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  1. No sure mate. A captain should be someone the other players look up to and respect though and Berra strikes me as someone who is a good professional.
  2. I'd personally give him a 2 year deal unless he was after silly money. Still think he's got a couple years left due to his reading of the game. He seems to be a good influence and if signed should be made captain staight away. Experience is crucial at the back (if the pace is gone). A bit like David Weir was at the end of his career.
  3. I had forgot that Shannon had played for the Dabs so it was a big of a shock to me as well. I remember when we signed Stuart Beedie and the Dundee support were quite hard on him at first but he won them around due to his work rate.
  4. Was there not a Sunday afternoon BBC game against Hibs where we were playing sensational football, particularly Caballero, then the game get called off with the snow??
  5. All good points ED. This is exactly what could happen in the big leagues. Just to make sure they get the TV money. Just don't think the football authorities give a f**k about anything below the main leagues. That's why I think we'll not play until months after the top leagues. It's just my opinion, which changes on a daily basis!!
  6. You could be right HK. I think playing behind closed doors will only happen in the big leagues though. Don't think we'll play in front of fans again until the new season starts, maybe the close season will be played behind closed doors.
  7. I wouldn't class it as a "certainty" that football will be back before the end of summer. Maybe next summer!!! Reduced crowds WILL not work. Say for example that Dundee get to open with a reduced crowd of say 3 thousand. How do they queue up outside, queue for toilets, getting public transport to the games, Playing behind closed doors won't work either. Fans will 100% still turn up at Dens( never mind the thousands of Celtic, Rangers, Liverpool, Man U) to mingle outside the stadium. Even if they did play behind closed doors no extra revenue would be made as they would have to be aired FOC for everyone to stop people from mixing. Plus even if it was only Sky showing them, how do i/us season tickets holders without Sky get to see a game which we have already paid to see? I'll be f**ked if I'm paying again and if i was shafted like that then i would definitely want a refund on my season ticket and doubt i would buy another one again.
  8. I have a bad feeling it's going to be as long as that as well. The delay in getting proper PPE, the earlier tests being faulty, the bad advice from the government at the start, people disregarding social distancing etc etc, has probably put us back months.
  9. Is it not the 1995 game when we destroyed them before the cup final?
  10. Douglas Zurab Smith Wilkie Stewart Nemsadze Harkins Ketsbaia Caballero Sara Caniggia
  11. I reckon all sport and pubs/restaurants will be the last to reopen. The idea of Dens (or and other ground) opening and people sitting apart, social distancing, is a complete non starter imo. It simply can't be done. We'll not start again until all restrictions are lifted.
  12. Listened to Sportsound today and thought the Aberdeen chairman came across pretty badly. According to him, Doncaster phoned him at qtr to 5 saying his vote wasn't needed as they had received enough votes already. He said Aberdeen still hadn't decided if they were voting yes/no. Sounded like he was making it up as he went. Just his tone of voice pissed me off, telling everyone to "listen" all the time.could Still think we should have stuck to the no vote and then all clubs should have pressured the SPFL to pay out on league positions. Just don't think clubs should be relegated because of Coronavirus. How on earth can we try to sort out next season when we still don't know when these restrictions will be lifted? Could be into next year for all we know.
  13. It's because of that tw*t Levein..
  14. Sure Dundee nearly finished above Rangers after Albert Kidd's double against Hearts. Think Rangers won that day also to finish above us.
  15. Personally don't think a 16 team league split into 4 would work. Would a team in 5th place, a couple of goals/points behind, have to give up their chance of winning the title/getting in Europe to play 8 meaningless dead rubbers?
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