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  1. I know how it works mate but i still think loads of people will cancel if we're playing rubbish. Loads of season tickets holders have been swerving going to Dens this season and that's with it paid in advance. No way would they keep paying a DD for something they won't be using. Debt collectors will be chasing it for years. Think the idea of some type of membership scheme (as well as season ticket money) is a great one. I'd prefer any profits from it be directed back into the club through youth development.
  2. I think the club need the season ticket money upfront to find out what the budget for the season will be. The problem with direct debits are that they can be cancelled at any time so would people cancel them if we're playing crap?
  3. If that's the scenario then he gets my support 100%. Nothing worse then going out for a couple pints and some wee ned starts acting the hard man. The worst part is the dab goes running telling tales after JM gets (quite rightly) pissed off and bites back. Suppose he should have left once the baiting started as, in the end, it's not just worth the hassle.
  4. Bringing in Berra, extra cover in fullbacks, more legs in midfield. He done in the transfer window what everyone thought he needed to do so surely he deserves a wee bit of credit for that? Yesterday was all about getting 3 points so job done and who cares about the 1st 30 minutes? If he/team hadn't showed signs of improvement then I'd be agreeing with your view Pete.
  5. Agree with you about keeping Byrne in his own pisition mate. Might be forced to play him further forward though. Only other option is to play Mcgowan further back than last Saturday and playing either Crankshaw or Nelson up with Hemmings. Atm think Cameron would be better coming on late when the game is getting a bit stretched. Same with Robertson atm as well i think.
  6. That's what i think as well. Even a half hearted Kamara would still probably pull out a couple of performances.
  7. That's true mate. It's all guesswork. Easy in hindsight!!
  8. Point is mate it should never have been allowed to get to that stage. Such a poor decision by the club. NM been on record as saying he knew since the first training that Kamara was a class player, so a 3 year deal was clearly what we should have tied him down to. Think what it comes down to is Mcintyre is a f**cking arab prick.
  9. Last season's loan deals were paid for by the money we got for Kamara i think. We should have demanded a decent sell-on or a much bigger transfer fee for Kamara. 50k for our best player since the Bonneti years is an embarrassment.
  10. Seems crazy that Clyde got stopped from entering because Rangers had already qualified. Not that I'm complaining!!
  11. I was expecting much more from Partick as well and unless they improve they'll be going down. Thought they let us bully them first half. We needed that win badly. Hopefully we can back it up instead of taking 1 step forward then 2 steps back. Otherwise I'll agree with your viewpoint Frank.
  12. I'm assuming that your on the wind up saying the effort in the ICT game was the same as Saturday. ICT was the worst performance of the season at Dens where the game was over after 20 mins. The heads went down after that, no-one was looking for the ball and it was torture to watch. What do you think was our best performance of the season? Apart from Alloa away I'm struggling to think of one that came close to Saturday. I don't think Patrick had a single shot on target??
  13. That's not happened a lot over the last few seasons. Maybe Hamilton last season of the top of my head. I just think we've watched some nightmare performances recently that we should enjoy an easy victory. We looked like we were starting to get more confidence and we could hopefully be clicking into gear in time for the playoffs. Another performance like that against Ayr next time at Dens and i think the atmosphere will start to come back.
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