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  1. Their jammy 6-2 win over us has created a noose for their necks. They are a second-rate outfit and they'll get torn a new hole at places like Somerset.
  2. Moderators Note: I have split this into a new discussion as it is not related the original Topic, and so you guys can discuss this issue further. See this is why I was pissed off by the reintroduction of the down button. It just encourages passive aggressive behaviour. @Prince Buster if you're going to take the time to suggest someone is talking sh**e by downvoting them at least take a moment to explain why. People might say "chill the f**k out... so what if he downvoted you? it's only a message board". But it's a message board we care about and if I just go about downvoting random comments without explanation it will create a toxic environment. Edit: Just to add... I like a Prince a lot. He's a great poster. I'm just trying to make a point.
  3. Oh ya fucker, what a majestic comment from McCall. Shankland owned on and off the park.
  4. Would have liked to have seen the Dee producing a dominant win but any three points gained in this league is a good three points because there are no mugs in the division. Pleasing that we saw out the win. You're a wee bit vulnerable being a goal up in the closing minutes so needed to show a bit of character. We will get stronger as the season progresses so if the Unbeatables don't pull away they might find themselves back in the good old play-offs, where they belong, missing penalties and shedding tears.
  5. It's no great surprise than we are charging more than Mickey Mouse top flight clubs likes Livi and Accies, who will eventually return to where they belong. Dundee and United can't afford to hand out peasant wages and be chilled about the prospect of dropping to the third division. We need to act like a top flight clubs to retain a top flight support.
  6. Cobra

    My Season Ticket

    I mind my granddad took me to down the bandstand and told me to look after the family and the team. Seemed a strange thing to say but I think he was saying I should support my family and DFC in any way I could.
  7. Cobra

    Alloa On Saturday

    Just a thought but do we give enough thought about the performance of the opposition when we judge our players? I remember having a horrible time playing myself as an attacker because the guy marking me was so f**cking strong and alert. We were all thrilled about the Hemmings signing but what use is Hemmings without Stewart's vision? I suppose we'll find out this season.
  8. Cobra

    Alloa On Saturday

    I like Cammy. I get the feeling he'd rather spend a night in Rose West's cell than wear tangerine.
  9. Cobra

    My Season Ticket

    Nice comment mate. Thanks. Don't really want to be praised though. My mum has run after my unappreciative gran for God knows how long (even though she lives on the other side of the country). I get overpaid to write headlines. My love of DFC is no different to anyone else on here I imagine. I'm just fortunate that I have more disposable income than most. Does that make me a better person? I don't think so. We all do what we can.
  10. Cobra

    Bye Bye

    The Deefiant season would not have been possible without the desire of the fans. Obviously we needed guys like GGH to deliver but the magnificent support was critical. IMO the Dundee fans defeated the Scottish League with their energy and I think it's reasonable to say that the fans have influenced games since. We have a big club mentality and rightly so because we are a big club but we simply don't have the resources to dominate the likes of Hamilton Accies and it benefits these wee teams when Dens demands that the Dee dominate games at home.
  11. Cobra

    Our Forwards

    We're in Scotland's second division and we have Kane Hemmings, Danny Johnson and Andrew Nelson. Is that not a pretty f**cking good situation? Would we rather have Mark Stewart and John Baird and Colin Nish? I don't think so. Our team has a lot of room for improvement but I have to say our frontline is quality.
  12. Cobra

    Bye Bye

    You are right but it takes a couple of seconds to post on here. I could post on here that Shankland is better than Maradona but within 5 minutes I could have a dump, neck a brew and decide that Shankland is the most overrated player the since Tank. If internet chat does your head in you need to find another hobby.
  13. I think if Dees gave a little thought to things they'd realise this website is ridiculously good at encouraging positive debate. Nasty trolls simply don't survive on here. I don't know what it's like for supporters of other teams but I suspect we're quite lucky to have this message board.
  14. Cobra

    Bye Bye

    Goatlord is entitled to make his Armageddon post but being a football fan is a rollercoaster. I think our best run of results this century came immediately after we were humped 6-2 at the dump on New Year's Day in 2015. If you're going to be a Dee you're going to have to suffer. We are not going to relegate the filth every week.
  15. Cobra

    My Season Ticket

    Thanks Wearedarkblue87. It felt good when the postie delivered my season ticket but it's the Dees who bought season tickets every season over the last 25 years who deserve praise. They are the reason we still have a club to support.
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