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  1. As much as I want us to be Dundee FC playing in the darkest blue and white at Dens Park, I understand that a successful link up with a major sponsor would soon see people accept a name and badge change in the pursuit of success. I have to admit that as much as I would enjoy the new Dundee's success it wouldn't feel like my Dundee or the real Dundee. I may be old fashioned but the shirt sponsor on the back of the shirt annoys the life out of me......I keep expecting Sky Sports to tell us Scott Fyffe has scored for Dundee, it should be name and number........I'm just getting over shirts not being numbered 1 - 11 Maybe a suitable sponsor would be Dunkin Donuts.....I can hear Dougie Donnelly now.......it's over to the donuts at Dens Park
  2. I should have been riding in The Tour de Forth tomorrow but it will be a 35 - 40 mile ride out and about instead
  3. 4 Ravanelli with his treble at Clyde
  4. I had a Specialized Allez 😎 it was a great bike A couple of bottle cages for drinks, a saddlebag for some spares, a decent pair of bib shorts to protect the undercarraige and you're sorted Sign up to Strava and get some miles in An easy bike fit to make sure your seat is at the right height is to put your heel on the pedal when it's at the bottom (six o clock position) this will save you some knee pain or back pain
  5. Pageaud Sancho Coyne Zhyi Kamara Ketsbaia Vrto Adamczuk Artero Ravanelli CC33 Had to edit as I only had 10 players
  6. Half a season at Dens with a few dodgy goals and he'll be the Hungarian Hamilton.....on the other hand he might produce a couple of decent saves (none of them penalties) fall out with the boss and the fans and he'll be the Budapest Bain
  7. Graham Harvey is a postie
  8. I prefer the shield, maybe it's the retro feel to it or the simplicity of it but I feel it suits our darkest blue and whitest white strips The badge looks better with the strips that have a red trim I would be open to us having a new badge...........just don't let Mr Nelms design it
  9. Hi Billy Sign into Amazon Google......Amazon Smile.....click on the first link Search for.......Dundee Football Club In The Community Trust .......select as charity (ignore the Arab one below) Return to Amazon and below the search bar you will see........Supporting Dundee Football Club In The Community Trust Hope this helps
  10. I can see a TDB group ride to Hampeden happening in August............to tell them to stick their dodgy plans for next season https://www.decathlon.co.uk/C-359113-road-bikes Decent value if you're not worried about a big brand name My road bike is dark blue...........couldn't bring myself to buy an orange or green bike
  11. I would go for a road bike, if you buy a hybrid you will see roadies going past you and making it look easy and you'll end up buying a road bike too I have had Trek, Speialized, Boardman and Triban (Decathlon own brand) bikes and it's just what feels right for you and your budget. Post up a few links of bikes you're looking at if you can
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