in the 19 years I’ve been a supporter.
  12. Derrygunner

    The Championship

    Haha county were awful tae makes it sweeter .. dinna care how bad we are.. still love seeing them seekened
  13. Derrygunner

    The Championship

    Ross county have been f**cking dire.. sums up that league quite nicely.. cannae wait for next year roll on
  14. Derrygunner

    Losing Runs

    Well @Cobra before the start of the season you said you wanted our 125th year as a club to be a memorable one.. by phuck its been memorable arite 1 win at home, 4 wins altogether 2 against the same side.. 22 defeats, –41 goal difference heading for a record breaking defeats in a row tally.. 18 points from 32 games Happy f**cking birthday Dundee.. some club we are most of the time aye..
  15. Derrygunner

    McIntyre Out.

    Still stunned in what I seen in that second half yesterday tbh.. that wasn’t a team fighting for our premiership lives, it looked more like an end of season after split game where we weren’t gonna go down or get top six.. St Mirren wanted it more and the signs were there before the end of half time that we were goosed.. we showed a complete lack of idea of what to do with the ball, zero movement off the ball, funny thing is Robson scores after 23 seconds with a good midfield run into the box and is rewarded with his goal.. he didn’t do that again after the first minute, the amount of passes we played blind especially from “master technician” woods was unreal, was like a junior side at times hitting an hoping to find a bemused Nelson who must have wondered wtf was going on second half with zero service from our “midfield” It reminded of the doon derby when united took the lead and they had a chance to go 2 up after that but when they missed, it was like they ran out of ideas with a lot of huffing and puffing but virtually no creativity to back that up and it was almost inevitable that we’d score and win the game in the end..the we now being St Mirren inevitably winning on this occasion.. we just looked so lethargic, so lacklustre for a team in our position which is unacceptable imo.. could still be playing now and Woods an co would still be taking every set piece poorly every time the ball came in our box you could feel our support clence their collective arses with dread.. they are phucking awful tae and we’ve let them take 7 points off us this season.. deserve to go down on that alone tbh I think McIntyre made us more competitive for a while but we’ve come off the rails big time at the most crucial part of the season and that is gonna kill our hopes unless we pull a win out our erses somehow.. Nelson is still our hope imo was unlucky with his chance yesterday just dragged wide.. Gutted and dejected but we go on.. DDYB
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