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  1. Gedee

    • Gedee
    • JoeCovenant

    'Morn Joe ....  I hope your guid self, wife and family are all well. And all is OK with yourself and TDB'S

                          Appreciate it's none of my business & you're maybe just having a wee break fae the forum.

                          But I really miss your range o' varied posts. Be it, updates, insights, humour, & at times out-

                          spokeness. Plus, maybe more recently, your personal forum support for me, when a post o'

                           mine seemed to provoke arguably, an over-reaction (and a bit o' a dig at myself) The main

                           thing (imo) for awebody is their & family & freends health. Hope you are fit in body & mind.

                           You tak Care Joe. Dinnae be working too hard. Be kind tae yirsel & family, Regards, Gerald


  2. JoeCovenant

    Paul Hartley

    That's it in a nutshell Boba.. " Is PH doing an amazing job at Dens right now? No, he's not. Is he doing as badly and leading us to the impending doom some Dundee fans would have you believe he is? No, he's not. " Certainly makes for some interesting "debate".
  3. JoeCovenant

    Paul Hartley

    Sorry Rev, gonna have to call you on that one. Where exactly have you ever seen Gedee say he wants Hartley sacked?
  4. JoeCovenant

    Paul Hartley

    Fixed that for you. sigh.
  5. JoeCovenant

    Welcome AWG86

    Hey! Where's my "Welcome" Emoji!?!?!?!?!
  6. JoeCovenant

    Dutch Trialist

    Hmm.... "transfer in the making..." that says!
  7. JoeCovenant

    The Crowd Yesterday

    There were at least three pitchside mics in front of the main stand.
  8. JoeCovenant

    The Crowd Yesterday

    I don't know if there is an *official* word on that, but it's generally believed that they do... because the ticket is already sold.
  9. JoeCovenant

    Rate The Ref: Steven Mclean

    I couldn't tell who it was, but yeah, I cannot believe the ref missed one of our guys with his shirt hauled RIGHT up his back... Two stonewall penaltys.
  10. JoeCovenant

    Aberdeen Game

    Except.. it was.
  11. Maybe it suggests that they are coming around to agree with them...? That's what ongoing debate and circumstance can do... alter opinions. Sniping at people who may have been more optimistic than others, but are now finding things difficult to be wholey positive about out situation, might come across as a bit "Nah nah nah nah naaah naaaah!!!, don't you think?
  12. So what might that suggest to you...?
  13. If we hit the bottom of the league, I think that question will be seriously asked of Nelms..
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