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  1. Den Spark

    Arbroath V Dundee

    A third full.
  2. Might give them another couple of weeks and ask them, seeing as they've cashed my cheque, whether I will be receiving either a receipt, a confirmation, a share certificate, or perhaps even a word of thanks.
  3. Den Spark

    Dundee V Peterhead Sat 20th July 2019

    I bumped into Islay before the game. That was the most exciting thing that happened the whole afternoon.😉
  4. Den Spark

    Yellow Perils

    The thing is, they claim the cars are causing an obstruction, but they never remove the obstruction, they just stick a bit of paper on the windscreen. How does that help the residents who can't park near their houses? It might deter those who received a ticket last night, but come next match day, a new batch will take their place. I saw numerous instances of dodgy parking on my way home last night, but none had been ticketed, just the streets around Dens. I'm going to stop there. I'm beginning to sound like Islay. 😧
  5. Den Spark

    Yellow Perils

    I see the traffic wardens were out in force in Maryatt Street tonight. 10 cars ticketed while the match was underway. A bit of overtime, perhaps? Wonder how many other streets in Dundee were patrolled tonight? Nothing to do with clearing obstructions, all about making money. And no, one of the cars wasn't mine.
  6. Den Spark

    This Season's Strip

    When Cammy modelled the new home strip it was blue tops, white shorts and blue socks, but the shop is selling complete kids kits as all blue. Wonder what the correct configuration is? Personally, would prefer the Cammy version plus blue shorts for the away strip just to give a bit of contrast.
  7. Could be wrong but sure I spotted his twin brother wearing the fluorescent green boots.
  8. Den Spark

    Kerr Waddell Away

    12 SIGNED players. Doesn't alter the fact that there was never any intention for Kerr to play that day.
  9. Den Spark

    Kerr Waddell Away

    Kerr did two pre-season training sessions with Arbroath and was simply asked by them to do the warm-up that day to help with numbers. They only had 12 players, two of whom were goalkeepers. There was no possibility of his playing for them against Hearts. No doubt Kerr was delighted to help out as he's a big Arbroath supporter.
  10. Den Spark

    Kerr Waddell Away

    He didn't decide to move on, Brian. see Post 16.
  11. Den Spark

    Kerr Waddell Away

    NR means Not Registered.
  12. Den Spark

    Kerr Waddell Away

    I refer you to my previous answer.
  13. Den Spark

    Lyall Cameron

    As much as I enjoyed Cameron's display yesterday, I was really taken with Robertson. Boy looks a class act.
  14. Den Spark

    Kerr Waddell Away

    Kerr was never offered a new contract by DFC. He was told in February that his contract would run down and that Dundee would not pursue a development fee for him. Although the writing was on the wall, club website and Twitter is the wrong way to go about confirming it to the boy, who possibly hoped that now we were rid of the impostor McIntyre, McPake might have a change of heart.
  15. Den Spark

    Brechin V Dundee

    Mikey Cunningham.
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