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  1. Cobra

    Crowd V Motherwell

    Thanks for getting involved "Mr Expert". I know a few people have accused you of being a dab so it's nice of you to put an arm around William William.
  2. Cobra

    Crowd V Motherwell

    You remember me from a decade ago on Dundee Mad and you have plenty to say for yourself. Why don't you tell me what you Dundee Mad ID is/was? I'm sure you were a regular on there given that you recall me posting there. I'm not in a state. I'm just fed-up with seeing dab trolls sign up to this site because they've won a few games. I like to give folk the benefit of the doubt but your posts are remarkably similar to a dab clown who was banned from here a couple of months back. Who exactly is Davie Cook? Is he a poster on here?
  3. Cobra

    Crowd V Motherwell

    Curiously the last poster to say I'm making a fool of myself and being childish was an Arab posing as a Dee on here a month or two ago. I can't remember what sh**e he was saying but I think it might have been about the Americans being about to pull out of the club.
  4. Cobra

    Crowd V Motherwell

    The internet is full of imposters. If I join a DFC message board the first thing I want to do is convince people I'm a genuine Dee. Saying that it's depressing that Dundee United are going to have X amount more at their game than Dundee's is not the way to achieve that. Just yesterday there was a brand new poster and his opening post was posing as a worried Dee spreading rumours about our manager and imminent demise of our club so forgive me if I'm suspicious when I see a poster sign up and immediately talk Dundee down and talk them up. The fact you remember from another site doesn't bother me. I had many run-ins with Arabs on that site. BTW what is/was your name on Dundee Mad? I don't remember a William-William from when I posted there.
  5. Cobra

    Crowd V Motherwell

    Dondeh is a miserable bu**er who loves to wallow in negative comparisons but who exactly are you? You've just joined the board and are fiercely defending comments saying how United's gate is going to be much bigger than ours. Why don't you tell us about your memories of the Doon Derby? I'm sure you enjoyed seeing those b*****ds humiliated as much as the rest of us.
  6. Cobra

    Crowd V Motherwell

    What's the purpose of this post? To talk down our support and talk up theirs? Do you think anyone on here wants to read that?
  7. Cobra

    January Window

    I think if McPake can't explain clearly how Wighton will fit into our system the player should say no to coming back. The last thing he needs right now is warming our bench and getting the odd substitute appearance where he runs about isolated and unable to make an impact.
  8. Cobra

    January Window

    If there was any chance the Hearts manager was going to use Wighton between now and the end of the season you'd think that he'd definitely be involved today. If CW does end up back at Dens I just hope it has been properly thought through rather than simply McPake wanting another option and not really knowing for sure what to do with him.
  9. Cobra

    January Window

    I assumed Wighton would play today against Airdrie but he's not in the squad. That's a curious decision if he's fit. It would suggest a move is imminent, possibly to Dundee.
  10. Cobra

    Scottish Cup

    We've got to play 16 more games to decide whether we finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th. That's an awful lot of football to decide whether we go into the play-offs or go into the play-offs with a bit more work to do so I hope we stay in the cup for as long as possible myself.
  11. Cobra

    Scottish Cup

    If we somehow avoid defeat tonight, who would we want to get in the draw? I'd be hoping for East Kilbride/BSC Glasgow or maybe crisis club Hearts. Today's games...
  12. Cobra

    Josh Todd Away.

    There must have been an issue in training with him sulking or not showing commitment. McPake has subbed on guys to play out of position rather than use Todd. That would suggest the player couldn't be trusted to do a job (assuming the manager was being reasonable).
  13. Cobra

    Third Red Strip On Sale Wednesday

    There must be a demonstration you could do in the club shop to prove you were a soldier.
  14. Cobra

    Josh Todd Away.

    Todd was never going to tear up his Dundee contract to earn buttons in the third division.
  15. Accies fans were probably saying the same thing on December 27th before they went to in-form Motherwell. Well had their bubble burst and haven't played for three weeks. I doubt they'll enjoy being red-hot favourites at Dens. We've got nothing to lose and I wouldn't be hugely surprised if we spring a surprise.
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