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  1. Cobra

    Stewart and Kamara

    I don't expect to see Stewart back in dark blue any time soon but then I didn't expect Andreu to turn up across the street. Dens is a more positive place than when Stewart left and Hemmings and Nicholl could potentially coax him back to Dundee if things turn sour at Ibrox. We'll see what happens in Govan but I wouldn't rule it out completely in the next year or so.
  2. Cobra

    Season 19/20 - Championship Rivals

    I'd recommend tuning in to the Friday night game. I think we can expect goals.
  3. Cobra

    Stewart and Kamara

    Stewart to Rangers is such a terrible idea. I don't think he ever performed for us in a game against the Old Firm, he was a ghost at Birmingham and he even seemed a bit overwhelmed at Pittodrie where he managed just 4 goals in 50 odd games. He's only really shone at Dundee and Killie since leaving Cowdenbeath. I don't think he can handle the big stadiums and the high expectations. I'm amazed Rangers offered him a deal. Mind you, they did give O'Halloran a four-year contract. I'd try to reunite Stewart with Hemmings in January once Rangers have realised the player is of little use to them.
  4. That's Fraser Forster confirmed on a season-long loan at Parkhead. I think that makes Bain fifth choice now because there's Craig Gordon and Conor Hazard already at the club and Packie Bonner has agreed to step in if they get really desperate.
  5. Dundee out. We've succeeded in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Just need to focus on the league now.
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