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  1. andrak

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    Maybe many of us are looking at this the wrong way. I think FPS are simply following legal advice the way that any sensible company would do. Individuals there may have feelings about the Society, but that might not affect their decisions. They are probably fully aware that they are the majority owners of the club and are taking nearly all the considerable risks of ownership including the realised risks of having to finance cash shorfalls in every year they have been involved. In short, the Society has not. The money raised during the administrations was necessary to pay off existing debts and maybe provide a little bit of cash to keep things ticking over in the first few months afterwards. That shares were issued for it, was a happy bonus and gave fans a chance to get closer to the running of the club and maybe even to have a say (apologies if my memory got any of that wrong). I'm not sure we could say that it is a fan owned or fan run club. I doubt you could even call it a fan influenced club. Very few are in this country. To be brutal (not me, a hypothetical objective outsider) it could be argued that everyone involved should put up or shut up, or at least only speak with the level of authority that their financial share in the risks of the business permits. FPS have very clearly put up. The comments about communication with fans etc is relevant, but that's not the same thing as what, for them, may be no more than a minor minority shareholder dispute that is bread and butter for most company executives. We might be surprised to learn that they don't see this as some sort of battle for the soul of the football club. As for the Society, I say, good effort lads. Keep plugging away. But remember you/we are, from FPS's perspective, just minority shareholders with a few extra rights with questionable enforceability. FPS responses to recent communications might just reflect a sensible legal strategy to deal with a routine governance issue. It is almost certainly not personal. The majority shareholder normally gets their way. That's how it should be in companies. Minority rights are there to stop the majority treating the minority unfairly. They do not exist to make sure the minority shareholders get their way. The Society sometimes seems to be trying to ride two horses simultaneously. The shareholder horse and the fans' representative horse. Better run two races, the tactics, strategies, arena, and judges are different for each.
  2. I'm not sure that Celtic should be beating their chests after any domestic victory, given their financial superiority. All the praise goes to the wee teams (including Rangers) for puting up a fight and having the good fortune to catch them on a bad day.
  3. So, the big fat bully kid in the playground talks after his latest ‘success’ this time over the skinny wee kid with glasses, a club foot, learning difficulties, and his stronger right arm in a sling. “Thought I deserved to win that. Ha!, I probably didn’t even need to wear my stab proof jacket and knuckle-dusters for this one. It was as though he just didn’t want to fight. I’m proud of my boys for sticking with it to the very end. It was great to watch the fatal blow going in just when the wee kid thought he had escaped with a little dignity and all his teeth.” It’s not Lennon’s fault that his team are the playground bullies with the money to buy all the offensive and defensive weapons available. But the very least we should hope for him is that he shows his opponents a degree of respect and accepts his victories with some humility.
  4. My lad is a big daft chocolate Labrador. His name is Riley, although he answers to anything with the word food in it... Sorry to hear about your dogs. Our Riley is 8 now and with his size, I know we only have a few years left. I'm not looking forward to that day, I can tell you.
  5. Here's a picture of my big snarling slobbering dog that couldn't rip any bits out of any living thing. He once wagged his tail at a Tory delivering leaflets to my house. No Netflix for a month. Bet he won't do that again.
  6. Over to you Islay, I'll bring the wet paper bags to help us establish a baseline...
  7. Apologies for stirring things up with my post. Never intended it to be aggressive and only political in the sense of transparency - the fighting in the street comment was meant metaphorically. It does seem to be a fitting end to this topic though. I mean the vision of Islay and I fighting in the street over something neither of us can control. My money would be on Isaly by the way...
  8. Fair point Gedee. I'm still holding out hope that we might be able to discuss any matters on this forum without resorting to name calling and infantile insults. I've had a wee shot of that with the amalgamation discussion and it wasn't pleasant. I'm also shamefully inclined to resort to the odd insult myself. I'll take your advice though, as always...
  9. Have I missed something? Islay, you seem to have a problem with decisions made by the Scottish Government. Out of curiosity, is it a general dislike of the SNP and the possibility of Independence, a genuine policy difference on this particular issue as to how Scotland's limited resources should be spent by any party in power, or maybe just a more conservative (dare I say Tory) perspective on politics and the economy? Cards on the table, my politics are decidedly on the left, I love Nicola Sturgeon, have mixed feelings about the SNP, but would fight anyone in the street to have an independent Scotland.
  10. Or which purpose the Scottish government selects as the most worthy based on it's manifesto. It could have gone to support for ferry service to Islay, for instance, but didn't. And, for the record. The Barnett formula calculates the amount of any increase in a Westminster departmental budget that should be passed on to Scotland and depends on the degree to which functions of that department have been devolved and the current population proportion of people living in Scotland to those in the UK as a whole, more or less. It isn't how the Scottish government allocation of the UK budget is calculated every year.
  11. Huh? Read this https://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.these-islands.co.uk/briefing_room/i265/how_does_the_barnett_formula_actually_work.aspx&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwiEpb2RhIPhAhXIybwKHfjpCBQQFggKMAI&client=internal-uds-cse&cx=partner-pub-0319093145577670:3196975372&usg=AOvVaw2CPrP3Y0YayKH4PecwLw2B I'm afraid it is to do with specific decisions made by the Scottish Government on how to deploy the block grant it receives from Westminster.
  12. andrak


    One of the biggest problems we have is that many people feel that they have hammered to death all the arguments. In fact, some of the arguments have been discussed but only on their own merits rather than as a part of a package of changes underpinned by a more radical rethink of the purpose of having a national football league in the first place. It seems to me that the whole edifice has been structured (over the last 25 odd years) so as to enable the participation of Celtic and Rangers in the Champions League. Of course, both of those clubs were instrumental in the structural changes that were necessary to achieve that end, but there was a large contribution from the SFA, SPL and, latterly, the SPFL. The crazy league structure, the pitiful TV deals, the lack of financial fair play rules, and the gerrymandering of committee memberships are all symptomatic of the underlying disease which is slowly eating away at the economic hearts of all the other clubs in the league. Maybe between 3 and 5 teams in the Premiership (and top of the Championship) are on life support with a very dodgy connection to the socket, Dundee included. Must we wait until a few actually die before people take notice? When the next three biggest clubs in the league, even with full houses every week, can barely lay a glove on the top team over many years, you have to wonder how things could ever become more competitive without some truly fundamental changes. The silence of other club chairmen is deafening. I wonder are they just scared or are they complicit? The apparent ineptitude of those running Scottish Football has been taken as read by most for so long, maybe we have just come to accept that that is the way it should always be. The media will talk about the excitement at the bottom of the league and the play-offs, but when the pain suffered by the losers is so great, it might as well be played out in a bull ring, or maybe the colosseum or the Hunger Games studio. It is a particularly gruesome form of entertainment.
  13. andrak


    Sounds like a plan Gedee, but you'll be supplying most of the sense here... Lets start by trying to work out what is the biggest obstacle to clubs like Dundee (Utd, Motherwell, Kilmarnock etc etc) from achieving a long-term sustainable business model. A starter for ten might be: "Did we ever have such a thing?" And if we did, "What were the foundations and building blocks that underpinned it?"
  14. andrak


    TBF, I don't think this thread will develop very far at all and didn't mean to put anyone off posting. But my point is that I don't think the general debate about the state of Scottish football will develop far, either. I would really love to see a serious debate about some fundamental changes that may be needed. The self-defeating "What's the point?" brigade and the self-serving "Old Firm forever" lot, do my head in. I think we need an interclub discussion forum where these issues can be openly discussed. Maybe we need a Non-OF Optimist forum (NOFOF) to stop it degenerating into a Celtic and Rangers bun fight like most of the other national fora.

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