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  1. Who would be in your starting XI as things stand? No point doing a player poll as we could be signing players right up to kick-off. I'd take a look at the new keeper if he shows up well in training rather than give him his debut in a league match. Dieng Kerr---Davies-- -O'Dea Kusunga---Ralph Woods---Kamara---McGowan Kallman---Miller---Curran Hopefully we can get Kamara out the door in the next week and at least one midfielder signed in the next week.
  2. I've just binge-watched this show on Netflix the last day or so and it's great car-crash entertainment. It was brought to my attention by Newcastle fans (who were singing "We saw you crying on Netflix" the other night) and I had to check it out. It's the story of Sunderland's second relegation in successive season. It starts off with the smug ex-Rangers chief Martin Bain talking about how confident they are that they'll return to the Premier League and it ends up with fans attacking the Netflix cameras as the team goes into freefall. Highly recommended. If only we had a Dundee United version.
  3. Really hope we're asking Celtic about Morgan. If he ends up back in Paisley that could save them from the drop. Morgan might not to be keen on a return to St Mirren in the same way that Stewart didn't seem keen on a return to Dens.
  4. I rarely listen to that stuff myself. There was a cracker this season when McCann went on the attack but generally you learn bu**er all for these media chats.
  5. I think it's important that we get Kamara out of the club this month. His head is already in Glasgow and we need to accept he's not going to be a committed Dundee player again. It could have a negative effect on the dressing room to have a guy like that around when we're scrapping for survival so the club need to get rid asap.
  6. Yeah the Sun are making it clear their information is second-hand. The Record's wording though suggests to me they've got solid information directly from a good source. I'll be very surprised if McIntyre denies an attempt to get McCorie when he does his Scottish Cup pre-match chat.
  7. This is what the Sun are saying in their version of the story... It's believed the Dees boss is keen on a player/swap deal and has enquired about the loan availability of several Light Blues stars. McIntyre wants another centre-half after being rocked by the news that new signing Andrew Davies will be out for two months with a broken foot. However, Rangers have made it clear they are not interested in losing McCrorie this month. SunSport Online understands Ryan Hardie's name was also discussed, but the young striker would rather go back to Livingston.
  8. I can understand why you'd not pay any attention to tabloid coverage but I think you can tell when they've got something with a bit of substance.
  9. Tabloids generally are more concerned with selling papers than being entirely honest. That said, the Record must have some very good contacts at the Old Firm, whether through players, agents or whatever and they'd look a bit daft if they made a big thing about us being knocked back for McCrorie only for Gerrard to say at his upcoming news conference that it's bollocks, so I think it's probably true.
  10. Dundee reportedly asked for a player swap... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/ross-mccrorie-bid-snubbed-rangers-13862310 Would be nice to get something sorted before the Queens game but time is running out.
  11. They are stating it as a fact rather than rumour so it looks like they've been informed from a good source. You never know for sure though.
  12. McCrorie has started five of their last six games so why we thought they'd give us him I have no idea.
  13. From the Record... Dundee have been knocked back in their attempt to land Ross McCrorie on loan from Rangers. The two clubs have still not reached an agreement over letting Glen Kamara go in this window. Rangers wanted to do a player swap – but refused to let Scotland Under-21 star McCrorie go in the opposite direction. The Dens side are still searching for a new centre-back after new signing Andrew Davies suffered a broken foot at the weekend.
  14. Cobra

    Andy Dales - Officially Signs

    Was thinking the same. We're due a successful signing. Hartley and McCann had some early success with new signings. Hopefully McIntyre does as well this month.
  15. He's one player the dabs would hate to face if we end up having a derby play-off final.
  16. Don't worry mate. Nobody wants to merge with your lower league basket case of a club.
  17. Anyone watched this? Funniest thing I've seen in a while. It's on iPlayer for a couple more weeks. It's like Alan Partridge, David Brent and Spinal Tap but somehow actually real. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0001qyv The lead singer Matt Goss is not very bright but he thinks he's a bit of a philosopher and as a result some of the quotes are gold. A few of my favourites... - "I made a conscious decision because of Stevie Wonder not to be superstitious" - "The best toy we had growing up was a dart. No dart board, just a dart" - "The letters H. O. M. E. are so important, because they personify the word 'home'"
  18. Cobra


    It seems as though there's bitterness, resentment and mistrust on both sides and it's probably worse after the events of the last week or so. Be good if everyone could stop playing the blame game and find a way to work together for the good of Dundee FC.
  19. Cobra

    Andy Dales - Officially Signs

    Well, kind of. Derby County.
  20. Cobra

    Andy Dales - Officially Signs

    He spent 10 years at County.
  21. Welcome to Dens Andy! Hopefully our new wing wizard can grab a debut goal at the weekend.
  22. In that case we had better do our homework. We’ve already had our fingers burnt this season thinking guys from that level could step up no bother.
  23. I think it’s ok to get players from England’s fifth tier (National League) as that’s a decent standard with fairly big clubs and lots of good players. That’s where Rooney plays and that’s where Ralph came from. When you drop to the sixth and seventh tiers though you’re taking a big risk as the standard is much lower than our level. Elton for example was a star for Kidderminster but hasn’t impressed for us.
  24. Cobra

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    He was excellent in the derby and we could probably use him right now. Im expecting him to be massively fired up this weekend as he’s got a point to prove to Dees.
  25. Cobra

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Low is this decade’s Darren Young, who was permanently crocked at Dundee but then made a miraculous recovery after leaving Dens and played until he was 40.

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