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  1. I'm perfectly aware this is a forum about opinions. He gave an opinion and then I gave my opinion. He names 7 players he thinks should go but decides to focus at length about how Kerr is basically useless, which is ludicrous. He's been good enough for the past 4 managers so can't all of a sudden be as bad as he's being made out to be. Btw I don't include McIntyre as a manager. If his position is under threat through a new formation and extra players then thats a different story and can only be good for him and the club if he has to fight for a place.
  2. Even when Kerr isn't playing, he's still getting players for being pysh. You make some veiled praise then rip into him. "technique, positioning, and overall rounded game is diabolical " your description couldn't apply to 15 yr old youth, never mind one of our most senior players. At a time when he's recovering from an operation and needing support you decide to come out with this. If you're talking about positioning, have a look at Marshall for Dunfermline's first. Quality. All IMBO.
  3. That's 5 experienced players all out with serious/mid term injuries and out for several weeks. Thankfully we signed a few recently.
  4. Byrne was very unlucky to get booked. Not too sure what Gowser was booked for. Nelson was fu##ing stupid, again. For someone who has played so little yet had 5, mainly all unnecessary bookings, to kick the ball away deserves to be fined. Could really bite us on the bum when he is suspended.
  5. Tackle on Callachan was brutal. Boy had 2 goes at him. Carried off yet no booking, hope he's not too bad. They had guys in agony wanting bookings, yet get up and run away.
  6. Pretty sure Rooney has agreed a summer move to Saints.
  7. He's also on 5 yellows after his rash challenges. Pity he didn't get a ban when he was injured.
  8. Jack Hendry out with ruptured ligaments in his second game in Oz. Not having much luck.
  9. As well as Nelms, Strachan, McPake, Nicholl and McKay we also have Scott Robertson , Geddes and Steven ! Wright. When you add physios and trainers, that's a lot of people being paid a lot of money.
  10. Our club has sent half a dozen youngsters out on loan to " learn their trade " yet we expect a recently retired player to take over and organise / manage a full time club with 30+ playing staff and a background team of around 8 of assistants, coaches, physios etc. Doesn't really make a lot of sense.
  11. You might be right, but I think we'd accept maximum effort combined with no little skill. End of the day it's just a player in a jersey. Doesn't matter what they did 10 years ago.
  12. Said it before why are we going for big time Charlie's who will cost a fortune. Half a dozen players from Arbroath and Alloa would dramatically improve us.
  13. If someone is running the way they're facing and the other person has to turn to catch them, who's gonna win, most of the time? Try it. Btw have you forgotten what happened when the cross came in.
  14. Marshall has done pretty well but a shocking error not to realise Dow was running past him to get a header in.
  15. Even a although we're all hacked off with things, I'm sure there are plenty of good young players who would still see us as a big club and move to us.
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