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  1. That is a big concern and I agree it is unfair but if Copenhagen to can get to 90 minutes without conceding against Man Utd I'm sure it's doable for Dundee against Hibs. Will be a big test for us though. Ideally we'll play them last having already picked up 9 points.
  2. Yeah the guy has no option but to issue the apology. I just wish we didn't force people to say sorry when their only regret is that they got caught and will now have to pay a price for their stupidity. I suspect there are plenty other players who've broken the rules. They're not sorry because they had a good night and didn't get caught.
  3. I hate those apologies. Just tell it like it is. You thought it was worth the risk. You didn't think you'd get caught.
  4. If Kerno can get to Hampden so can McPake. Just need a few kind draws.
  5. Agreed. Hibs will have plenty off-days and bad results this season. There's no reason why we can't cause an upset. Beat them on pens and top spot is in our hands.
  6. He is certainly a flawed manager but we've had two good seasons in the top flight since Duffy and both were with Hartley so I'm grateful for that.
  7. When Hartley became Dundee manager he could snap up all the quality players at a lower level he wasn't able to sign for Alloa such as Bain, McGinn and Stewart. He also got lucky with Harkins, McGowan and Thomson becoming available and FPS being willing to push the boat out. After a couple of years at Dens he didn't know of any diamonds in the lower leagues and started taken random punts. It's no great surprise that he struggled at Falkirk. He's not tactically shrewd. He needs good players to compensate for his limitations. I'm guessing he has a very strong squad at Cove relative to where they are.
  8. His first big mistake came in 2015 when he let Jim Mac walk away. The Hemmings/Stewart partnership papered over the cracks but when KT, McGinn, Harkins, Stewart and Hemmings left in 2016 we were in real trouble. I felt at the time Hartley was way too pessimistic when he said Stewart and Hemmings were irreplaceable but I think he knew then the writing was on the wall.
  9. If we were going to win it we'd need to get the kind of breaks we got in the Scottish Cup in 2005/06. Even a semi would be great for the club so we have to give it a real go.
  10. Best manager this century but he cut his nose off to spite his face when he pushed Harkins out the door.
  11. Just saw that. This won't do anything to improve relations between the Society and the Club. I think Nelms wanted tens of thousands to help pay the bills -------------------------------------- The Society directors are pleased to confirm the outcome of the recent Membership Consultation and wish to thank all who contributed. The attached report was finalised on the 28 July 2020 and forwarded to John Nelms on the 29 July 2020 with a request for the Club's response. The Club's response was received on 4 August 2020 and in the response the Club accepted all the proposed donations apart from the 'interest free loan'. Following consideration of the Club's response the Society Board has approved the following donations totalling £10,540 in accordance with the Members' expressed wishes: 1.1 Share purchase - £3,230 1.2 Interest free loan - £Nil 1.3 DFC in the Community Trust - £1,870 1.4 DFC Historical Trust - £1,020 1.5 Season Tickets for schools and community groups - £3,230 1.6 Stadium improvements to benefit supporters - £ 1,190 Further information on exactly how the money is spent will be forwarded to the Members in due course.
  12. A couple of results from last season... Annan 6-1 Cove Stirling 1-7 Cove Never change PH. Never change.
  13. In 1999, Fabian Caballero left Arsenal to return home to Paraguay. I bet he didn't expect to be returning to these shores less than a year later to play his football in Tayside.
  14. Quite looking forward to these ties. Hibs is always a good game (when did we last play them in the cup?). We usually beat Forfar no bother. Brora gives us the novelty value and we know Hartley isn't that interested in defending so we'll score goals in that game if the lads are fit and ready.
  15. Hartley was in charge when we won on pens at Balmoral a year ago. Drawing 0-0 v Cove and Peterhead was ok last year because we were able to beat ICT. Starting in our usual sluggish way won't be good enough this year.
  16. Second is usually only ok if you win your other three games in 90 minutes. When you're on 7 or 8 points you're probably out.
  17. If I lose my wallet I can phone it. I've got two phones. If I lose one I can phone the other one.
  18. Kelty or Brora would be great.
  19. I didn't think it was mate. We appear to be on the same page as regards vaccines and Bill Gates.
  20. Before today I would have said a good pillow but I've just received these small devices called Tiles. You put one in your wallet and attach one to your keys and if you can't find them you just go to the app on your phone and Bob's yer uncle.
  21. According to Which, the best mobile networks for customer service are Tesco, Asda, Utility Warehouse, Sky and Plusnet so will probably switch to one of them.
  22. Why do you think no politician or mainstream media outlet is suggesting Bill Gates might be involved? Are they all in on it? I don't see it getting messy. We're not really talking about politics.
  23. Apparently HALF of the people are the country might refuse the vaccine because they fear it contains some microchip created by Bill Gates. An expert was saying today that 60-70% need to take the vaccine for it to work. I find it incredible that we might fail to control the virus through a vaccine because folk would rather believe stuff on Youtube than listen to the scientists.
  24. Bill Gates founded Microsoft and since stepping back from the company he's focused on philanthropy. He's amassed billions and now in his 60s he wants to try and make the world a better place. There is absolutely no reason for him to spend his later years inflicting misery on people as some kind of evil mastermind. The US was so traumatised by the deaths of 3,000 people in 9/11 they started terrible wars seeking vengeance. So far, 160,000 Americans have died because of Covid. It's expected to reach 300,000 by the end of the year. It might not be the Black Death but it's bringing the likes of Brazil and Mexico to their knees. They're building mass graves and keeping sick patients in store rooms.
  25. I think they merged with a team called FK Seljak so might you argue that they no longer no exist.
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