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  1. Your memory's better than mine, Dougie. I must have failed Economics the previous year as well.
  2. Den Spark

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    Don't think it'll happen. This is a manager who thinks it's a good idea to take OFF a striker at a corner kick. This is a manager who signed Martin Woods, picks him every week and lets him take 95% of our free kicks and corners. This is a manager who kept Kenny Miller on the bench when both Nelson and C Curran were injured.
  3. Den Spark

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    He took off a striker and replaced him with a midfielder at a corner.
  4. I actually quite liked being at the Morgan. Thought it was a very imposing building. Left primary (Balerno St) in April and had to attend the Rocky for three months until the August intake. The only bit I loathed was when I dropped down a year to resit my Higher English (in order to improve on my 'C') and ended up in a class with Islay (only joking, Dougie). Other notable footballers to have come out of there were Alex Bruce, who went to Preston, Dave McNicoll, Hearts etc, and John 'Pele' Brown (East Fife).
  5. Den Spark

    Reserves: Dundee V Celtic (5th March 2019)

    I'm betting on the 'having a tab behind the bike shed' option. Have only seen J Mac at one reserve/under 18 game and that was at Dens. Sure the youngsters would be encouraged to know the manager is watching them.
  6. Den Spark

    Reserves: Dundee V Celtic (5th March 2019)

    Good to see Neil Lennon there watching his youngsters. Wonder what J Mac's excuse was?
  7. Den Spark

    Julian Speroni

    Noticed Julian wasn't even on the bench for yesterday's game. What are the chances he'd be selected if Palace made the final?
  8. Den Spark

    Arabs Humping Our Reserves

    Eight of the players in that reserve squad are 18 and under. Five of them played against St Mirren U18s on Friday night.
  9. Den Spark


    Absolutely agree that we should consider using the Dee4Life brand again as fans identify with that. Like it or not the DFCSS name is toxic in some supporters eyes.
  10. Den Spark

    Dundee V Celtic League Cup Final 1967

    Still probably the best game I've ever seen. Was there, wearing my Dundee FC rosette with my Celtic-supporting uncle and cousin in the South Stand amongst the Celtic fans. Convinced even more than 51 years later that their second goal should have been disallowed for a Hughes foul on Doug Houston. Gave them a two-goal lead which we could never quite overhaul. Memory may be playing tricks but I recall George McLean taking a bow in front of the Celtic fans when he scored his second goal. Don't see it on the video though. Three of my four favourite all-time Dees are in that team: Billy Campbell, George McLean and Bobby Wilson, the other being Jocky Scott.
  11. Den Spark

    U18s V St Mirren

    Highly entertaining 4-4 draw last night against St Mirren. Absolutely Baltic conditions down at Riverside so all credit to the youngsters for playing in that. Not a glove wearer in sight in the Dundee team! Came back from 2-1 down to lead 4-2 but couldn't hang on. Some great talent on show from both sides, but MOM for me was skipper Lyall Cameron.
  12. It would appear everyone's forgotten Islay's birthday. It's around this time of year so I've found and updated Mr Pringle's poem from Dundee Mad. There was an old man named Totty Who liked United not a lotty Sixty five years later This bold Arab hater Has a Spoofer tattoo on his botty Happy birthday Dougie. Still got that tattoo?
  13. Den Spark

    Dundee V Kilmarnock

    Dundee v Killie on Teuchter TV tonight at 10.

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