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  1. We don't need John Nelms or the board's permission to support the club, we can still support the club through sponsorship, hospitality and advertising if we raise enough money to do so. I want us to support the club in the best way possible and promote our forum at the same time, if we can find a way of doing that and giving something back to the forum members that contribute then I am all for it. We have had many ideas over the last few years, some of them are pie in the sky but well meant, others might be workable. We are not asking for a seat at the top table or wanting to decide how the money is spent, but the club should show some appreciation of the efforts going into improving our club. As a forum could we agree on how any funds raised would be spent? Let's see what we can achieve and work towards it.
  2. If we were to raise appx £25k per year what type of investment would benefit the club the most? We could buy pitchside advertising, sponsor the whole of the first team squad third kit jerseys, sponsor academy/youth players, have a season long TDB table in hospitality, there will be loads more we could do with that level of commitment. Given the recent unrest on the forum with arab infiltration we would have to get the buy in from forum members paying at least quarterly in advance so the finances are still there even if the meber leaves the forum. Lots to think about if we are serious about it..
  3. With all the Watt to sign for us talk I thought he was training at Dens and was ready to sign on the dotted line........my mistake
  4. I have to admit that when we signed him I was asking Ross who??? After seeing him play I thought he would be the January signing that would bring the most to the team. I get the feeling that now he has seen first team action at Dens he will do everything he can to aid his recovery and be fighting for a place in the team before the end of the season. If he is out until next season I hope both Dundee and The Saints look after him, it's a long road back and he will need all the support he can get. I would rather have Ross using our facilities to get back to fitness than guys like Tony Watt that used us and strung us along until he got his move to Motherwell.
  5. We don't score enough goals to go on a winning run, Berra coming in will probably see us draw a few more games 0-0 or 1-1. Finish the season in 3rd place due to Ayr and Arbroath falling away later in the season Absolutely dreading the last derby of the season and whatever the United fans organise for it, it's going to be like a cup final for them, no doubt they'll want to fill three sides of Dens with women wearing shed shades and kids wearing Shankland shirts before he's sold. Hooly will be lorded around Dundee like some sort of celebrity.......I just hope when Sky Sports interview him the translator doesn't have a clue what "Eh a copule o seasons ago I wiz greetin ken but championny FTD" means and looks to the camera and tells the world.....A couple of seasons ago he was crying when Ken give him an STD......Sky Sports News, live from Dens Park
  6. So let's get this right......an arab gets offended at a Dee calling him a fairy and the Dee is now heading to the courts...............if Davie Narey was easily offended he could have filled Perth and Barlinnie with Dees
  7. I can't see anything there that would make Nelms want to give him the gig
  8. I can see two scenarios if McPake is found guilty 1) The club make a public statement backing him and send him to do some diversity awareness training 2) The club suspend him, put Strachan and Berra in charge until the end of the season then make Berra manager in the summer
  9. With one day of the transfer window to go Ross Callachan might be our most important signing so far, after a couple of games it looks like he will do for us what Callum Butcher does over the road. I'm hoping that he will add a nasty streak to our midfield (at last a midfielder that won't be bullied) he can protect our back four by sitting in there and cutting out through balls, let him win the ball and get it to Dorrans and the wide players to create chances. For years we have complained about other teams and their dirty bassas, guys like Dougie Imrie, Butcher and others, we might just have found one of our own.
  10. First time I read this I thought it Mcpake was away and it was cash for Gordon Strachan to spend.....duh
  11. Am I the only one getting the fear about how we are going to afford a squad with Hamilton, Dorrans, Hemmings, Byrne, Ness, Berra, Wallace, Watt in it? It all feels like one last roll of the dice. The chances are that we will be in the play offs at the end of the season, but what if we don't go up? Will we be left in the Championship for another season with debts from this season and still paying big wages next season on a reduced income from lower season ticket sales and no parachute payment. Like most Dees I have worries over our league position, Nelms and his capabilities, the Campy project and what it all means for our future. (I won't comment on McPake as there are pages elsewhere about him) Let's hope the failure of the five year plan and Campy doesn't lead to Tim Keyes losing interest in Dundee but what happens next if he does? Apologies for such a negative and possibly scaremongering post
  12. I would rather he changed his style on the park. Changing how he manages players in the dressing room is not a good sign, maybe instead of kicking their arses he needs to listen to them and play to their strengths, the strengths he seen in them when he signed them. If you asked most people the worst habit of the worst manager they have worked for most of them will say that the manager didn't listen to them and they couldn't talk to them for fear of getting an a**e kicking.
  13. It will still be McPake's job to motivate him and get goals out of him.
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