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    Lifelong Dee fan. First memory, standing in the enclosure where the players come out with my father & brother. Billy Campbell broke his lace on the track & threw it away to me.
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  1. "Maybe a little bit too sure of himself, but possibly with good cause. Big talent, big ego." Translated into... "a bit of a billy big baws, cock sure of himself." Dressing room disrupter omitted on this occasion.
  2. AJ Leitch-Smith signs 2 year extension to stay at Morecombe FC.
  3. I assume the coffin delivered to Dens will be returned with greetings attached?
  4. Surprised Darren didn't wrap e's puss! I try not to listen to a non-credible pundit who's obviously miffed about a few things DFC related. Pr#ck.
  5. Reynolds and Connolly. They're certainly great at 'hoofing' the ball forward ffs!! Fu##ing brutal!!
  6. No, WW. Been involved at a few gigs on artificial grass (Falkirk FC being one) and we fit Terraplas, a protective lego brick type surface which saves grass/plastic from damage.
  7. I hear ya WW but a pattern is emerging for 'soft touch' Dundee. Hendry - 'come back up the road to us son & get your career back on track.' Caulker - 'come to us and get your career back on track.' Allan - 'come to us & get your career back on track.' Bain - 'let me go to Septic even though I was binned by the Dons & going nowhere with Alloa.' There are others in previous years but I can't be ar#ed quoting them all and I guess you're right, we are now shopping in the 'stepping stone department store'...unfortunately. Or they wouldnae come.
  8. As I see it too Stampguy. We must stop this 'come to DFC, we are a stepping-stone club, do well, and we won't stand in your way. Just look at Kane Hemmings - who would've thought, a sell on clause ffs!! Boils my piss us getting shafted time after time.☹
  9. Thanks for posting Woodstein. Darren = a class act, both on and off the park. A true professional who will be sorely missed by all at Dundee FC.
  10. Hardly been in the game! Kevin fu##ing Clancy!!
  11. Just watched the St Mirren v. Acceees 2-0 and if we're not careful we will get a right doing on Saturday.
  12. Appears Accies have to do without Mikel Miller and Gogic for remaining game or games. Miller with a dislocated shoulder and Gogic suspended. Not sure I would like a 'weakened' Accies v. the DABS?
  13. Only 20 minutes gone in St Midden v. Acceees and he's missed 2 red cards, umpteen bookings and books Stephen McGinn for taking a boot in the gonads ffs!! Just the usual from this eediot!!
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