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  1. You're taking a chance, Cobra. Some of his "critics" last night were very grudgingly giving him an assist.
  2. Blue4evr

    He's Not

    Always going to be a difficult decision to change manager. The Dabs look certs to win the league by being savvy winning games. Struggled to beat Alloa at home but another 3 points. Where would they be if they'd ditched Neilson when he failed?
  3. Every team bullies us yet we always end up with more bookings. Another 3 again yesterday. It's bad enough having the players we have and will worse as the season goes on and we have suspensions.
  4. Not picking on CK......but what are you doing? He was poor, like every other one in blue. Were you at the game? His cross and the header was the only bit of quality in a dire performance.
  5. Blue4evr

    He's Not

    After many, many years watching my team, we've hit a new low. It's like he's signed a lot of decent players but doesn't know what to do with them or how to play them into a strong team. Absolutely no pleasure watching this week after week. No excitement once again. To think McIntyre wouldn't play Kamara and McCann couldn't find a place in the team for Scott Allan. We just have one dud manager after another. We've always had at least one player to excite us be it Nicky Riley, Boyle, GGH etc. Now it's just boredom.
  6. I was saying the same. Only game we've looked confident and in control.
  7. JMP in the online Tele says there's been no inbetween this season, "we've either been really good or really bad". I've only missed 2 games this season but I must have missed the really good performances. Unfortunately I think he actually believes what he's saying. After the ict game, which was dreadful, he said there was nothing wrong with the tactics or the formation. We've had a few decent results but nothing we should be getting excited about. Not looking forward to today.
  8. Blue4evr

    Derby On the 27th

    Hearts have always been clever, not just with us, at identifying who is being most dangerous, then taking it in turn to foul him, thus avoiding bookings. I just wish we could stand up to teams and be aggressive without getting booked so easily. Nelson is the prime example. He's got 2 goals and 4 bookings. Hemmings also has 3 bookings from his last 5 games. Wrong kind of aggression.
  9. Blue4evr

    Derby On the 27th

    Their silky soccer is a myth. Neilson has them educated from his Hearts days of knowing where and when to commit fouls without getting booked. When they gave us a drubbing at the dump they also committed 25 fouls and got away with 1 booking. Our lot are not savvy enough to do that.
  10. Blue4evr

    Arbroath V Dundee

    I just wish he would look at the last few games and realise that teams do not play against us the way he wants us to play. Taking 4 and 5 passes across midfield and going nowhere is a dream for opponents.
  11. Surprised he hasn't scored more this season. I thought he looked very good against us. Mind you, that was against Forster.
  12. Blue4evr

    9 Seconds

    My granddaughter plays for an under 9's team. If that was our defender the manager would be feckin raging. Professional ??
  13. As if things weren't bad enough, just switched on TV to see Lewis Spence, a player we laughed at, playing in SPL.
  14. I'm pretty sure they just punted the ball down the park to take up time. Little did they know we had other ideas.
  15. Agree completely. I was meaning the squad is going backwards even with all the coaches we have. We're worse than we were at the start of the season. Absolutely no pleasure in watching this team.
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