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    Lifelong Dee fan. First memory, standing in the enclosure where the players come out with my father & brother. Billy Campbell broke his lace on the track & threw it away to me.
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  1. Earlier than that! First couple of minutes you can rest assured we'll get a 'tester' for the ref to make a decision. Nothing to do with Covid, I might add!
  2. He's got to be careful and not get sucked in for the (no doubt) amount of penalty/diving from Roberts!!
  3. Eight players out!? FFS! Thought they'd be desperate to play!!☹
  4. Sorry guys, my error. It was Ness, Byrne and Marsh playing next week, not Alex.
  5. "Ness, Byrne and Alex will play next week." "Mullen is back on the grass" Nothing about Fin.
  6. "Fair enough but you seemed to be implying that after the restart that the ref shouldn't have blown his whistle." No, he should have blown his whistle at the correct time. 6 subs, 30 seconds each, equals 3 minutes. No physio on the park so no time added. Why 3 minutes turns into 6 was waaay beyond the joke. Don't know if you were at the game but it 'appeared' the ref was a tad over generous and once the 'tic had scored it was 'job done' time up.
  7. I'm not Maxwell or Doncaster so what I think matters not a jot. But...I would go revolutionary and have a 'stop clock' that works well at the rugby. Or...the refs apply the correct add on time for subs, physio on etc and not just Fergie/Lennon time.
  8. Beat me to it PB. Don't know where all that 'Celtic time' came from but it just seemed to be keep playing until they score.🤨 ...and funnily enough, we put the ball on the centre spot to restart and seconds later...full time!!
  9. Cheers BCG. Last update I got was Megginson shot saved by Ferrie early doors! 🤔
  10. Jeff Stelling saying he has just scored his 7th consecutive goal for Orient v. Mansfield. 😰 Still getting beat 1-2.
  11. 'Warrior' Never gives up, fights to end, great attitude and Scottish!!
  12. "Something fundamental has to change, and I hope this pandemic and its aftermath will be the catalyst for it." We tried (or Nelms did), we failed, but we did try. If it wasn't for the selfish, self-centred (fu#k you jack I'm alright) attitude of certain Chairmen, Chairwomen, Chief Execs of a great many clubs, we might have got somewhere. However, we are back to being a mickey mouse set up in European football circles, no representatives in the CL, and laughed at by pundits the length & breadth of the country. DDYB.
  13. Quite like the look of that Cobes but I still have a feeling Byrne will do a job for us in midfield, just not sure for who? Oh, and Ashcroft for Forster, initially.
  14. Hmm. I wouldn't think we'd let him walk away if we paid quarter of a mil for his services a year before?
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