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  1. It's very realistic that we have just monumentally hacked off Rangers, Hearts, ICT and Partick Thistle entire fan base. That's not a good place to be. Add to that all the spfl statement says is they are committed to talks, so nothing is gonna happen then. That's a shambles, anyway you cut it.
  2. Have you ever heard of a club that manage to let their own fans down so frequently and in such a wide variety of ways. They better release a statement sharpish.
  3. Mcpake has managed to make us worse from the first derby with a better team. If anyone thinks he's the man for us then I despair
  4. Mcpake on tv before saying it's not a revenge mission. That's plainly obvious cause no one on the pitch gives a flying duck about that
  5. Fas

    Derby Poll

    We've really got to get a result here IMO. Neilson told them to go out and make a statement last time and no doubt they will be buzzing again. Gotta match the intensity. 2-2 unfortunately though
  6. Is there anything a struggling team loves more than Dundee coming calling?
  7. Surely whatever has happened is gonna be on CCTV in a place like the Breas? which case if he's been charged its gotta be for a reason.
  8. If Strachan needs to give mcpake pointers re playing players in their natural positions then clearly management is not for mcpake.
  9. Mcpake is well on his way to costing us the league and its not even September. We'll be out the race before he figures out his best team at this rate. KH and DJ cannot play together, its gotta be 1 of them with Nelson. Mcdaid is due a spell on the bench already as well. Last night was perfect to start a 4 5 1 and he couldn't see that, or didnt want to. Worrying to say the least
  10. What is in our favour is we can't possibly get any worse surely? Surely? The fact we are still in touch with 3 teams seems to be a minor miracle so let's put everything behind us and hope for the best.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if JM says "oh I can't have Dodds, well then I'm off" after getting a peak at that squad. Who could blame him?!
  12. Cobra why do you think that Nelms would speak to the players about sacking McCann? Not having a go just curious. Seems to me that would seriously undermine the manager.
  13. I'm not in Scotland but just going off Facebook groups and my friends then yes he has lost them. We are 4 points behind Livingston with 4 played, that's criminal. Motherwell will bully us and then it's Rangers and Hibs. When do we pull the trigger, 7 played 0 points?
  14. FWIW courier is fairly complementary to us, seems we created a good few chances. I'll wait till the real baw comes out and all that. Also this is a mid table team from a league the DAB wonder kid couldn't get a sniff of a game in mind 😉
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