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  1. Hamilton with a settled back four in front of him, a back four that play the ball forward and not amongst themselves then back to the keeper when they're under pressure. Whoever the keepeer, the thought of us having defenders in the penalty box waiting for the ball to be rolled out to them at goal kicks fills me with dread.
  2. If Rangers are top of the league on Sunday night will send the players out to party together, make sure it's reported in the papers............. Nicola Sturgeon gives Scottish football her promised red card........... going by how last season finished will this mean that Rangers are champions and stopped 10 in a row? Conspiracy Theory Central
  3. I can still collect from Southside Dee if required.
  4. I asked Marcus if he was still listening to Oasis songs......he said.......
  5. An email from Dens that went to the spam folder............where have I heard that before???
  6. Let CW use our facilities and train with us to keep himself fit, we've done that for other players with np links to the club. JMP can have a look at him and see if he's worth a deal. I'm hoping CW has learnt a lot from his time at Hearts, training, he should have picked up a lot from training with Steven Naismith on how to play the game. Maybe he could combine both their games.
  7. I'm hoping Mullen and Alex have the same sort of understanding Hemmings and Stewart had when they arrived at Dens
  8. I want to wish Hemmings well but I can't bring myself to do it.........it feels like wishing your ex all the best with her new man
  9. As much as I wanted him to stay and score 20 goals for us next season, the reality is that Kane is lower league journeyman that will make a lot of money through signing on fees. Let's get behind the players that are here and move on with life after Hemmings........again
  10. Plenty time for Hearts to pick up a few pre season injuries With a small squad we have to be smart in everything we do from training to in game management. I would rather we have a smart team that knew when to commit a foul, when to slow the game down, when to put it in Row Z, when to take the ball into the corner than have a team that can run around for 90 minutes. Give me commitment and a football brain over a team of runners any day.
  11. My laptop should have a built in breathalyser I was telling the other half about this thread and she said...........did you tell them about the kayak? I forgot all about that one
  12. Drunk buys include a top hat, a gas mask, box of driftwood, a cowbell, season ticket for this season.......there's probably more stuff that I cant remember
  13. I'll be working in Glasgow at some point next week and can pick them up to save anybody paying postage
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