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  1. andrak

    Time To Make Our Peace

    So some hope then? You're not dead after all. Welcome back PB.
  2. andrak

    Time To Make Our Peace

    Deluded, maybe PB, but what else is there to live for. Why would you want to believe that your club is a joke and can never rise above it's current situation. If you truly believe that, then why do you bother? It's the hope that kills you, they say. But if you don't even have that, you're dead already...
  3. With each other, with FPS, with current and previous managers, and with Scottish Football in general. By the sounds of things on this forum tonight, you would think there were people out to destroy the club. That can no longer contain their frustration at posters with different views (me first). And that, somehow, Dundee is a pariah club disliked by other clubs, the media, and the footballing establishment. Next to none of that is true, of course. We are where we are because of mistakes. Simple mistakes, that out-weighed the many good decisions. Some were strategic level errors that had fundamental consequences, others were match-day errors, a mistimed tackle, a fluffed shot, or a miscalculated transfer, player selection or substitution. All had various levels of catastrophic implications for our season. Dundee has given the league some memorable moments these last few seasons. Some great goals, some dreadful mistakes and, don't forget, three nominations for player of the year. I always cringe inside when I hear the "We are Dundee, super Dundee..." song. We are not disliked, and we would care if it were true. Scottish football needs a strong Dundee and Dundee need to live up to the potential of the 6th largest (or best supported) club in the country and one of the most impressive footballing pedigrees in the league. Actually that can apply to the whole city. One of the beautiful things about football is that at the end of every season, the slate is wiped clean, and sometimes you get to use a completely new slate altogether. We have one of those chances now. Our board and financial backers have said they will see it through. The new stadium is still in the plans. And we will start the new season with the bare bones of a half decent championship squad. Lets leave it to the board to make the decision about the manager. They will have learned so much from the last three years. I'm putting my money on them making more good decisions than bad ones in the coming years. My prediction is that we will be a comfortable top eight premiership club inside 5 years with a new stadium and a highly regarded youth system - maybe even win some silver. From there we can start to build again the kind of reputation for quality football that has been a curse for managers since the 1960s.
  4. andrak

    Club Statement.

    It really does seem that this statement has taken us to a bit of a fork in the road. Some of the criticism of FPS today has been scathing and so many posters completely unforgiving. I count 6 maybe 7 posters who have either stated they will not be back or have made clear they are seriously considering it. That is amazing considering we haven't even lost in nearly 74 hours. Someone mentioned something about maybe the next generation taking over with the new stadium etc. I kinda like that idea both for the club and these pages. The forum will be less colourful with the leavers gone, but there will be plenty of us contentious types left to ensure there is plenty of excitement around the place. And the new stadium with a team made up of home-grown youngsters will see us through the next decade and thrive once again. I just hope I never become one of those guys who criticises so completely and fundamentally that I paint myself into a corner with stop following DFC on one side and changing my mind and looking like a self-important bell-end on the other two.
  5. andrak

    Fans Meeting

    Call it a 'rainy day fund' (Islay) or set pre-conditions for the funding (Rev), either or both ways. that is what I'm talking about. I'm as big a blowhard as the next bloke on here, and I'm just as unhappy at the way things are going just now. As HK says Football is different from ordinary businesses, but passion won't get us a boardroom seat. Passion did save us from extinction, twice; But only after we all stood by and watched as they merrily drove the DFC bus over a cliff, twice. Just trying to think ahead that's all...
  6. andrak

    Fans Meeting

    1. Investment could be made in many different ways. 2. Shares may become available in the near future. The point I'm making is that we're sitting on the edge just now and the future doesn't look very good. We should start thinking ahead on how to either avoid another administration or at least try and ensure it doesn't completely kill the club. No amount of chest beating or "... I told you so"s will change a damned thing. Only money will do it. If we can't get the money together, then we should stop crying about things we can't change. Besides, I'm sure we're all going to be too busy with the next independence referendum to care much about a diddy wee football team.
  7. andrak

    Fans Meeting

    An alternative was of looking at things... Some of you are gonna hate this... Here goes anyway. FPS owe us very little. Maybe some effort on their part to take the club forwards. An effort to make the stadium experience tolerable, and an attempt to maintain the standing and traditions of the club in the wider Scottish football scene. All of those could be classified as giving us something to want to pay money to support on match days, so really, it is less about a debt they owe to us and more of plain old common business sense. They don't owe us explanations of their business decisions, they don't have to take heed of our feelings on signings and managers and they certainly don't have to answer questions from entitled blowhards who feel hard done by. That said, one of the features of really well run clubs is that the executives tend to be more open with supporters and, more importantly, supporters feel that they are a part of things, even if some still feel they should be consulted for every decision. I think the Supporters Society (and many posters on here) is barking up the wrong tree. It shouldn't pick a fight with the club or FPS. It should turn its attention to fans and try to establish a reasonable basis for their engagement and what would be a reasonable level of influence they could expect to wield. If supporters want a strong say, then buy shares and put up the cash. The cash paid out by fans after previous administrations was, in effect, forgiveness money, paid out to those who had suffered financially and as a contribution towards keeping the club afloat during the difficult months. It was not an investment in the future of the club. It did purchase legally defined rights. And it was not, for the most part, conditional on any future level of control. If we wanted any of those things, the money would have had to have been paid over before administration and should have been enough to ensure administration never happened. So my point is, lets stop moaning about things we have no right to influence, and lets start thinking about the next opportunity to be real players in the running of the club. With relegation probably on the way, Scottish football showing no sign that it gives a flying sh*t about anything other than Celtic getting into the Champions league, FPS giving the dreaded full confidence spiel, and even Jim Spence questioning the new stadium idea, we could be facing another administration level event in the next couple of years. That means now is the time to mobilise and think about how we can take greater control of the club and, hopefully, stop it entering into another administration from which it would surely never recover.
  8. andrak

    Statement On the Flag Incident

    I can't tell a lie. But if it's any consolation, I couldn't bring myself to eat them. Now there's a wheely bin full of smelly tomato soup at my house if you've got a low loader and a strong constitution. I tend to share your view about Scotland. I'm actually not far from Kazakhstan right now (in Mongolia, actually) and at least had the pleasure of seeing some of my local colleagues get a real kick out of a 'local' team doing well against one of Europe's greats (I didn't have the heart to tell them the truth). Regarding the international break, I propose a no-holds-barred Brexit and Independence discussion. It would all end in tears, but it might help to pass the time.
  9. andrak

    Euro 2020

    How's that for a kick in the nuts, we finally find a senior team worse than Dundee this season.... and it turns out to be Scotland most people's second team.
  10. andrak

    Statement On the Flag Incident

    I would be amazed if a police officer would have intervened. The advertising covering business is a local stadium rule, and nothing to do with the police. I think the steward had a rush of blood to the head and hadn't thought through what might happen if he grabbed someone else's property and ran off. We've all done it, right? Not entirely surprised that the issue of anti-Irishness was brought up. It is normally assumed that Celtic fans are unusually sensitive about their Irish roots. I doubt feelings about Ireland had anything to do with the Steward's actions, but we can't be certain. Maybe someone on here knows the guy? I think the club felt obliged to act quickly once the video was posted. Stop any possibility of the club being associated with bigotry. As others have pointed out, it really doesn't take much mud being thrown about for a near indelible stain to stick. That leads to boycotts and, some believe, dodgy voting in disciplinary hearings and the like. Did we do the right thing? probably. Could it have been handled with a little less grovelling? Almost certainly. Will it be forgotten tomorrow? Definitely (except on this forum of course where we will discuss the sh*t out of it for days because we don't have a game for ages).
  11. andrak

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Maybe many of us are looking at this the wrong way. I think FPS are simply following legal advice the way that any sensible company would do. Individuals there may have feelings about the Society, but that might not affect their decisions. They are probably fully aware that they are the majority owners of the club and are taking nearly all the considerable risks of ownership including the realised risks of having to finance cash shorfalls in every year they have been involved. In short, the Society has not. The money raised during the administrations was necessary to pay off existing debts and maybe provide a little bit of cash to keep things ticking over in the first few months afterwards. That shares were issued for it, was a happy bonus and gave fans a chance to get closer to the running of the club and maybe even to have a say (apologies if my memory got any of that wrong). I'm not sure we could say that it is a fan owned or fan run club. I doubt you could even call it a fan influenced club. Very few are in this country. To be brutal (not me, a hypothetical objective outsider) it could be argued that everyone involved should put up or shut up, or at least only speak with the level of authority that their financial share in the risks of the business permits. FPS have very clearly put up. The comments about communication with fans etc is relevant, but that's not the same thing as what, for them, may be no more than a minor minority shareholder dispute that is bread and butter for most company executives. We might be surprised to learn that they don't see this as some sort of battle for the soul of the football club. As for the Society, I say, good effort lads. Keep plugging away. But remember you/we are, from FPS's perspective, just minority shareholders with a few extra rights with questionable enforceability. FPS responses to recent communications might just reflect a sensible legal strategy to deal with a routine governance issue. It is almost certainly not personal. The majority shareholder normally gets their way. That's how it should be in companies. Minority rights are there to stop the majority treating the minority unfairly. They do not exist to make sure the minority shareholders get their way. The Society sometimes seems to be trying to ride two horses simultaneously. The shareholder horse and the fans' representative horse. Better run two races, the tactics, strategies, arena, and judges are different for each.
  12. I'm not sure that Celtic should be beating their chests after any domestic victory, given their financial superiority. All the praise goes to the wee teams (including Rangers) for puting up a fight and having the good fortune to catch them on a bad day.
  13. So, the big fat bully kid in the playground talks after his latest ‘success’ this time over the skinny wee kid with glasses, a club foot, learning difficulties, and his stronger right arm in a sling. “Thought I deserved to win that. Ha!, I probably didn’t even need to wear my stab proof jacket and knuckle-dusters for this one. It was as though he just didn’t want to fight. I’m proud of my boys for sticking with it to the very end. It was great to watch the fatal blow going in just when the wee kid thought he had escaped with a little dignity and all his teeth.” It’s not Lennon’s fault that his team are the playground bullies with the money to buy all the offensive and defensive weapons available. But the very least we should hope for him is that he shows his opponents a degree of respect and accepts his victories with some humility.
  14. My lad is a big daft chocolate Labrador. His name is Riley, although he answers to anything with the word food in it... Sorry to hear about your dogs. Our Riley is 8 now and with his size, I know we only have a few years left. I'm not looking forward to that day, I can tell you.
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