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  1. Blue4evr


    4 different articles about him in The Courier online. Talk about overkill. You'd think he scored a 25 yarder against a real team.
  2. Blue4evr

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Yesterday's BBC Scotland https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-50000564
  3. Just watching the debacle of Argentina 1978 on TV just now. Laughable but that squad was a million times better than now. Buchanan, Jardine, McQueen, Gemmill, Souness, Macari, Jordan, Dalglish, Rioch etc. Forgot we had so many top players playing for the best teams in England. Now we're not even minnows.
  4. Japan will also be very happy if it's declared a draw.
  5. Agree. Coming from someone who thought Horsefield was an upgrade!!
  6. And so we go, on and on and on etc. This thread is meant to be aftermath of Dundee v Arbroath. I don't get the constant hate/dislike/praise obsession with him. Its obvious every player in our squad has certain deficiencies or they would be in a better team but there are around 20 players in the 1st team squad. Could some clever person start a Cammie thread and direct all the associated posts into there, instead of having every thread riddled with stuff, good and bad, about him.
  7. The main issue here is he wasn't told by the club he was surplus to requirements he was told by an idiot of a manager who everyone knew would be sacked very shortly. All he had to do was sit tight. Even then, if JMP didn't want him he'd be gone. It was well documented by the manager that he wanted to sign him. Absolutely no-one knows if he had offers to go to a higher or lower club. What is stupidity is a certain poster saying he's not good enough for our "high" standard and saying he should beat it and go back to Peterhead. BTW not saying it was you or anything about the hate word.
  8. Can someone, anyone, tell me why we have this constant analysis of whether he is good enough for us !! After every single game, now it seems whether he is even playing or not. Every player makes mistakes whether it's a defender with a short back pass or a striker missing a chance. For some reason there are more posts about him than the rest of the team put together. I'm a Cammy fan but more importantly I'm a Dundee fan for 50 years. We now have the Kerr comments / criticism on every thread on the board and frankly I'm fed up reading them.
  9. I completely agree. We need a big squad with cover in every position. I was quoting what 1 poster said. Several others have said he's not good enough and time he was gone. They're entitled to their opinion.
  10. A poster yesterday was saying to keep McGhee at rb or put McGhee back to CH and get a new rb as Cammy wasn't up to it any more.
  11. Cammy's confidence is down, but I'm not ready to bin him. Marshall has been a good signing but he was ripped by McMullen and also Dow at Dunfermline.
  12. Same old posters I'm afraid, can't help themselves. One even said that Marshall, who's a decent player, is on a different level to Kerr. Er, how many games has he played against top 6 opposition.?
  13. Kerr isn't at his best and Marshall has been a good signing but let's not go overboard and join the fashionable haters. Cammy has served us very well for a few seasons and has been the first choice for our last 4 managers except agent McIntyre. He's coped admirably against Hayes, McGinn, Teirney, GMS, Forrest etc. How many games has Marshall played against top 6 opposition, very few except cups. McMullen ripped him at the dump and he made Dow look like Mo Salah in the first game so have a bit of respect before sending Kerr go the knackers yard. All imo of course.
  14. While he's tinkering away with the back four and midfield, I don't think he has a feckin scooby what to do with Hemmings, Nelson, Johnson and McPake.
  15. It's like when we do something wrong and probably deserve a booking we get it whereas most games like today their players go unpunished.
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