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  1. Thought it was for Dennis Gillespie, but not sure mate.
  2. Good luck to Jackie Mac and all his family.🙏
  3. I would be up for it, think we need to show the board that we are onside and mean well, at the end of the day we all want the same thing a successful Dark Blues on the pitch.
  4. Let’s hope so Gedee, he won’t be the type to spin an injury out, I’m sure he will be back as soon as he can, and probably too soon, as he seems that kind of guy!
  5. Gutted for Ross, he has exactly what we have been missing, energy , guts, and will to win, we will miss him despite only being here for a short while, hope to see him back playing for us! Good luck with the recovery.
  6. Got mine as well, this is a start and should be encouraged, be great to get some more engagement with the club, well done DFC!👍
  7. St Andrews Primary in Douglas, then the Johnnies from 1973-1977 one of my ex-classmates burnt the place down a week after we left!🔥
  8. Welcome to Dens Park Christie, good luck in your endeavours!👍🇫🇷
  9. No chance we can sign him at end of season as Wigan just extended his contract by eighteen months before they sent him up on loan.
  10. I would be tempted to go for Peter Grant, and while we are at it can we also have the guy who picks the managers that Alloa appoint, cos they certainly seem to know what they are doing.
  11. Welcome to Dens Park Ollie, good luck!👍
  12. Dinna want to push you over the edge PB but dinna forget about the Tangy boilersuits as well! 😂😂🤢🤮
  13. Never in doubt Attilio! 👍😂
  14. Think it would be a great move for Craig, good manager who will look after him and give him the opportunity to flourish, could be the making of him, honestly think he would be stifled and suffocated at Dens, good luck to him.
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