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    Pretty sure every match we've played, the opposition have had way more fouls and bookings. Aberdeen, a so called footballing team had double the bookings and 21 fouls against us. They also should have had Cosgrove and/or Logan red carded. It'll be same again on Saturday. We'll have to be ready for all their dirty tactics.
  2. One of the young lads, Fisher, played almost the full game at Brechin. He was RB first half then CB second half. I thought be did very well. He then came on for Marshall at LB against Forest and again at CB against Blackpool. A bit much asking someone to play both full backs and CB. Don't know if he's still around.
  3. With a bit of luck Hendry might realise his career is going nowhere. In his whole professional career, going back 5 years to August 14, he's played 55 games for 6 different clubs, yet he played 28 of those games in a 6 month spell at Dundee. He's probably a very rich young man, but surely a footballer wants to be playing every week.
  4. Can't understand this obsession with crossing. Posters give the impression that every other team provides great pin point crosses and we're sh*te. Try watching English Match of the Day !! Guys getting paid a fortune, most of them no better than us.
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