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  1. Kerr won't be picked to play again under JM unless we only have 10 fit players. He hasn't featured at all in last 7 games even though we've had some awful defensive displays.
  2. Blue4evr

    Relegation Battle

    Q of S have won one and drawn one of their last 10 games. Both against us. They've lost the other 8.
  3. Blue4evr

    Relegation Battle

    There was someone on here last week claiming we had conceded fewer goals since the reshuffle.
  4. Blue4evr

    Relegation Battle

    We only won at Livi due to a worldy free kick against 10 men for virtually the whole game. I don't think we played particularly well. Agree with other points. Sad times.
  5. Blue4evr

    Relegation Battle

    As well as our defense making mistakes we do not have anyone who can tackle in midfield. Our new additions have not strengthened our midfield.
  6. Blue4evr

    Relegation Battle

    Looks like Hearts are looking at 1 win in 7 games. 3 guesses where it was.
  7. Blue4evr

    Relegation Battle

    If JM had brought in a decent midfielder we might have stood up to them. Instead he decided to bring in 4 clones of Jesse. Why?
  8. Blue4evr

    Dundee V Celtic

    A very talented player but I suspect he hasn't been fully fit since he came. He hasn't played a full game which I don't think has been just tactical. His 1st 4 games he played something like 25, 65, 65 and 15 minutes then didn't feature at all against Hamilton away. One thing's for sure, we certainly need him. Here's hoping he's back for St M.
  9. Dales, Wright, O'Sullivan, Robson and Jesse are all clones. Do we need all 5 when we have no midfield?
  10. Blue4evr

    Relegation Battle

    Just like Hearts hadn't won in 5 games........till they came to the happy hunting ground. For everyone else that is.
  11. Blue4evr

    Scottish Refs.

    Can anyone, Cobra, provide a stat on the earliest a keeper has been yellow carded for timewasting. If it ever happens, it's usually in the last 2/3 minutes. Why not do it after 60 or earlier.
  12. Blue4evr

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Can't see his love for Woods. Since he's been here he's been the free kick specialist, for some obscure reason. We now have Robson, Wright, O'Sullivan and Dales, who all do the same job as J Curran. Why? We have a midfield of Woods and Gowser. Neither of them can see a pass and neither has any pace. Not sure we're any further forward than before he bought a new team.
  13. Blue4evr

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    I don't think it's anything to do with changing personnel. 4 of the back 5 have been the same for several weeks with only Kusunga or O'Dea swoping. Woods also always plays as a defender midfielder, well meant to be. Imo.
  14. Blue4evr

    Scottish Refs.

    Their keeper was time wasting from about 10 minutes due to playing into the wind then considerably worse after they'd scored yet the ref booked him in about 92nd minute. Why bother.
  15. Blue4evr

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Our defending really is comic cuts. Saturday's goal was pathetic, in a long list of joke goals this season. Experienced defenders making mistakes a schoolboy would be ashamed of.

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