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  1. Hi. CroydonDee.

    Thanks for the thumbs up. Any idea what Julian is doing since being released by Palace. What a great night for Julian’s testimonial.


    All the best for the rest of the season and beyond.


    1. CroydonDee


      Hi Neil,

      Apologies I hadn't seen this before now. I'm not sure what Julian is up to these days, especially with the current pandemic. I'd imagine Palace would want to keep him in a coaching capacity of some sort. But I know he has a good few properties in South London, much like Zaha. So I don't think he'll be desperate for money any time soon 🤣

      The testimonial was brilliant, me and a mate travelled down from Dundee on the Virgin East Coast (I was studying there, but born in Croydon) and subsequently met up with other family who had travelled, as well as my Dad and mates who reside in Croydon. It will live long in the memory as a Dee, despite, on paper, the game meaning nothing! 

  2. 1. Pat Clarke 2. David Witteveen 3. Jake Hyde 4. Declan Gallagher 5. Iain Davidson 6. Alex Harris 7. would have gone for Holt too, but seen it’s not correct. 8. Nicky Low 9. Jack Hendry 10. Andrew Nelson
  3. Looking back at the highlights, I suspect they were referring to unnecessary holding, as the ball from the set piece wasn't getting near the ICT player that Julen was holding!
  4. I certainly hope so Geedee - would be nice to stop these bigger clubs poaching youths without much fight!! But as we know too well, money talks...and a 5/6 figure sum for an 18 year old with no first team games could be too hard to turn down (if rumours are true) for our BOD! Flip side, glad to see that our youths are interesting clubs and are of a decent standard to attract such press!
  5. Not the first time youth players move from 'small' clubs to 'big' clubs without anyone really knowing about it. Arabs sold a youth (16 y/o) boy in the summer to Southampton for a hundred grand without much press around it.
  6. Not sure - I take a relatively keen interest in our youths but must admit its the first I've heard of him! Read somewhere we picked him up from Portsmouth this summer on a 2 year apprenticeship.
  7. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/west-ham-keeping-tabs-dundee-9297369 From the (brief) article: West Ham United and Derby County in battle to sign Dundee midfielder James Cowan in January West Ham United and Derby County have both sent scouts up to Dundee in recent weeks. According to a further report in the Daily Mail, West Ham and Derby County are both interested in signing Dundee prospect James Cowan. "Cowan has caught the eye with his performances in Dundee’s under-21 side this season. The midfielder appears to be a
  8. Funny that, was in the shop to renew mine the other month and didnt have "documentation" but had my ID with Expiry Date as 2018 and said it wasn't proof!
  9. Came across that this season and last year, requiring it to be signed by a member of a Uni! As it's Summer when STs go on sale, there's no staff in Uni to sign it and they dont accept a Student ID as proof to buy a ST. Very odd when they then ask for the Student ID when using the ST to get into the stand. Ways round that tho
  10. Think if you do away with student tickets, you've got to keep the age to 25. Plenty of students start uni at 17/18 (fresh out of school) and at a 4 year course would leave them 22 to finish, let alone the numerous students that start later due to gap years. Architecture & Medical students at 6 years would be 24. Not to mention Masters and PhD students. I'm very glad Dundee include Students in their pricing structure as not many other teams do, and Dundee is a big student city
  11. As a student whose had a season ticket for 4 years on the bounce while studying here, can say i've found them good value!
  12. Was nice to see the players around Yordi (in particular Stewart, who did it a few times) encouraging him and giving him pats on the back for his play, only gonna do the boy good
  13. I guess you must have been shocked to see him play, let alone a hat-trick DD
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