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  1. Great action in front of a 21,000 crowd! Hardly a sideways or backwards pass in the game. Every player just seemed to want to head for goal. Compare that to the shecht we've to put up with these days!
  2. Den Spark

    Andy Dales - Officially Signs

    Terrific young player. We'll be hearing and seeing a lot more of him in the near future.
  3. Although I've never had to do it, being employed by the same firm for 40 years, I imagine you wouldn't be making it common knowledge that you're off for a medical with another firm? Odd that football appears to be different.
  4. Actually, no, I haven't.
  5. How on earth is it possible for one of OUR players to go to another club for a medical. Cheek of the highest order! That's not on unless we've given permission and they're paying a fee to sign him.
  6. Can we not change the title of this thread to 'Best Of A Bad Bunch Against St Johnstone'?
  7. Den Spark

    Match Aftermath: Aberdeen 5 - 1 Dundee

    Bjs is right. How come Woods has become our principal set piece taker? Not usual for someone just in the door to take over set piece duties unless he's got a reputation for doing so. Haven't seen a single free kick or corner from him that's remotely tested the opposition defence.
  8. Den Spark

    Reserves V QOS

    Comfortable 4-0 win for the reserves yesterday with Queens goalkeeper gifting us two howlers in the opening minutes. Eased off in the second half but Sam Jackson didn't have much to do. Goals from Elton, Cedwyn, Nathan Mears and Moussa. Been reading on other topics about who we should be clearing out in January and it seems to be a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'. Kharl and Elton have been on some lists but they look decent players, albeit it was a reserve game, but don't write them off too soon. They are both fairly skillful and could still have a part to play.
  9. Den Spark

    Steve Martin Gone?

    Steve Martin may be gone, but the hoses are still there! Get Islay on the case.
  10. Den Spark

    Jim McIntyre's Turnround In Dee's Results

    On Woods, appreciate that he's played reasonably well, but why has he suddenly become our principal dead ball taker? He takes every corner/free kick and none of them ever come to anything. Unusual for a new guy to come into a side and take over free kick duties unless he's got a reputation for banging them in. And what's with all the outswinging corners? Rangers were far more dangerous with the inswingers.
  11. Den Spark

    Dundee V Hamilton

    First time this season I've looked at the team lines and not said, "FFS!"
  12. Den Spark

    Jack Hamilton

    Not keen on this rule that allows keepers to take goal kicks from whichever side they choose. Accies keeper was at it last night, continually taking his kicks from the furthest away point. Just a recipe for time wasting. Fortunately, it stopped when they went one down. On Hamilton (the goalkeeper), played very well last night. Seemed to appreciate the support he got from the fans.
  13. Den Spark

    Steve Martin Gone?

    Looks like there's a vacancy for you on the board, Dougie.
  14. Den Spark

    Youth Cup

    Real shame the next round of the Youth Cup has been scheduled for the same day as we play Rangers at Dens. Would have liked to have seen the first team play!
  15. 1-0 winners, some revenge for our 5-0 defeat at Kelty a few weeks back. Not the best of games, with little goalmouth action, but an excellent goal from Matty Henvey and well set up by Mendy. McGowan and Madianga both got 90 minutes.

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