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  1. I'm convinced that DFC would have won at least a couple of cups in the last 40 years if every Dee was as chilled as DBK.
  2. We had an untested manager and a new team and what we needed was for the filth to not win all 8 of their first 8 league games in the city but that's what they did so we need to chill out and just worry about ourselves without panicking. sh*t happens. Those c**ts getting lucky doesn't mean we need to have a meltdown.
  3. Bcram, our superiority complex is maybe our biggest problem. Don't get me wrong, I love our big club mentality, I love that we have fellow Dees who saw us conquer Europe, I love our history of world class players from Sailor Hunter to Claudio Caniggia. I don't think I'd feel the same passion for a club like St Johnstone or Hamilton. I'm a Dundonian and I feel proud to be a fan of our city's historic club. It's hard though for our players to live up to our expectations and that is why we are perennially disappointed. Our current owners are trying to live up to the standards we demand with the new stadium. Hopefully DFC can get to a place where Dees are satisfied with our position in Scottish football.
  4. I love your optimism DBK, and I have to say those are tasty odds. Football is full of surprises. Nobody expected us to go from 12 points ahead of Caley to 12 behind them when we had Sparky and GGH in our side. In fact it was totally implausible, and yet it happened. The Deefiant escape was considered impossible and yet it happened. I said on here that I hoped we would finish bottom six because we might relegate United (somebody responded saying I was a f**cking idiot because there was no chance that would happen!). Long way to go yet.
  5. Our board absolutely love McPake. He was offered a contract extension despite the fact his leg was in bits. I agree they'll fight for him more than any other manager. Still, the gaffer has got to keep impatient Dees onside.
  6. Calls for Hartley's head could be heard loud and clear at Dens before he was sacked. Some Dees personally emailed Keyes to demand the removal of McCann before NM was given the boot. Most recently the clamour for McIntyre to go was pretty intense with the fear that season ticket sales would suffer. The board can offer McPake a job for life but if the results don't come after the manager loses more than 50% of the fanbase he's a dead man walking and the board will have to make a change. Would love to see a bit of stability but I think the fans are ultimately in control of the manager's destiny.
  7. Cobra

    Welcome Home Barry

    The McIntyre appointment was a cataclysmic disaster but "the crocks and dross" put in a shift when County excelled so I can understand why McIntyre called on them to help us out. We weren't in the market for a Boyce or Irvine. We were looking for a miracle in the bargain bin. Woods came in when we were in freefall and there were zero other options to refresh the squad and shake things up before Christmas. It was a sensible signing. He initially did have an impact even if eventually we were all glad to see the back of him.
  8. Cobra

    Welcome Home Barry

    Well if I see things one way and another Dee sees things differently that's not a contradiction. People have different opinions.
  9. Latest odds: United 2/7 Ayr 9/1 Dundee 10/1 ICT 12/1
  10. We're heading for a Tory landslide. Why do people vote Tory? They are proven liars more concerned with protecting the wealth of billionaires than taking care of society's most vulnerable. I don't get it.
  11. The thing is our board are the least trigger-happy we've ever known. They will leave a manager in place until the fans get angry and threaten a mutiny. If we fail to go up this season and we're 12 points off the top a year from now McPake will be finished. I like the idea of McPake growing into a top manager while at Dens and running things for 5 years. History tells us though that it's unlikely to go that way. The success we crave (top four finishes and cup finals) is near impossible to achieve on our budget so managers are doomed to fail. After 2/3 years of mediocrity the fans get fed up and the excitement comes from the managerial change where we get to dream for a wee while that this time it will be different.
  12. You might be technically right Troodee but when we talk about the 1960s we generally mean 1960 to 1969 so I think the same will be true for the 2010s when talking about a review of the decade.
  13. I’m not sure McPake can say that. The squad overhauls are a direct result of managers getting sacked and the replacements wanting their own players. If McPake gets sacked after 6 months like McIntyre or 18 months like McCann, a squad overhaul is inevitable. The manager no doubts sees himself in the job for 5 years but every manager has the same hope.
  14. Cobra

    Welcome Home Barry

    Has anyone ever made the claim McIntyre wasn't responsible for County's relegation while McCann was responsible for Dundee's relegation. #MakingThingsUp
  15. Cobra

    Welcome Home Barry

    Yep. And they outperformed Dundee by winning a cup and recording 6th and 7th finishes. At one point they won 8 and drew 1 of 9 games. Something we never came close to. You lose a couple of quality players like Irvine and Boyce you're going to end up fighting relegation, as we found out when we lost Stewart and Hemmings and as United found out when they lost GMS and Armstrong.
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