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  1. Just watched the fa cup so must have had him on my mind!! Zurab?
  2. 1 Ivano 2 Arteta 3 Manley 4.? 5 Nemsadze 6 Rav 7 Burchill 8 Rae 9 Lovell 10 Nevado
  3. So we can go to them to support the team. Especially if we've already bought a season ticket.
  4. John Brown What a player for Dundee
  5. Any money towards the Dee is good money for me as well mate. Just don't think it's going to bring in as much money as we would hope for. Don't really know any other ways in which clubs can make any extra income during this period. The compulsory wearing of masks is going to hinder any other fundraising activities in the city. Will people want to risk their lives to go to a fundraiser? It's all f**ked up mate...
  6. Not a hope in hell thousands of people will pay money when it's easier and less hassle to download it and watch it for free. It's like the PPV boxing. Maybe only 1 in 10 who watch it actually pay for it. I'd be amazed if more than a thousand bought it. Better than nothing i suppose!! Can't see many Dundee fans buying it as well as surely season tickets holders will get to watch it for nothing.
  7. I'm more amazed that people still buy these papers. The sport section is just laughable . I'd love John Nelms, or someone else in charge at Dens, to demand a change of direction by DCT and if that doesn't work then put out a official statement to tell us fans that the club feel victimised by the reporting from DCT. Until we do this nothing is going to change.
  8. Been a few games where Dundee fans have had the Shankley. Think FPS plan was to have Dees in the Shankley as well as the Derry and Coxy. Watched them draw 1-1 there against Killie, Partick and Ross County.
  9. Not as worrying as the Dabs though
  10. We don't know if the clubs wanted that to happen as that option wasn't put forward to them. I honestly think the reason we changed our vote was to get loan players from Celtic for the coming season.
  11. Lee Maddison had a decent free kick i thought. Struggling to remember any other free kick experts tbh. Joe mcBride against the Dabs was a cracker.
  12. Siegrist Rooney Berra Mcghee Forrest Butcher Dorrans Clark Mcmillan Shankland Hemmings Subs. Doohan, Mcgowan, Mcdaid, Nisbet, White, Kelly, Dobbie.
  13. Amy Mcdonald used to go out with Steve Lovell so maybe around that time?
  14. Not disputing he's a prick mate but I'm sure he went up and shaked Harkins hand while we were holding up the red cards during the Partick game. Thought that showed a touch of class.
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