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  1. Absolutely loved that. Ridiculous entertainment. 10 goals scored and could have been a lot more. Hilarious that the seventh and eighth Bayern goals came from a Barcelona player.
  2. This is bonkers. 30 mins played. Barca 1-4 Bayern. Live on BT.
  3. So you think the US Army blasted their own military HQ with a missile so that America could spend trillions of dollars fighting wars in the Middle East while suffering tens of thousands of casualties? A top US Army officer (Vindman) was recently forced to leave his job because he spoke out about Trump's treasonous behaviour. Top Army leaders have spoken out about Trump in recent months because they don't believe he stands for American values. Do you really think US Army leaders would agree to attack their own HQ and then have nobody speak out about in the next 20 years? This is a rapidly patriotic country where freedom of speech is so highly valued the KKK is allowed to operate. There are leaks and whistleblowers left, right and centre. This missile idea and the whole 9/11 stuff is one conspiracy theory that can't be taken seriously.
  4. Atletico are renowned for having the world's tightest defence. They rarely concede, don't give strikers any room and don't give teams any space behind the defensive line so Leipzig decided to play with three attacking midfielders last night to create the space, and you can see how they used that space to win the game minutes before the end with a clever cutback. https://streamja.com/4dJ5V I'd be thrilled to see Dundee spot and exploit a weakness in Hamilton's defence one day.
  5. Maybe it increases team bonding if there is no wife and kids to go home to at night.
  6. Yeah it is comparable but I don't think it strengthens your case to say "it's just like believing in Jesus".
  7. It's curious that these UFO sightings always seem to happen in the middle of nowhere. Admittedly the US Air Force has recorded some baffling footage which is either aliens or it's technology has been secretly created by an unknown country on Earth. I'm not sure comparisons with religion help your argument.
  8. The universe is 13.8bn years old so life has probably existed and been wiped out many times but I suspect there hasn't been life elsewhere during our brief existence. We're absurdly lucky to have the perfect conditions on Earth.
  9. PolarBear, can you please share your monster theory?
  10. Gnasher, we don't live in a totalitarian regime where the media are controlled by the state, where scientists and academics are silenced out of fear. Therefore, we don't need to go seeking some alternative "truth" that random people on the internet have concocted. You won't find a credible expert in their field arguing that 9/11 was an inside job or that Bill Gates is behind Covid. It's just a bunch of crackpot theories. What stinks about 9/11 is that 500,000 people lost their lives in Iraq after the bulls**t about WMD. If Bush was able to cover up that America was behind 9/11 you wonder why he was incapable of hiding the fact that the WMD intelligence was garbage.
  11. Accrington are said to want Hazard permanently but the lad might want to remain on Celtic's book and spend the next few months back at Dundee.
  12. Where do you go to feed yourself knowledge Gnasher when you put down the spoon?
  13. I was thinking they might let him come to Dens until January if they have enough cover. Pretty sure they let Rogers, their number two at the time, go to Falkirk and then renewed the loan every six months or so.
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