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    Lifelong Dee fan. First memory, standing in the enclosure where the players come out with my father & brother. Billy Campbell broke his lace on the track & threw it away to me.
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  1. Don't think big Lee Willie will be too chuffed at this turn of events!! Clusterfu#k!!
  2. Partick games off and Dumbarton.
  3. Scores the winner for Connah's Quay Nomads vs The New Saints in top of the table clash in Welsh Premier last night. 🙄
  4. Got to give them some credit 🤮 Once again not the better team but ground it out. C##ts! ICT will be gutted. Better for most if the game.
  5. Out for a couple of months with a dislocated shoulder thanks to a challenge from Curtis Main. If anyone did not see the challenge, this was bound to happen at some point with this thug (Main) who basically took the the feet, legs and mid rif from Easton in a helicopter type challenge. Main and that other bruiser Bowman have done this for years so no great surprise. I remember NMc going absolutely tonto at the 4th official and ref in our games vs Well...to no avail. 🤨
  6. Huggs, I think your on to something there bud. NM (with a clear 'The Rangers'allegiance) would not, in my opinion, stop any head turning nonsense from the teddy bears and is always quick to talk up what a gem GK is and how HE discovered him wallowing in Arsenal reserves. Think the chat went like this...NM - "Glen, come up the road to us, and I'll get you a move to a bigger club in due course" All, my opinion of course. 😉
  7. Went for Kano. 2 goals, (I think!?) plenty industry, always shows for the ball and never gave their backline a minute.
  8. Went for so so. Filled the positions he needed to bar the striking dept so can't complain really. Would've liked a replacement for Danny but let's hope KH and AN stay fit.
  9. Team announced already? 🤔 Bit early to give jobby McCall the heads up!
  10. So, the 'he's just getting training facilities here...there's no chance he'll sign.' was a load of shoite!? 🤔
  11. Great goal. JMP running back to cover at the end?
  12. I seem to remember a similar situation with a guy from Raith banging them in with regularity (not Nisbet, may be Vaughan?) but now has disappeared, maybe injured. A very cyclical business this striker stuff...sometimes you're hot sometimes not.
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