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  1. Abernethy Dee

    My Season Ticket

    Nice one Cobra, great gesture,
  2. Abernethy Dee

    Alloa On Saturday

    Would like to see young McPake in the number 10 roll on Saturday, liked the look of him when he came on as sub the other week, got to be worth a try, and better to find out sooner rather than later if he is going to be the man for that roll, so at least we know what we will be looking for in the way of new signings.
  3. Abernethy Dee

    Watching Scotland Is Like Watching....

    Have to say though the Belgians are a fantastic team! That first goal was in our net 14 seconds after we take a free kick on the edge of their box, it’s no wonder we were scared to get caught on the break after that.
  4. Abernethy Dee

    Scotland V Russia

    Painful viewing, it did feel a bit like watching the Dee as Aberdee started earlier! Not looking forward to Belgium on Monday.
  5. Abernethy Dee

    Elgin On Sunday

    Missing it and I’ve not got an excuse! Just don’t fancy it at all, think crowd will be slightly over 1000.
  6. Abernethy Dee

    Derby: In/Out

    Yeah seems like a bit of a goldigger been looking into the Newcastle forum and not well liked would be a wee bit of an understatement!!
  7. Abernethy Dee

    Elgin On Sunday

    Yeah watched it Dondeh, he is refusing to make any excuses for the Derby and I thought came over quite well! There was also, at the same time a long interview from Sean Mackie, he seems a right down to earth guy, and reminds me of the trainspotting film! And some of the characters, don’t think he will be taking any sh*t or prisoners. watch it if you can.
  8. Abernethy Dee

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Was thinking the same myself Boba, but didn’t want to ask!
  9. Abernethy Dee

    Slavering Obsessed Arabs

    Cruelty of the highest order Cerulean, my daughter has never forgiven me for taking her, as she is now hooked and cursed forever like the rest of us Dark Blues! Keep the faith mate, we will be back...............some day.
  10. Abernethy Dee

    Derby: In/Out

    Thanks mate, that was interesting! And could be a good book that. Certainly highlights the negativity in criticising your own players.
  11. Abernethy Dee

    Welcome To Dens Sean Mackie....

    Welcome to Dens Sean, good luck!
  12. Abernethy Dee

    Derby: In/Out

    In Pre-leaving Abernethy 6.15 with mate and my daughter, find some place to park, swift pint, around ground somewhere. post-probably back to Crees Inn, Abernethy for wicked celebrations! (After parking car)! Maybe some Dabs there to keep things funny. Prediction- 1-2 The Dees, Hemmings and Johnson. 3,500 Dees going mental.
  13. Abernethy Dee

    Finn Robertson

    Reckon young Fin has it all, and is going to be a class player, but still very young and as you rightfully say Rosco, he is in a place where we will let him grow and learn, and we can enjoy watching him for as long as possible, cos he is a pleasure to watch. But let’s get him tied up so when we inevitably lose him at least we will make some money out of it, don’t think a four year contract would do Fin any harm as he will still be only twenty when that is due to expire, and will be well seasoned by then.
  14. Abernethy Dee

    Something Feels Different

    If the results come I am sure the fans will follow BCG, be great to get an atmosphere like we had at the Ayr game every home game.
  15. Abernethy Dee

    Man of the Match: Aberdeen (Home, 18th Aug 2019)

    Add Hamilton into that as well, thought he was excellent, but too many good on the day for me to pick him.
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