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  1. kenmcblue

    Declan McDaid - Officially Signs

    Good Age and Hopefully Hungry. Would be great to see worn patches on the wings at Dens this season.
  2. kenmcblue


    Happy to have J&J in charge. Looking forward to seeing who they sign up. Will be hoping for another Firkin Brewery season However am realistically prepared to rough out the next 2 seasons come what may. But Will not start Rhumba-ing until the Team kick off for real in the League Cup and we see what The Mighty are all about. 1TID
  3. If James McPake was appointed as manager how long are we prepared to give him to win promotion ? 1 Season 2 Seasons 3 Seasons ? Surely he would need to be allowed at least 2 ... if not then he should remain as a coach and keep learning what he can from each manager that comes in until we are prepared to give him that Time. I’m sure his adrenaline levels must be surging after this last week in charge but we have to be careful with one of our main assets.
  4. kenmcblue

    The Manager

    The Hardest league in Scotland is waiting on the Softest team joining it. We are perennially poor travelers and face trips to teams that will thrash anything that is not organised and playing to a plan. Alloa and Arbroath included. JM has shown no sign of being able to do those basic things. He should have been able to simplify his ideas to accommodate what he had to work with regardless of how good he thought they actually were. We need to assemble a complete new starting 11 imo, fit and hungry and capabIe of playing 30+ league games a season ( and only Cowboy McCormack has managed that in my time ! ) I have zero confidence in any players that are still under contract meeting that criteria. Having a healthy budget with top wages for the Championship won’t necessarily be a huge plus, it should help us afford a GGH or LG ( if you can even still get that level of quality to play there ) but we can’t Buy our way out of that league, you also need to work your arses off and have a manager / coach that has the brains to pull it all together. The mess we’re in at the moment I would accept 8th in the Championship next season. Obviously we are hoping for much better, but the odds are stacked against us.
  5. kenmcblue

    Dundee V Hamilton

    Half Time Where is the effort required to get 3 points ? They are the Worst Dundee ‘collection’ I’ve ever seen.
  6. kenmcblue

    Happy 3rd Dooniversary

    Full Time 2-1 ECSTASY
  7. kenmcblue

    Happy 3rd Dooniversary

    92 mins 16 seconds WIGHTON
  8. kenmcblue

    Happy 3rd Dooniversary

    76 mins GADZ
  9. kenmcblue

    Happy 3rd Dooniversary

    53 mins 1-0 Them .....
  10. kenmcblue

    Happy 3rd Dooniversary

    Half Time 0-0 Nick Ross like Messi, GGH sublime What a fekkin Team
  11. The Dark Blue World may be on the verge of it’s latest implosion ( what’s new ! ) but I’m not letting that magnificent DOON day pass by without a wee salute and a Smile Time for a beer and another viewing of THE DABslayers
  12. kenmcblue

    St Mirren V Dundee

    Hopefully the 2nd half .... hold the video to catch up to live point in match
  13. kenmcblue

    St Mirren V Dundee

    Here We Go !
  14. kenmcblue

    St Mirren V Dundee

    If we can get 45 mins out of Nelson ... Yes
  15. kenmcblue

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    FPS had a huge opportunity to really win the hearts and minds of All Dees ( wether currently in DFCSS or not ) with a friendlier offer and T.E.A.M. approach Simplified too ... Dear Friends and fellow supporters as you are aware we need to work together to move all Our plans for DFC forward. We are therefore initially offering £20,000 for the £140,000 of ordinary shares Dundee supporters purchased to save Our club and in five years time will commit to repay annually the remaining balance of £120,000 at £10,000 per annum in respect of that great effort. .... thinking, if a new stadium is going to happen surely 5 years is a workable timeframe and 10k will be a small amount in the income generated from it. FPS would generate massive goodwill with all the supporters and a sense of re engagement with us while avoiding an unnecessary aggressive, you and us, feel to proceedings. Also the society would be more comfortable reinvesting some or all of the 10k annually back to the benefit of the club. Again I appreciate this is very simplified approach but feel FPS just needed to ca canny. Our Football team is just not your average everyday business.
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