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  1. steven dee

    Bristol Dundee Fan

    I think you'll find that Roma is by far the coolest team in Rome and is most Dundee fans Italian team I've always been a fan of the Bristol cities.
  2. steven dee

    The Casuals Era

    Up&Up club was the first supporters bus i went on. Some braw days out and bevvy for a 16yo just started work and with enough money to go to the away games. Still remember the song we used to sing... Ellenbank shut yir puss, we're on Ralphies minibus na na na na na na na na na na na na...
  3. steven dee

    Our Bench

    Probably the daftest topic I've ever seen on here. Thought it was going to be about the strength in depth we now have to come on if req. Not slagging off the goalkeeping coach for not celebrating wildly....
  4. So who should play in their place? You've already said Mcghee should be RB so who's going to play CB. You don't half spout some nonsense for someone who doesn't even go to the games.
  5. Some Dundee fans really want to get a grip of themselves. Embarrassing the way some of them were acting today in the Derry. Booing after 10 mins, screaming abuse after every pass that wasn't a hoof up the park. Still booing after it went 2 nil because "FFS Dundee we should be slaughtering this sh**e". FWIW i enjoyed the game today. Played some decent stuff, scored 2 cracking goals, nearly scored a goal of the season contender, controlled the game to such an extent that Arbroath resorted to putting the boot in, Dorrans looks like he's going to be a big player for us this season, plenty options on the bench to bring on if req (injuries today). WTF are these fans expecting?? They still think we should be slaughtering every team in this league.
  6. Imagine when we see the highlights, it is the stonewall penalty everyone thinks it was.......
  7. steven dee

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    Yeah bud agree it's a strange one. Suppose the real truth will come out soon enough. Might even get reinstated....
  8. steven dee

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    Not sure if its true or not but the guy who told is normally spot on. If it is true then what a numpty!!
  9. steven dee

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    Seemingly he and his mates bet 5 grand on himself getting booked against Hibs. Won 20 grand.
  10. steven dee

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Mulumba is the stand out player on that list by a mile.
  11. Tbh Rocky I thought Hateley was half decent. Went to Poland and won the league title.
  12. steven dee

    Perspective Needed

    You make the points you make quite intelligently Troop (as you normally do) but imho it's papering over the cracks. We got pumped because we played the wrong team, in the wrong set up and didn't defend properly. The game was done after 40 mins so in reality anything that happens after that means nothing. Basically playing out time.
  13. steven dee

    Perspective Needed

    What's strange is how anyone can watch that game and come to the conclusion we were the better team and getting walloped 6-2. I'm sure 99% of the "lads" on here agree as well.
  14. steven dee

    Perspective Needed

    By the time Nelson the game was over as a contest. United we're basically going through the motions the 2nd half and yet still won the 2nd half 2-1. I honestly think if the game was played again today we'd be on the end of another defeat.
  15. steven dee

    Perspective Needed

    What a load of rubbish. Forster played well- just wow We got a complete doing that night and need to stop looking for excuses for why we got thrashed. For 2/3 of the game Dundee were the better team?? The game was finished after 40 mins FFS. McGowan has plenty of experience of playing well in the derby yet you say you would maybe play a young boy signed from Rangers who may or may not turn out to be a decent player. The problem is he's untested so no one knows yet. Even if he did play he wouldn't have made a difference with our tactics. The game was crying out for us to play 5 in midfield. The 2 up top doesn't work for us at the moment. United won every individual battle, our defence looked like it hadn't played together before. We continued to play long pointless balls up top which completely made the decision to play with 2 wide men crazy. We got a hiding, we move on but let's kid ourselves.
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