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  1. Abernethy Dee

    Arbroath V Dundee

    Yeah that’s true, the kids are all into devices now, I blame mobile phones for a lot of things too. And like Dundee fc1783, says later in the thread, the kids never seem to get to express themselves on the pitch now, it’s like heavily coached from around under 12s upwards, so ball players like Purdie, Strachan, Mc Cann and the like are not getting the chance to develop now as the only football these kids play is now “organised”, with well meaning coaches, with their own ideas on how the lads should play.
  2. Abernethy Dee

    Arbroath V Dundee

    Why do you think this TDB? Is the same thing happening elsewhere, or only in Scotland? I personally think that it is Scotland that are falling further back than everybody else, and certainly if you look at our national team results over the last twenty years it would appear to back this. But what I don’t get is how this is happening their must be some cause, could it be the league set up? When did you last see a bunch of kids throw down their coats for posts and have a kick around at school, or anywhere for that matter! So many questions and no answers. Sorry this is getting a bit off topic.
  3. Abernethy Dee

    Why Can't We Get the Ball Forward Like This?

    Here, here, couldn’t agree with this more!
  4. Abernethy Dee

    Arbroath V Dundee

    Ian Purdie When you watch some of the skill on the ball in this game, it really shows just how much the quality has dropped in the Scottish game now, these players look like superstars compared to the lot nowadays!
  5. Abernethy Dee

    Rate Today's Team

    Seems to be the same every time we play them PB, he must love playing against us, it’s not hard surely, to give somebody the responsibility to man mark him and take their best player out of the game.
  6. Abernethy Dee

    Santa Wish List

    Ok Spirit, so where have I said it is the fans fault! I know we have one of the best supports and I would say the MOST loyal, and I myself have been watching them for 46 years home and away when I can. But I do think that at times we are impatient and wanting every new manager to succeed instantly.......or else I think the problem this season has been having a strong DAB team, who have taken four years to get to this stage!, in the same league and for us fans it is too much to take to see them ahead of us in the league, hence the fever pitch every time we lose a game. I was up at Inverness on Saturday and was as pissed off as everybody else at the defeat, but if we are to move forward, I think we need to let JMcP get on with it for a couple of seasons with this strong squad he is still building, and assess where we are then, hopefully back in the Premier League. So, sorry but if this makes me an idiot like you suggested so be it!
  7. Abernethy Dee

    Santa Wish List

    I get you frustrations mate, we all feel the same way and we are certainly punching way below our weight, but I think being patient is the only way to get out of this continual cycle of doom that we are currently in! What would you do? You are not offering any alternative in your post, so I am guessing that like a lot of people on here you would sack JMcP and then appoint whoever would be next? Who would then empty out our current squad, just cos their not his, then he would bring in a totally new team, who would not be any better than the last lot, and take quite a time to find their feet, and end up not achieving any more than the last lot, then that will be the new managers fault so repeat whole situation again! I honestly feel we are half the problem as Dee fans, our expectations are way too high, I would feel happy with a Premier team able to hold its own in Scotland’s top league, so we have a bit to go to achieve this again but in my opinion if we are patient we can get back to this stage, knee jerk reaction as we have found out to our cost in the past is not the answer, but if you have a better idea I am all ears?
  8. I honestly get more wound up about the Dee TV interviews it seems none of the interviewers can ask a single question that doesent involve Derby Game or Yinited, and I wonder if they even compare questions with each other before going into the room and asking more or less the same questions. JMcP must dread doing this amateur theatre.
  9. He was sh**e and got loads of decisions wrong, did us no favours at all.
  10. Thought Jamie Ness had a very good game and anything good came through him.
  11. sh*t it was hard viewing today, but that’s where we are at the moment up and down like you say Rev but still think we will finish second and would have settled for that at start of season, just need to bite the bullet and wait for it to come good, which with this squad I am pretty sure we will.
  12. Abernethy Dee

    Santa Wish List

    Nah I seriously think three seasons, we need stability, and to totally rebuild and regroup the club, and try to teach the fans to be patient, it is not going to happen overnight but I would consider finishing second a big achievement for this season.
  13. Abernethy Dee

    Ict V Dundee

    Looking forward to game today, heading up shortly with missus and young lass, and stopping over tonight for wee piss up in Inversneckie! Mon the Dees!
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