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  1. Dundee have made defending look impossible in recent years. Teams have consistently opened us up at will but all of a sudden we're compact and giving nothing away. Great to see.
  2. I'm not sure that is a terrible miss from Berra. Sometimes the ball sits up and you can't get any power on it, and all you can do is direct it on target.
  3. Somebody said that our results are on a par with Kerno and that is true but 15 years ago Brechin and Clyde struggled to compete. This season the part-timers don't look like part-timers so it's a different era. Not really comparable IMO.
  4. Are we unhappy with the quality of Dundee's football or is it Scottish football in general? I don't watch United much but I suspect they are pretty brutal most weeks even though they are walking away with the league.
  5. Are we really going to hold his mistakes in his first season against him? I believe Americans see failure as an important step in progress. For some reason we like to taint people as failures when they get things wrong at the start and then hold it against them. The initial appointment was poor IMO as it gave us little chance to challenge United for the title but I think McPake has shown a bit of character in recent weeks. He lost the support but he didn't panic like many would have done. He's stood tall and fought for his job so I think he deserves a bit of respect and a bit of time.
  6. I'm glad you reneged on your promise to quit the site Deewee. I think this kind of mindset is good to read and probably reflects how the club feel.
  7. I was worried that this was a thread we didn't need last night when I started it but actually there are lots of really interesting comments so I think it was maybe worthwhile starting after all. Who said Dees are knee-jerkers? I think we're probably more balanced and reasonable than most.
  8. Have moved this to off-topic. Not sure it needs to be in the DFC section. Thanks for your contributions. It's been an interesting discussion.
  9. About a decade or so ago I was studying and doing a part-time job when I was informed that I'd been paid as full-time for 6 months and all that money would have to be repaid immediately so for the first time ever I simply couldn't pay the bills and I discovered just how damaging a poor credit rating can be. If you've never had any financial setbacks I suppose you don't need to worry too much about your credit rating.
  10. Fair enough, andrak. I thought it was pretty clear that gambling had been bad for my life even if I have had the occasional windfall. IMO gambling is like drugs. It's silly to pretend it's 100% bad. If it wasn't for the occasional highs nobody would get hooked. I'm not going to start this thread when I'm rock bottom because nobody wants to hear about people's problems. I was trying to engage with folk about a subject that some Dees might be struggling with, and to me the way to do that is to be fairly upbeat.
  11. I won £500 on a £10 bet yesterday. That was after doing my research and relying on an injury-time goal for Birmingham. Nine times out of 10 that bet would lose. The average person is going to lose because the odds are stacked against them. You need to do your research and get the breaks to beat the bookie and even then you'll lose more often than you win. It's baffling to me that personal finance is not a number one priority in schools. Nothing determines your future more than that so surely to christ that should be the skill we give to kids. I learned bad credit habits from my parents. It's only now in my 40s that I fully appreciate the importance of my credit score and how to manage it. A bad credit score can ruin a marriage or lead someone to suicide and yet it was never mentioned to me in school as I ploughed on with trigonometry and studying the Tundra. Bonkers.
  12. I was told that as a teenager in the 90s at Angus College by a guy twice my age. It was good advice. I wish I took it. If you are the kind of person who sticks by those rules you're unlikely to let lose control of your finances. I do sometimes wonder why kids are not taught personal finance at school. Is there anything more important? I had a bad credit rating before I even knew that credit ratings existed and mattered.
  13. I gambled away a grand in about 48 hours one weekend. Embarrassing I know and I didn't think I'd tell anyone but then I thought there must be others out there losing control so I thought I might as well share it in case it helps someone realise they're not alone, they're not an idiot. It happens. A good friend of mine worked for a big betting company and part of his job was to take "premium customers" to Vegas. He said he hated himself doing that job. I didn't really understand why but I get it now. Betting companies prey on people and it can ruin lives. If you have an impulsive nature you should avoid betting altogether but if like me you can't resist then use those betting controls that exist on every website and you should be able to manage the situation. And one thing you must never forget is... Nobody is a lucky or unlucky person. Random things happen and if you're going to bet you should see it as like following Dundee. Very unpredictable, lots of lows and the odd high.
  14. I always like to read your opinion BigG. Can't disagree with much of what you say but personally I think we'd be as well seeing what McPake can do until the summer with this squad. Relegation fears are fading fast so I'm not sure if there's any sense in a change before the end of the season.
  15. Paul McGowan as we know had a big problem with gambling and I'm sure I'm not the only Dee who has had issues with it. The good thing about gambling sites is they have controls which can be great for dealing with impulsive behaviour. Use those daily limits. I was pissed off last night when I wasn't able to make a deposit after a bad day and today I won a tidy sum. Reason I mention this is because... there might be reckless Dees out there like me losing silly money chasing losses like I did in the past. This stuff affects your mental health so I think it's worth talking about here even if it's largely irrelevant to DFC. If folk think the topic belongs elsewhere I'm happy to move it. Even if just one Dee reads this, can relate and is having a tough time, send me a PM.
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