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  1. Generic0201

    Deadline Day

  2. Generic0201

    Seny Dieng - Officially Signs

    Was talking about in mid December so think it was planned
  3. Generic0201


    How can they steal there own content? The club decided to run it themselves and get the money directly rather than through the society. Nothing worth with what they done
  4. Generic0201


    The club didn’t nick DFCTV
  5. Generic0201

    Seny Dieng - Officially Signs

    Poor comment that. Not the greatest but has potential to be a good keeper
  6. Generic0201

    Seny Dieng - Officially Signs

    Hamiton our for a few months so that explains that signing
  7. Generic0201


    Yeah he isn’t going to Cardiff I was just wondering if there was a process for that situation
  8. Generic0201


    Was more to just clarify the situation. I agree tho
  9. Generic0201


    What would happen if Dundee received a bid from say Cardiff. Accepted it and kamara decided to got there. Would Cardiff have to pay us and rangers. Always wondered
  10. Generic0201

    Deetv Commentary

    Glad it wasn’t me that just thought he was talking rubbish at times. Quality is definitely better than at dens
  11. Generic0201

    Deetv Commentary

    Who are the boys commentating on dee tv?
  12. Generic0201

    Hibs V Dundee

    Didn’t see a point coming after 40 mins so all credit pulling a draw from that game. Just highlights the poor draw at home to st mirren. Anyway time to kick on. Certainly no over this season gonna be a long haul tho.
  13. Generic0201


    Thought the same about o’dea
  14. Generic0201

    The Game In The States

    Celtic would fill a stadium over there.
  15. Generic0201

    The Game In The States

    Decent deal the Girona fans were getting out of it too 1500 free travel. 5000 tickets and 25% of season tickets back. Would have been a cracking deal for Dundee fans plus a cracking trip to the us of a to follow dundee. Missed the boat on this one
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