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  1. That Vincent rumour must be nonsense. It took us until last month to finally get him off the payroll!
  2. Vincent was a disastrous signing. We ended up paying him to play for Dunfermline. That signing helped get Hartley the sack and prompted us to change our strategy as we gave guys like Kamara shorter deals to avoid getting burned again. We can't bring Vincent back to Dens.
  3. I'm excited to see the talented young winger McDaid we got from Ayr. We've already got some very decent players from last season who are more than good enough to compete at this level. We don't need to sign a new team.
  4. If everybody waited to see who the signings are before buying a season ticket we'd have to lock the doors. Surely it's up to the fans to buy season tickets first (if they can) and then it's for the club to decide the budget based on the cash available?
  5. Wonder if Steve Clarke used his Chelsea contacts to find a replacement to carry on his work at Rugby Park.
  6. Signed for Nijmegen Eendracht Combinatie (NEC) in the Dutch second division but hasn't played much because his knee went.
  7. These deals are kept very hush-hush until the paperwork is complete. Imagine if other clubs got wind of the fact we were about to sign Randy Wolters. Doesn't bear thinking about.
  8. Tell Me Why You Don't Like Mondays Tell Me Why You Don't Like Mondays Tell Me Why You Don't Like Mondays That's. When. We. Sent. You. DOWN! Doo-roo-roo-roo Doo-roo-roo-DOWN! Doo-roo-roo-roo Doo-roo-roo-DOWN! Doo-roo-roo-roo Doo-roo-roo That's. When. We. Sent. You. DOWN!
  9. How the shitey have fallen. Maybe Turnbull has heard of some interest from a bigger club down south like Port Vale.
  10. I agree the club deserve praise for designing such a nice kit. Anyone remember that kit that was so hated it was pulled? I think there was only one made and some lucky Dee got hold of it.
  11. Not sure if this one works. To the tune of Ten Green Bottles... One Arab season in the Championship One Arab season in the Championship And if one play-off final they should accidentally lose There'll be two Arab seasons in the Championship Two Arab seasons in the Championship Two Arab seasons in the Championship And if one play-off final they should accidentally lose There'll be three Arab seasons in the Championship
  12. Good point. We've moved away from the classic dark blue before.
  13. It's a nicely designed shirt and the badge work is fantastic. I just find the rainbow sponsor a little bit too eye-catching but I suppose I'll get used to it.
  14. I see Blackpool have finally got rid of the Oystens, the owners from hell. The Seasiders will no doubt be in good spirits when they visit Dens in a few weeks.
  15. If we're going to win the title we need to hit the ground running and that means a familiar line-up. so no more than 4 new guys going straight into the starting line-up. We can start with Hamilton, Kerr, Meekings, Davies, McGowan, Miller and Nelson on the opening day of the league campaign and that should prevent us being caught cold (like in the last two seasons).
  16. I remember folk being furious in January at the lack of early activity and then being satisfied as signing after signing arrived later. Hamilton, who decided against signing a whole new team of loan players, just quietly worked hard with what they had and got their rewards.
  17. How Yogi managed to get Raith relegated against THAT Brechin side over two games I'll never know. Would be a real shame if they went under 25 years after our current assistant took the League Cup back to Stark's Park.
  18. It does appear the Kirkcaldy journalist has been advised to take it down.
  19. Took my sister to lunch today and persuaded her to take me to Cove Bay (as she's got a car). This game scares me a little but I'm looking forward to it. We are ripe for an upset if we are not ready for it. That said, it's an interesting fixture for the Dee. Don't think we've played at Balmoral Stadium before.
  20. Season ticket just came through the door. Ridiculous that I've been PATG so long. It's a good feeling to know that I've paid for every home game, whether I can make it or not. I'm going to have to make this is an annual thing.
  21. This might be controversial but I think part of the reason we are so far behind Belgium, France and even England is to do with immigration. These countries all have a significant number of talented and athletic black players coming through and that I think increases their chances of success at international level. Scotland has a real lack of ethnic diversity and I think it's hurting us.
  22. It's four years since McPake last faced him. We won't be signing the 2015 version of Doolan. I hope JM considers why Partick have released him after 6 goals in 39 appearances last season at Championship level.
  23. It's probably a coincidence that we're hosting the team where Charlie made his name in England but it really would be fantastic if somehow that turned out to be his debut as a Dundee player. Stranger things have happened.
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