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  1. Cobra


    It's not a big deal for me either mate. I moved this thread to the general football section as it was getting a bit tetchy and it's not worth falling out over something like this.
  2. Cobra


    I don't think there is any need to hate a player just because he wears tangerine but some folk seem to want to blow smoke up his a**e and I'm sure there are better places to praise your favourite dab. He might well have learned his lessons. Time will tell I suppose. Fletcher, Burke, Brophy and Stewart have delivered at a higher level than Shankland so I would have thought they'd be better options as we try to reach the Euros through the play-offs.
  3. Cobra


    Great player to have at Scottish Championship level but he's not international class and couldn't get a League One club down south to offer him a deal in the summer. Derek McInnes, Jim Duffy and Jack Ross have all been unhappy with his attitude so I'd be surprised if he kicks on and reaches a significantly higher level.
  4. Cobra

    Dundee V Partick

    Wrong thread.
  5. Cobra


    Yeah it could turn out to benefit us. He's started and scored for Scotland, mixing with Celtic players. Lazy journalists will start linking him with a move to the Old Firm. He's hit the big time! Problem is he's got to keep delivering at places like Recreation Park when opposition managers and defenders will take great delight in shutting him out.
  6. Cobra


    It's laughable. Carlo Monti would have found the net against that lot.
  7. Cobra


    Doesn't seem that long ago that Keith Wright wasn't considered good enough for the Scotland squad. How times have changed.
  8. Cobra


    He scored 30+ goals for Ayr last season against better opposition than what Scotland are facing today and wasn't able to attract a decent offer from down south. I think top of the Championship/bottom of the Premiership is his level.
  9. Cobra


    Why would the keeper do that? This lot are laughably inept. https://streamja.com/r2vg
  10. Cobra


    They conceded 9 in Russia and Belgium. They are hopeless. If we are absolutely keech tonight by our standards we'll still win 4-0.
  11. Cobra


    How lucky is Shankland? Nowhere near international quality but before he's had a chance to be exposed as out of his depth Scotland find themselves playing at home to a pub team in a dead rubber so Shankland is guaranteed to get amongst the goals.
  12. Cobra

    Dundee V Partick

    We definitely are capable of winning this one Huggs. I just worry about former Dees McCall, Miller and Harkins returning to haunt us and Jags being bottom means they'll be hurting and desperate to put things right while Dundee will be expected to play on the front foot. It's an awkward fixture and the first goal I think will be decisive.
  13. Cobra

    Dundee V Partick

    This game looks problematic for us. McCall masterminded a crushing win for Ayr at Dens last season and he's already got one over United this season. He'll have his Thistle players right up for this one and their team will probably relish getting away from the frustrated home support. I hope Dees are patient are not expecting us to win comfortably because their bottom. It's going to be a tough game.
  14. Cobra

    Dundee V Partick

    I see Partick just won 2-0 in the diddy cup against the Welsh team that knocked Killie out of Europe. Starting XI... S. Fox S. Saunders S. McGinty T. O'Ware R. Williamson J. Penrice O. Kakay J. Cardle S. Bannigan K. Miller R. De Vita GGH an unused sub.
  15. Cobra

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Probably best the club say zip about this for now. No need to make a song and a dance when the case could be dropped.
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