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  1. Harold Finch

    I Hate the Winter Break.

    Islay was talking to a man about growing grass.............I wont say any more...............I'm not a grass
  2. Harold Finch

    I Hate the Winter Break.

    Would make more sense if it was when the weather was coldest................fact
  3. It will be more of an upset if we win against an inform Queens and freescoring Dobbie
  4. The Blues Brothers.....JM getting the band back together
  5. Outrageous that EPL clubs are charging up to £700 for kids to be mascots, can't get my head around that. Even Swansea are charging up to £478........£478 to be a mascot at Swansea in The Championship. Good on the clubs that are still doing it for free https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-46526716
  6. Harold Finch

    Charlie Adam

    Thomas Gravesen made a lot of money after football investing in property and businesses, reported to be over £80million, mind you I don't think flats on Dens Road would make CA £80million https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2516892/Thomas-Gravesen-moves-Las-Vegas-girlfriend-Kamila-Persse-worth-80m.html Apologies for the Daily Mail link
  7. Should the club be offering a bonus for staying up? If so should it be offered to the whole squad, we need everyone pulling together to get us out of this mess? New siginings only as an extra incentive to join us? The board should not offer any bonus at all, the current players got us into this mess and don't deserve a bonus, new signings will most likely only be here short term and will take enough money out the club in wages? If the cost of relegation is say £1million, how would the fans feel about a £1m bonus being split amongst the players?
  8. Waiting for the post that says Snow Patrol can play a gig at Dens to pay Charlie's wages
  9. Harold Finch

    Craig Curran

    I hope that isn't David Goodwillie, going by the links to Ex Dabs and County players he fits the bill.
  10. A Message To You Rudy..........C'mon play for The Dees Rudy the new Berbatov
  11. Harold Finch

    And Another 3 Can Leave

    This will be the same Spence that played on with a head injury against Motherwell when McCann allegedly sent him back on JM can question Spence's ability, football knowledge, but he can't question his commitment or accuse him of feigning injury to get subbed off
  12. Harold Finch

    McCann's Signings

    It's funny seeing Kenny Miller as everyone's (so far) No1 signing given the uproar on here when we signed him, very few Dees wanted the 38 year old has been anywhere near Dens Surprised to see Kusunga rated so highly As honking as Moussa has been he's not in most people's bottom five For me Mendy has been the worst signing, he was McCann's Yordi /Carlo Monti We reportedly got good money for Hendry who is wasting his talent in the Celtic reserves (as is Bain) could have had good money for Kamara and Caulker, K Miller has shown what he can do with the right service , Scott Allan should have been a good signing but never showed anything other than disinterest during his time here 5 or 6 decent signings out of 25, how does that compare to recent past managers? What would you say is an acceptable success rate as a manager?
  13. Harold Finch


    When I saw the thread title I thought it was going to be "Guess the next home crowd at Tannadice"
  14. Harold Finch

    Nelms/McCann or Gardiner/Brown

    Hi Islay Who would you say has done the better job? Promoted under Gardiner Kept in the top league under Nelms
  15. Which pairing has had the most negative posts on here? Scot "One T" Gardiner and John "He's a Hun" Brown or John "Big Wage American" Nelms and Neil "No Square Goes" McCann

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