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  1. Hopefully. Been the best player on the park in the (few) games I've seen him. Way above Martin Woods in the free kick stakes too.
  2. just checked and its £375 to sponsor a first team player, £165 for a youth player and £100 for an academy player Plus VAT presumably?
  3. He was playing for Kirrie last week against Lochee United. Just been appointed to their management team.
  4. On a recount there are 9 ex-Dundee players on Lochee United's books. For anyone interested they are: Danny Millar, Dougie Cameron, Danny Cavanagh, Bryan Deasley, Stephen McNally, Jamie Reid, Kevin Buchan, Craig Smith and Alan Tulleth.
  5. At the Hamilton game, an Accies player mysteriously goes down in their penalty box just as Dundee are attacking (not that we were going to score anyway). Ref stops play, player gets up and play resumes with a drop ball which Accies 'sportingly' give back to the Dundee goalkeeper, thus negating any threat to their goal. At the Lochee Utd v Carnoustie game on Saturday a Carnoustie defender goes down in the box at a Lochee corner kick. Ref summons physio on to treat the stricken player but physio suddenly develops arthritis and can't get his a**e off the bench. Physio eventually surfaces from dugout and ambles along touchline, taking care not to actually step onto the pitch. Meanwhile, said defender has now recovered and Carnoustie are able to defend the corner with 11 men instead of 10. It might have come back to bite them at the end, though, because Lochee scored a late winner when yet another 'snootie defender was down injured. Maybe ref felt he had been conned first time and let play go on. Obviously, head knocks have to be taken seriously, but if a ref decides to stop the game due to injury, that player should have to leave the field for treatment. Might just stop some of the chancers who are 'at it'.
  6. The problem with the last bit is, if McIntyre stays, a lot of fans will leave.
  7. I wonder how many empty seats there will be at Dens next season if McIntyre is still in charge?
  8. I honestly thought Kyle Gourlay was the better of the two young keepers out on loan, but Kyle's been released. Hope Calum is offered a contract, but wouldn't put it past McIntyre to release him too.
  9. Reserve League's been a waste of time this season. One week you're up against the previous week's first teamers, the next you're playing someone's under 18 team. And when McIntyre emptied our squad we had to rely on our under 18s, going from near the top of the table to near the foot.
  10. McIntyre--the man who plays Darren O'Dea in midfield (twice), the man who keeps Andy Nelson and Kenny Miller on the bench and plays a striker who never scores. McIntyre, the man who hangs Cammy Kerr out to dry by playing Jesse Curran on the right, then drops him for 10 games. And last, but not least, the man who signed Martin Woods (and allows him to take all the set pieces).
  11. He had to go off injured at half time at the weekend so not sure they'd slate him for that.
  12. Waddell has proved himself to be a very capable Championship defender and is highly rated by Morton fans. As we're likely to be in the Championship next season, it seems short sighted to let him go. From what I gather McIntyre has barely seen the laddie play.
  13. McIntyre has apparently told Kerr Waddell he's not in his or DFC's plans for next season. To make matters worse, Dundee are waiving any development fee for him! This is totally bizarre and another reason why this charlatan shouldn't be anywhere near our club.
  14. Why is this clown being allowed to identify and sign players for next season?
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