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    Lifelong Dee fan. First memory, standing in the enclosure where the players come out with my father & brother. Billy Campbell broke his lace on the track & threw it away to me.
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    DFC. Golf. Winding up Arabs. Travel.

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  1. Budgem

    Hearts V Dundee

    Just had a look at the "recently browsing" under this page. 88 guys looking in.(including me!) See you all on Saturday @ Dens?
  2. Budgem

    Hearts V Dundee

    Well done Cobra. Good work bud.
  3. Budgem

    Hearts V Dundee

    Bite your hand off for a point now.
  4. Budgem

    Hearts V Dundee

    Sorry. Like them both but not good enough I'm afraid.
  5. Budgem

    Hearts V Dundee

    FFS! Was that from Kerrs free kick?
  6. Hibs? How many midfielders do they need? Seems every day Lennon's in for a MF player.
  7. Yes. 2 games in any competition.
  8. Budgem

    Scottish Cup

    Keech Aberdeen or Stenny!
  9. Budgem

    Woods and McGowan

    Appeared to play MF for OFI Crete.
  10. Budgem

    Woods and McGowan

    To make matters worse, a midfielder we let go scored 2 goals for OFI Crete in the Greek Superleague. One Adil Nabi.
  11. Budgem

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    Honestly, ya couldnae make it up!
  12. Budgem

    Andrew Davies - Officially Signs

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! FFS!
  13. Jeebsy off v. Falkirk wtf?
  14. Exactly Cobes! Huge banana skin next week hopefully not!
  15. Budgem

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    I hope to f##k someone is spying on QOS today? Absolutely trouncing league leaders RC at present ffs!!

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