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  1. The Ayr chairman/owner said he didn't even know about the WhatsApp group never mind being part of it. The whole thing is a shambles.
  2. Brilliant gesture. Trouble is this will get next to no publicity whereas other stuff gets plastered everywhere. Well done.
  3. They've only won one game in the previous 9, since they beat Partick on 11th January. They were hardly marching to the title. They would almost certainly have won, but not if their form hadn't improved.
  4. Dabs have won 1 game in last 7 and gained 7 points out of 21. Hardly storming to the title.
  5. Great to see we're +5 and filth are -2. Think their barren spell is about 8 games. Have to say Arbroath have been pretty amazing. Someone said last night that our first goal was the first Ayr had conceded in 460 minutes !!
  6. Yea pretty sure Dow's only scored 6 this season and 3 were against us.
  7. Probably the best we've looked to being "a team" for about 5 seasons. Still not entirely sure about the back 3 which was a back 5 for large part of the game. We were in line in 2nd half and we had 5 to their 2/3. To me that means we are 2 plays down in midfield area. We are obviously much stronger in defence but relying on scoring a goal to give us 3 points. Still, in a much better shape than we were earlier in the season.
  8. Absolutely no idea! A home draw to Alloa is not a great result. From now till the end of the season guys will be saying why is Fin or Ness or Marshall or Crankshaw not playing. Manager's call.
  9. His 2 pinpoint crosses for Hemmings to score against Arbroath and Dunfermline were as good as we've seen this year. Of course he can be better. In fact I think only McGowan and Dorrans have more assists, we've scored so few goals. Elliott is a more powerful player but don't think he's produced enough attack wise so far. We certainly look to be better equipped defense wise but not creating or scoring enough goals through the team. Once Marshall is fit there is going to be 2 or 3 defenders on the bench as he plays players to suit certain games. All imo of course.
  10. Take your point mate and agree with most things you say. McGhee did have a really good game and was probably taken off with being his first game back. However, he's played about 25 games for us at ch so can't be expected to be a midfielder overnight. We already had 3 ch's, 2 of whom are experts at finding touch. I just felt we were way too slow and predictable in getting the ball out to our wingers, by which time Alloa had all their players back. With only a couple of early exceptions all our chances came in a crowded penalty box with lots of defenders in the way. We did play well and on another day probably would have won but I personally would have preferred McGhee instead of Meekings and Fin in midfield. I think its bonkers having a boy with his talent and he's hardly kicked a ball in recent weeks. Not saying he's as good as Billy Gilmour but all the pundits on motd were absolutely astonished about how he played for Chelsea v Liverpool. Similar type of player. Imo of course.
  11. Everyone talking about our stats last night and another example of stats meaning nothing. Rangers have had 29 shots. Hamiton have had 2 on target and winning 0-1.
  12. Maybe it isn't wise to call fellow posters drama queen's when they disagree with you. It is a board after all.
  13. Can't believe some are giving an opinion (several posts) on a game they didn't see! Would you comment on a film you didn't see? My point was , yes we did the have the bulk of the attacking and for most of the game were composed and solid in defence but 20 attempts mean nothing when 75% of them were blasted over or well wide. We were still way too pedestrian and predictable and by the time the ball went wide to McDaid or Elliott, Alloa had all their players back. All imo of course.
  14. McDaid was mostly poor with a couple of decent crosses. No more than you would expect from a decent winger. Don't know if Elliott is more of a full back or attacking midfielder but considering he got past the full back about 10 times he couldn't supply anything. A ch in midfield and a cm as 2nd striker. All the while Fin is sitting watching. Do you think Grant would have played him? We sign a left back but have 4 ch's playing. More questions than answers I'm afraid.
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