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  1. Can you imagine the Evening Express attacking Aberdeen's top official and Aberdeen fans in separate articles in the same week. It wouldn't happen so why the f**k are we having to deal with this bulls**t? I can only imagine there is a toxic dab in a position of power in the Dundee office.
  2. That might be a good approach but with our MD being condemned in the same week our fans are being vilified, I don't think DCT are in a very conciliatory mood. It looks to me as if they've lost their discipline and are revelling in painting the Dee as panto baddies. A local newspaper surely has to come from the perspective of the local team and their fans. They've shat on that concept and I'd be surprised if their current agenda can be reversed without a change in leadership and a desire to support both clubs equally.
  3. I loved my trips to the Keiller Centre!
  4. Some good points there and it's not in my nature to froth over the local press. For years I've heard Dees and dabs saying DCT is biased against them. I've said nothing as I didn't really see it. Right now is a desperate time for local newspapers and I can understand the efforts to drive traffic by trying to create a bit of drama out of nothing but I think there is an anti-Dundee agenda going on at this time that is hard to ignore. Others might disagree and that's fair enough.
  5. For me it was Ray Stephen. Was gutted when Wenger took him to France. Who was your earliest Dee hero?
  6. Quite hard to do when you're an international club with fans all over the world.
  7. Some Chelsea fans have started calling their striker Tammy Abraham "Ape-raham". Horrific. I'd like to think our players believe we treat them with respect. We're hard to please at times but you don't see Dees throwing around abusive language.
  8. I don't see Dees using their position in the press to attack the Arabs but I think your attitude to the rivalry is sensible. There's a horrible lack of balance at DCT at this time IMO. You're going to get a reaction when someone posts their stuff on here if it doesn't come across as fair.
  9. Their income has dropped. Tough decisions have been made. If a Dee next to you boos this season tell them to stop. Let's lift our team when things are not going well. That moment when McCann scored at the death against Raith was a result of the positive energy in the ground IMO. We can do that again.
  10. Mask arrived from China. Covid doesn't stand a chance.
  11. Fin is quality. Can't wait to see the lad this season.
  12. Fervent dabs like to portray all Dundee fans as scum. That's what the Meekings article was all about. How do we collectively rise above their goading and ignore them? It's not easy. Somebody is going to post their Daily Mail-style garbage. Maybe we should ban links to DCT on here. Just a thought.
  13. Excellent post. Dees love their club and this kind of scaremongering on a Saturday night is inevitably going to lead to some emotive posts. What I'd like to know is who leaked the story and why. The club were clearly at an advanced stage of discussions with players and about to announce some great news.
  14. Maybe they think they've got nothing to lose by following a dab agenda. Older folk have their fixed routine of picking up the morning paper. Younger folk aren't going to buy papers anyway. If you're a dab getting paid to attack Dundee at every opportunity and sugarcoat everything the beggars are doing across the road you'll be happy as Larry. DCT are becoming increasingly irrelevant. We should probably try and ignore their baiting as kicking off gives them the attention the crave.
  15. Fantastic news. Let's repay them by offering relentless encouragement win, lose or draw come the new season.
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