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  1. Scotland game v Czech on Monday has been cancelled due to the virus.
  2. No way did we pay that for any player, never mind Nelson. On a more general note, I'm always amazed that million pound players are still allowed to do the famous slide to the corner flag. There can't be anything more unnatural to do to your body. Wasnt some top player injured a year or 2 ago and out for several months.
  3. Hull City have traveled 200 miles to training camp in Edinburgh. Its all bonkers. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53778776
  4. That's why I told Chomp not to open it. Obvious scam.
  5. If it's from the club, it doesn't look very professional. Surprising !! It's from [email protected], saying "sent you some files". The download link is 2 lines long. No way to distribute a message.
  6. Yea got one as well, from Neil Cosgrove. Its a really weird and long download link. I wouldn't open it.
  7. Livi have just given a 2 yr deal to a striker from QP. He was playing junior a year ago.
  8. The Ayr chairman/owner said he didn't even know about the WhatsApp group never mind being part of it. The whole thing is a shambles.
  9. Brilliant gesture. Trouble is this will get next to no publicity whereas other stuff gets plastered everywhere. Well done.
  10. They've only won one game in the previous 9, since they beat Partick on 11th January. They were hardly marching to the title. They would almost certainly have won, but not if their form hadn't improved.
  11. Dabs have won 1 game in last 7 and gained 7 points out of 21. Hardly storming to the title.
  12. Great to see we're +5 and filth are -2. Think their barren spell is about 8 games. Have to say Arbroath have been pretty amazing. Someone said last night that our first goal was the first Ayr had conceded in 460 minutes !!
  13. Yea pretty sure Dow's only scored 6 this season and 3 were against us.
  14. Probably the best we've looked to being "a team" for about 5 seasons. Still not entirely sure about the back 3 which was a back 5 for large part of the game. We were in line in 2nd half and we had 5 to their 2/3. To me that means we are 2 plays down in midfield area. We are obviously much stronger in defence but relying on scoring a goal to give us 3 points. Still, in a much better shape than we were earlier in the season.
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