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  1. Count Duckula

    Seny Dieng - Officially Signs

    Kusunga was born in Switzerland
  2. Count Duckula

    Best Opposition Player

    Remember Dundee fans appaulding Didier Agathe's wonder goal for Hibs against us when we were thrashed 5-1 in an early season top of the table clash under Ivano. Goal was genuinely top drawer and sometimes you just need to let yourself enjoy a moment like that even though it was against your team.
  3. Count Duckula

    New Tv Deal

    Clubs like ours will be on the TV less though. 48 games on TV basically means it will just be Celtic /Rangers away games, Edinburgh derbies and the Flag Day and title decider games. So we are getting more money for being on TV less. Obviously would be different if we are relegated as 20 games are going to be shown live on the BBC each season.
  4. Count Duckula

    New Tv Deal

    20 Championship games on the new BBC Scotland channel though, so at least we know we can watch the dees on the telly regularly
  5. Count Duckula

    New Tv Deal

    Seen 30 million a season being mentioned. 48 live games on sky, not leaving too many games for the other clubs to be featured if they are going to show all the Celtic & Rangers away games, the OF matches and presumably the 3 or 4 Edinburgh derbies.
  6. Count Duckula

    Celtic and Sectarianism

    Sounds like an old school Dundee away day
  7. Count Duckula

    Celtic and Sectarianism

    It's called Marching through Georgia
  8. Count Duckula

    Celtic Game

    It's just over 30 years ago that we last scored 3 in a match against Celtic, we also recorded our last victory against them at Dens Park that same season. So you could say a result like that is definitely overdue!!
  9. Count Duckula

    Best Signing By Each Post-War Manager

    Duffy 1 - Barry Smith Duffy 2 - Nacho Novo
  10. Count Duckula

    Today's Attendance V Dunfermline

    Not so sure myself. The board announced the premium category when they advertised the season ticket prices in order to highlight potential savings of buying a season ticket compared to paying at the gate. Also prices for cup games need to be agreed by the two clubs, if they don't agree then the price defaults to the standard league game price. It wouldn't surprise me though if the club actually tries to drop the premium category after the backlash from the supporters when it was announced.
  11. Count Duckula

    Michael O'Halloran

    People react in different ways to these things and he has maybe just thought f**k them. Can't blame him if he has thought that. Targeting somebody because they attended the "wrong" church is pretty disgusting and worrying in 21st century Scotland. Anyway back on topic would take him in a heartbeat would be a great addition to our squad and would have the added bonus of sending the fermers into meltdown about us overspending again ?
  12. Count Duckula

    Michael O'Halloran

    I'll accept being pictured with rival fans isn't exactly a wise move but to criticise a guy for being pictured in a Catholic Church is absurd. Nobody should have to hide their religion to avoid upsetting bigots.
  13. And they've still no fixed the telly in the coxy ?
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