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  1. Blue4evr

    Hearts V Dundee

    Fantastic 3 points tonight. Also, making up 5 goals on St M and 4 on Hamilton could be very important.
  2. Blue4evr

    Hearts V Dundee

    Admiral Nelson led us to Victory.
  3. Blue4evr

    Hearts V Dundee

    That's also given Moore valuable experience for 30 minutes in the first team. Good for the lad.
  4. Blue4evr

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Playing him at left back because there was absolutely no one else in the squad didn't help.
  5. Hard to believe that Rab Geddes in the goal.
  6. Blue4evr

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Big fan of Cammy too. Followed him for about 6 years from dev team. He's not the one that comes out with the one of our own or bleeds dark blue crap. All I see is a young player who gives his all in every game. His game has definitely dropped but the whole team has been a shambles. He's been good enough for the last 4 managers but not good enough for some the "supporters" on here. I think if the team can improve he'll get his form back.
  7. Blue4evr

    Woods and McGowan

    It wasn't a paraphrase" someone said" Cobra stated a few days ago. I don't need anyone to justify an opinion I have in a player and I don't think he's pish. I said his performance yesterday was deplorable and could have been off after 15 minutes. There's something far wrong with someone who's played 10 full games in a season and a half. For whatever reason it certainly hasn't worked out
  8. Blue4evr

    Woods and McGowan

    Stato Cobra, if that helps you.
  9. Blue4evr

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Not defending Kerr or Curran or anyone else for very poor crosses but it's surely harder to cross on the run than from a dead ball. We can't do that either. We seem to have a designated free kick "specialist" who can't even put a cross into a danger area. One of so many things wrong at the moment.
  10. Blue4evr

    Woods and McGowan

    Someone said the other day he played in about 25 games last season but only completed 90 minutes 10 times. His time is up.
  11. Blue4evr

    Woods and McGowan

    Of all the duds we've had over the years, I cant think of any who were as bad as Deacon's " performance " yesterday. He didn't try, he didn't run into space, nothing. He could have been subbed after 15 minutes. Imo of course.
  12. Blue4evr

    Woods and McGowan

    So no comment to the rest of the post.
  13. Blue4evr

    Woods and McGowan

    I don't know why we find it so difficult to find players to improve our team? Every Championship team that has come to Dens has several who would walk into our 1st eleven. 3 or 4 today would be better than what we have. There's no need to scour Europe.
  14. They also bring in several thousand per month through new car parking for the many local dealers.
  15. Here's hoping Nelson can lead us to "Victory"!

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