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  1. Harold Finch

    STV 'NEWS'-Unbelievable

    A Poundland Paddy chases a Steward to get his flag back, a total non story Here's how the paranoid ones reported it, never seen Stewards described as The Security Forces before https://www.indycelts.com/videos-inside-police-brutality-tricolour-stolen-fans-evicted-same-old-anti-irish-racism/?fbclid=IwAR0UwZyGLf4DRr07jEvx8kTzAs0Yrf4cTUZZ-_jztrwlZ9yovGR1szd5Apw
  2. Harold Finch

    1977-78 Bobby Glennie Remembers

    I still have my Christmas Card from Bobby Glennie from back in the days of The Dundee Shop in The Keiller Centre, there might be a framed photo too. Probably my first Dundee hero...........would still be starstruck if I met him today
  3. Harold Finch

    Thoughts On Dundee's Cammy Kerr?

    I would say that Cammy Kerr is one of the better right backs in the bottom six, he's the sort of player St Johnstone would get for free and he would be there for years performing week in week out, nothing spectacular but on the teamsheet every week. When you look at the money we spend on bringing in players that dont perform before giving them more money as a pay off, giving Kerr, a player whose performances lead to him becoming club captain another contract looks like money well spent. Make him feel wanted, give him a bit of confidence and get him back to performing how he was before the confidence was knocked out of him.
  4. Harold Finch

    View From My Front Window

    I remember your discussion about the "Islay Gin" with the spirit being brought up from England
  5. Harold Finch

    View From My Front Window

    What's your thoughts on the Ardnahoe Distillery, Islay? Let's hope they don't resort to making English spirit and selling it off as authentic Islay produce
  6. You wrongly accuse McCann of trying to kill our club whilst justifying Dodds chosing to vote against the CVA that saved our club. I'm sure Billy Boy had his Rangers millions to help with the bills Back on topic McCann should feel a level of responsibility to the club and the players if he was the one that signed them
  7. Rodgers signed Hendry, Gerrard signed Kamara, obviously neither know about football The other players have all been signed by clubs before Dundee where managers have saw potential, they will sign for clubs after Dundee
  8. As a player first time around McCann did well for the club, he came back and played for us in our hour of need, he stepped up and kept us up when we were managerless. As a permnament manager he initially did well for the club but he couldn't rebuild a squad and signed the wrong type of player we need for a relegation battle. McCann has done many things for Dundee but he hasn't tried to kill the club, look Dodds, Chisholm's and many other's way for people that have almost killed our club. McCann's problem was that he thought he could do a job for a club he cared for and obviously he couldn't.
  9. Harold Finch

    I Hate the Winter Break.

    Islay was talking to a man about growing grass.............I wont say any more...............I'm not a grass
  10. Harold Finch

    I Hate the Winter Break.

    Would make more sense if it was when the weather was coldest................fact
  11. It will be more of an upset if we win against an inform Queens and freescoring Dobbie
  12. The Blues Brothers.....JM getting the band back together
  13. Outrageous that EPL clubs are charging up to £700 for kids to be mascots, can't get my head around that. Even Swansea are charging up to £478........£478 to be a mascot at Swansea in The Championship. Good on the clubs that are still doing it for free https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-46526716
  14. Harold Finch

    Charlie Adam

    Thomas Gravesen made a lot of money after football investing in property and businesses, reported to be over £80million, mind you I don't think flats on Dens Road would make CA £80million https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2516892/Thomas-Gravesen-moves-Las-Vegas-girlfriend-Kamila-Persse-worth-80m.html Apologies for the Daily Mail link
  15. Should the club be offering a bonus for staying up? If so should it be offered to the whole squad, we need everyone pulling together to get us out of this mess? New siginings only as an extra incentive to join us? The board should not offer any bonus at all, the current players got us into this mess and don't deserve a bonus, new signings will most likely only be here short term and will take enough money out the club in wages? If the cost of relegation is say £1million, how would the fans feel about a £1m bonus being split amongst the players?

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