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  1. Abernethy Dee

    Fin and Josh

    Yeah totally Cobra, I was in no way criticising young Fin, thought he had a great game on Saturday and would much rather watch our young lads breaking through and giving 100% than some of the so called “players” we have had the misfortune to have to watch last few seasons.
  2. Abernethy Dee

    Who do you think will be next?

    Totally agree it’s like one of us taking a new job, sometimes your face just fits the company and everything is great and you look very capable doing your job. But then on the other hand you may join an organisation where you don’t fit the culture and it is a bad gig for you and you look like you have never done the job before, and things will never work out or get better
  3. Abernethy Dee

    Fin and Josh

    I don’t think it was a pass that Fin should have made, but he is young and will learn from it, but Darren really showed his class after the game by saying the pass was fine and it was his own fault and the fact that he never got a shout from anyone! Refused to blame the youngster, which for me is just Darren o Dea all over, a gentleman!
  4. Abernethy Dee

    Deetv: St.M Highlights & Interviews

    Think there is definitely something in this, I reckon we should give every new player, whether bought or loaned by us, a DFC indoctrination where we give a couple of ex- legends an hour with him, showing him videos and going through our whole history of ups and downs, talking about old European exploits and give them a feel for what Dundee FC is all about what a great club and of course fantastic set of fans it has behind it. Maybe, just maybe, then some of these mercenaries that call themselves footballers will get what we are all about and why we are so passionate about our team, I yearn for the days when we had the same nucleus of players for season after season ( at least in most cases lol) where you could get to know them and they got to know us and how we feel, and we all dreamed the same dream! Nowadays it just looks like most of them don’t give a sh*t about the club or the fans and can’t wait till the end of the season to piss off to somewhere else for a season or two for another wee jaunt, and a few quid more! (Sorry rant over)
  5. Abernethy Dee

    Gordon Strachan - Technical Director.

    Think this would be a great appointment in my opinion, and could help Jazza find his feet as a manager, could be a master stroke, and would like to see this happen!
  6. Abernethy Dee

    Just Watched the Highlights.

    Ah ok mate, will ask my daughter if she knows how to upload it to here, worth watching.
  7. Abernethy Dee

    Just Watched the Highlights.

    It’s on Facebook, Friends of Dundee Football Club, Arran Hill posted it, tried my best to put it on here for you Woodstein, but not my strongpoint I’m afraid, got to admit defeat
  8. Abernethy Dee

    Favourite away game since promotion

    For me it was the first game of the season away at Killie a couple of years ago, beat them 0-4 and should have been more! Came home thinking we are going to be brilliant this season and go on to greater things............if only eh!
  9. Abernethy Dee

    Darren O’Dea retires

    If we had 5 or 6 players with the heart of Darren O Dea we would not be in the situation we are in! My wee girl will be in mourning as she loves Darren and he has been her favourite player since Peaso left. Wish him all the best and am sure he will be a success wherever he goes and whatever he chooses to do and look forward to welcoming him back to Dens at some stage in the future, whether with or against us! Good luck Darren and thank you.
  10. Abernethy Dee

    Charlie Adam To Be Free Agent At End of Season

    Honestly don’t think we have a hope in hell, but you are so right, think we at least have to speak to him if nothing else, would get a few more renewing their season tix.
  11. See Charlie Adam is leaving Stoke at the end of this season! Can’t see him coming to The Championship, but he is exactly what we need right now! Think he will probably end up at Hearts or something, but would be an amazing signing if there was any way we could pull it off.
  12. Abernethy Dee

    Right That's It, Decision Made

    Proud of you PB!
  13. Abernethy Dee

    The Worst of Times, the Best of Times

    Brilliant article BB, brought back good memories as I sit and read it in Birmingham New Street Station!
  14. Abernethy Dee

    Going Forward

    Nay unfortunately not mate, we were there Wednesday till Wednesday and they were away from home on the Saturday, pissing rain most of the week as well, should have stayed and watched the Dee eh!
  15. Abernethy Dee

    Going Forward

    Count me in, Cmon the Dee!
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