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  1. Cobra


    Racism is everywhere so I have no doubt it exists in the UK police but it's pointless marching around a city because something exists. You need to demand something that is actionable to change things for the better. What effect are these protests in Glasgow and Belfast having (other than spreading the coronavirus)? We're seeing officers attacked in the UK during these protests so I suppose you could say they're having an impact. People should protest if they feel strongly about something but taking to the streets because someone died a horrible death in America, Ecuador or Papua New Guinea doesn't make sense to me. Generally you protest something to force your government to do something differently. What exactly is Boris Johnson supposed to do following the death of George Floyd? Should we respond to it by reforming our own police force? It's kind of challenging for Britain to do anything to prevent the next George Floyd dying in America at the hands of the police.
  2. I was reading that since the EFL Trophy introduced Premier League B teams, 20 English clubs have recorded record low attendances. I think there has been a similar problem with our Challenge Cup. It might work for other countries but here fans don't want this in the cup and they certainly don't want it in the league. If it's forced upon us it will hammer crowds.
  3. Cobra


    Americans are not staging a vague protest against racism around the world in all its guises. They are protesting specifically against police brutality in America and the ingrained racism that exists in the police in America. The American protesters are demanding what we already have. Highly trained officers with some decent education who are not allowed to shoot anything that moves and who are held accountable for their actions. We can't protest about the police being out of control here because they're not out of control so what are we demanding? An end to racism? Can't such a protest happen when we're not in lockdown and fighting a deadly pandemic?
  4. Cobra


    I admire people who do what they can to make the world a better place. People turned out in huge numbers in an attempt to stop Britain going to war in Iraq and that was great to see. That affected us all. This George Floyd thing is very specific to America. People over there are demanding police reform and it is long overdue. Over here we're angrily demanding an end to racism during a pandemic. It just doesn't make sense.
  5. Cobra


    The streets of London are absolutely rammed today. Folk risking a second wave of Covid to demand justice over the death of a man in another country. It's absolutely bonkers. Americans couldn't care less what we think about their justice system so these people are risking the lives of our grandparents for nothing.
  6. Good to see you back Deewee.
  7. Cobra


    This (intended) light-hearted look at America is in danger of becoming a political hot potato so I might move it this weekend to the politics forum so only five people are able to view it.
  8. Cobra


    It is unfair to label everyone as "look at me" because they're taking a stand against the hideous problems with American policing. I do though think there is an issue with young people latching onto the most visible foreign injustice. And certainly now is a terrible time to stand in a park or city square to express your anger at another country's internal affairs. This points baffles me. Who is not getting upset about the social distancing of Americans? I don't have time to worry about the social distancing habits of Americans and while I hate to see horrible videos of human being suffering, policing abuses carried out in Nairobi are just as bad as those that happen in Minneapolis (even if not filmed). That would be a real shame as you bring a lot to the site. Sorry if we've been dismissive. Maybe those of us without children have been a little insensitive to those with kids. If I had children myself I'm sure I would stand up for their right to be upset about prejudice wherever it happens.
  9. If there's a book related to Dundee I'll buy it and stick it on the shelf. Today I took a look at Diary of a Dee by Peter Caproni. At the start he talks about his family's memories of 'Jullie', the Englishman with Norwegian parents. For a city recovering from the horrors of World War II, Jullie must have brought a lot of joy to Dundonians in the late 1940s. I love this description that Caproni shares of March 8th 1947 when Dundee won 10-0 at Recreation Park: "My Uncle Bill stood behind the goal that Dundee were attacking and he said that the rain from the goal nets showered the travelling support after every one of Jullie's strikers". Later that month Dundee won 10-0 at Dens against Dunfermline with Jullie on target a record 7 times. Incredible. Wikipedia states his league record as 53 league games, 79 goals.
  10. Me a week ago: There is no way the people in charge of Scottish football could be so corrupt/incompetent that I lose my love for the game like Barkblue Scottish football: Challenge accepted. Here's Rangers and Celtic... the B sides
  11. We gave up our play-off spot without a fight, Partick and Stranraer moaned a bit and then quickly rolled over. Hearts though won't let up and the SPFL is prepared to do anything just to shut them up so this farce is set to roll on for some time yet. Reminds me of the situation where a big company is trying to get rid of a difficult employee. The more problematic they become the more bones they get thrown to make them go away. The SPFL is so blinded by their own incompetence that they're willing to sacrifice their last shred of dignity to throw Hearts the biggest bone of all (Premiership status) just for a bit of peace and quiet.
  12. The SPFL have made a mockery of Scottish football by allowing and encouraging Hearts to create their own proposal aimed at getting themselves in a better league. Can't really blame Rangers for saying "if you're going to take that seriously, here's our proposal". Maybe it's time Dundee got involved. I've yet to see a proposal that does us any favours.
  13. FFS. Because there is still not enough support for the Hearts fudge the SPFL have now given clubs until TUESDAY noon to agree to Budge's proposal. In addition to the £50k handout from the Hearts benefactor we now have the Old Firm offering handouts in exchange for B teams. Forfar have though come out today and said GTF. The Loons have earned my respect!
  14. Rangers demanding a B team in the league to allow Hearts in the Premiership backdoor is such a joke. Here's a thought. Leave Hearts where they are!
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