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  1. Remember Jim Steele grabbing the ball out the net when we scored our third, he ran back up the park with it before placing it on the centre spot, best ever game at Dens for me.
  2. The gift that keeps on giving, both the SFA and the SPFL are corrupt and incompetent, the timing of this is incredible, has it just come to the SFA's attention? The SFA oversee the game in Scotland. For this sorry mess to have come this far before they choose to intervene is stunningly inept.. I hope this sees the current ruling structures implode.
  3. Given the way second wave outbreaks of the virus are popping up in countries all over the world I think this is an attempt to minimise infection numbers. The science behind wearing a mask is debateable but if a second wave does strike then scientists and governments will be seen as at least trying to mitigate it with these measures.
  4. Dundee had every right to change there vote, the reasons behind how we chose to vote are private unless we choose to divulge them. We have no obligation to explain to anyone how we came to the decisions we did. I wish we had stuck to our original vote but the idea we have to justify anything in a democratic voting prcess is nonsense.
  5. That;s 14 out of 6 million, we were 6 put of 5 million so not over cautious.
  6. What did you want Sturgeon to tell the police? Arrest everyone? Either she says to keep the crowd in check without arresting people or she tells the polce to arrest and charge everyone, I would say she made the correct decision.
  7. If this goes ahead the provincial teams will have no chance of holding on to any promising youth players, the Old Firm will hoover up anyone who shows any promise, the gap will become a chasm, the chance of teams bringing through players then selling them on will be gone. What possible benefit is there for teams at championship and premier level? Any thought that Sevco are doing this other than it benefits them and their ugly sister is madness.
  8. The only effective way to ensure absolute safety is a vaccine, given that there is no vaccine for previous strains of coronavirus, including the common cold, I am sceptical that one will be rolled out anytime soon. The yearly Flu vaccine sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't, viruses mutate and it may be that we never come up with a vaccine, mutatations may also mean we never develop long term immunity even if we have had Covid 19. We are still learning but if the above is true then what do we do? We can't ask the elderley to stay locked away forever, people need to get back to work, kids back to school, life has to go on, lockdown is unsustainable. At some point it will be up to the individual to risk assess for themselves, they will have to decide whether to attend events, or venues, where people will be within 2 metres of each other, governments can't impose the current restrictions long term, people will revolt as being seen in the States and increasingly here. Current restrictions on large gatherings and social distancing have slowed down transmission rates but they are not the solution, the loss of businesses, including football clubs, may prove to be a price not worth paying.
  9. Sorry but this is semantics, nobody thought but they were hoping? Playing with words So do you think or hope that the fat lady will sing?
  10. Aberdeen are going to vote for an inquiry.
  11. I get what you are saying but the alternative is no inquiry in which case nothing changes, we shrug our shoulders and accept all the crap that has gone on. There needs to be answers and the only route available is the inquiry Sevco are willing to pay for, not ideal but what other option is there?
  12. The vote for an independent review of the SPFL,s actions is on Tuesday, how do you want Dundee to vote? Granted Sevco did not have the proverbial "smoking gun" but there are so many instances of clubs being put under pressure and conflicting stories that I hope we vote for an inquiry, if clubs don't stand up and be counted this crap will just go on and on.
  13. In the end changing our vote has brought us nothing but abuse, ridicule and ill feeling. Trying to do the right thing amongst the self interest and greed of Scottish football was, at best, naive and foolish. The setup in Scotland is corrupt, people rightly talk about the "old firm"but for me Aberdeen are as bad if not worse, it was they who vetoed any hopes of a more democratic voting system and they continue to act not only in self interest but also to the detriment of others. I would have expected that, given John Nelms has been here for a while, he would have by now realised the futility of his actions. We voted No, we should have stuck with that.
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