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  1. Harold Finch

    Re Scott Bain's Fallout At Dens....

    I wouldn't rate Bain in Dundee's top five goalkeepers, yet there he is collecting medals and caps, it's another reflection on how poor standards are in Scotland compared to years gone by.
  2. Harold Finch

    Re Scott Bain's Fallout At Dens....

    A better than average keeper that is protected by the best defence in the league, was found out in Kazakhstan when having an average Scotland defence in front of him. I don't imagine it's too difficult for a keeper to keep a clean sheet at Celtic when you're facing 5 shots on target most weeks.
  3. Harold Finch

    Next Seasons Pricing

    Does anyone have a breakdown of our Season Ticket sales? I would be interested to see how many full price tickets we sold. We give away U12 tickets at £1 per season, that's less than 6 pence per game (based on 18 games). I'm in favour of reduced pricing for kids, but I think 6p a game is going too far. U18 tickets are subsidised, OAP tickets are subsidised. Everyone seems to get a cut price season ticket apart from your average 19 - 64 year old fan, many of whom are either out of work or on a low income, in my opinion this is the age group where we are losing the most fans, tickets are too expensive and we must do something to bring them back to Dens. I said it before (I know it's not a popular view) cut the level of subsidy for other tickets and make an adult ticket more affordable.
  4. Harold Finch

    We Must Improve Dens Atmosphere

    What song should the teams come out to? Should we stick with Hector Nicol (traditional and dreary) Johnny Scobie (still a Dunde song) or should we adopt a song to make our own? (definitely not Beautiful Sunday) The atmosphere should ramp up as the players line up and we get ready for kick off, what songs could help with that?
  5. Harold Finch

    We Must Improve Dens Atmosphere

    I'm sure Jimmy Nicholl knows a few songs that will get The Derry bouncing
  6. Harold Finch


    McPake is saying all the right things, we need to support his vision on how things develop at Dens. Let's use the league cup group stage to find our strongest team then concentrate on the league.
  7. Harold Finch


    A classy centre half whose career was cut short by injury that goes on to be Dundee manager...........anyone else thinking Jim Duffy.........2 cup finals please Jazza .........let's hope to f*ck it's not 2 relegations
  8. Harold Finch

    Next Seasons Pricing

    Surely the club can use some of the parachute payment to offset a reduction in the cost of a season ticket, this is our only season with the payment, use it to get Dens at least half full and get some atmosphere back into the ground. If the club weren't willing to subsidise the adult tickets they should have had a rethink on the U18 and U12 tickets and used the extra income from these to reduce the cost of adult ST, an U18 ST at £180 (half the price of an adult ST) is still good value at £10 per game and an U12 ST is good value at £50, less than £3 per game.
  9. Harold Finch

    Poor Managers.

    Was listening to Paddy McCourt and Stephen Frail on Off The Ball on Saturday, they were saying how dribbling is being coached out of the youth game, at pro youth level they are taught to pass, pass, pass, collect the ball, head up, pass and move. The word they used for it was "sterile" no room for character, ability to take on players, just follow instructions.
  10. Harold Finch

    Latest Crisis To Hit Mv Hebridean Isles Car Ferry

    BBC promoting the friendly island of Islay listen in from 36 minutes or so A slow and relaxing pace of life on the island my favourite quote...............nobody leaves Islay stressed https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0005dd7
  11. Harold Finch

    The Play-offs

    Had to laugh at the Arab Keeper having penalty notes on his water bottle.............then not saving any
  12. Harold Finch

    Poor Managers.

    The love for Steve Clarke puzzles me, Bobby Williamson won the Scottish Cup with Killie and qualified for Europe more than once, but I don't remember a love in for him. Sacked by West Brom and Reading, out of football for a year before coming to Scotland and having a good year with Kilmarnock, Clarke has been smart in taking the national job rather than trying to prove himself in England. Having said all of that I do believe he is a good coach and assistant manager. Managers like Stein, Shankly, McLean were successful before Bosman and agents. They were men that managed players in a way that wouldn't be acceptable these days where players and agents dictate to clubs.
  13. Harold Finch

    The Play-offs

    United missing more pens than Ladbrokes
  14. Harold Finch

    The Play-offs

    Had a look on DabMad.............Gunboat is raging.......FACT
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