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  1. Thought it might be worth asking how Dees feel about the manager going into the new season (whenever it starts).
  2. Cobra


    I was looking at a 4-bed new build in Invergowrie, which just happens to be the first place my parents lived when I was born. It's £200k there but the same type of property in Inverness is about £290k (and out of my price range). No point staying up here if I can save money and be closer to Dens.
  3. Cobra


    After spending my adult life being rubbish with money, the lockdown has put my in a position where I should be able to buy my own place. The Scottish government are offering an interest-free £25k loan to first-time buyers, which is pretty amazing. I'm toying with moving to the Dundee area so I can make better use of my season ticket. Anyone got any suggestions about where would be a good place to buy? Quite a few publications are calling Dundee the best place to buy right now. I think the museum is helping transform the city's image.
  4. Cobra


    George Floyd's death was one of the two most disturbing videos I've witnessed this year, so I can understand people being upset over it. The other was the death of a white guy who had done nothing wrong and was on his hands and knees begging for his life but still pumped full of bullets by a rogue US cop. My reaction to both was the same. The police over there are out of control and need to be reined in somehow. Statistics show there is a race problem with US cops but I think the bigger problem is that the cops over there have carte blanche to do as they please and they have got each other's backs on a ridiculous level. Whether they are racist scumbags or gun nuts on a power trip, they are a huge problem and cause untold misery to their victims. Ultimately though it is an issue with American policing that killed George Floyd. He didn't die because of a global police pandemic, and attempts to tie that tragedy to Britain's police and societal problems are a bit daft IMO.
  5. Not sure how I feel about this one. I don't consider myself a customer buying a product in the usual sense so a refund isn't something I would want but if others feel differently then maybe the club should address it.
  6. Cobra


    I watched this video the other day of a woman screaming with great passion in Belfast at a protest before breaking down in tears. https://www.aol.co.uk/video/view/woman-breaks-down-during-emotional-black-lives-matter-protest-in-belfast/5ed7f2d6a2a07d424419e732/ 0.2% of Northern Ireland's population is black, which is about 3,000 people. As far as I'm aware there is not a problem over there with black people being targeted by the police. Maybe it's harsh but I just found it a little bit OTT and cringeworthy.
  7. Cobra


    This idiot launched a bike at a horse and now a female officer is in hospital. I can only imagine what that woman's family are thinking tonight. People are angry about police brutality in America so police in the UK are suffering serious injuries while simply doing their job. Bonkers.
  8. Cobra


    Authorities in Sydney have secured a Supreme Court Injunction to prevent a Black Lives Matter rally due to social distancing measures. The Aussies don't f**k about when it comes to a pandemic. Only 100 dead but they're taking no chances.
  9. Ross County owner has backed the Rangers idea to introduce colts into the league system but says this season is too soon. Each week a random idea to transform the game becomes the country's big talking point. It's nuts. It seems like every other country has dealt with the pandemic fine while Scottish football has turned into a basket case.
  10. I think we'd see if our first sub-1,000 attendance for a league game if this gets the green light. Burton Albion v Middlesbrough's B team had 202 fans at it!
  11. Cobra


    I visited Atlanta a few years back and I was shocked by the racial tension that exists over there. Racism is here but it's largely invisible to white folk. Over there it's a different story. They have massive problems and I really don't think there's much value in conflating racism in America with racism in Britain. I'm seeing genuine fury from some people in London because of what they see on their TV screens but screaming in a British copper's face because of the horrible inequality and injustice in America isn't going to help anyone.
  12. Cobra


    Racism is everywhere so I have no doubt it exists in the UK police but it's pointless marching around a city because something exists. You need to demand something that is actionable to change things for the better. What effect are these protests in Glasgow and Belfast having (other than spreading the coronavirus)? We're seeing officers attacked in the UK during these protests so I suppose you could say they're having an impact. People should protest if they feel strongly about something but taking to the streets because someone died a horrible death in America, Ecuador or Papua New Guinea doesn't make sense to me. Generally you protest something to force your government to do something differently. What exactly is Boris Johnson supposed to do following the death of George Floyd? Should we respond to it by reforming our own police force? It's kind of challenging for Britain to do anything to prevent the next George Floyd dying in America at the hands of the police.
  13. I was reading that since the EFL Trophy introduced Premier League B teams, 20 English clubs have recorded record low attendances. I think there has been a similar problem with our Challenge Cup. It might work for other countries but here fans don't want this in the cup and they certainly don't want it in the league. If it's forced upon us it will hammer crowds.
  14. Cobra


    Americans are not staging a vague protest against racism around the world in all its guises. They are protesting specifically against police brutality in America and the ingrained racism that exists in the police in America. The American protesters are demanding what we already have. Highly trained officers with some decent education who are not allowed to shoot anything that moves and who are held accountable for their actions. We can't protest about the police being out of control here because they're not out of control so what are we demanding? An end to racism? Can't such a protest happen when we're not in lockdown and fighting a deadly pandemic?
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