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  1. Abernethy Dee

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

    Thanks for that Woodstein, we are staying just 4 miles outside Paphos so will Defo go along! At least me and Molly will, nae chance of dragging the Wifey away from the pool though!
  2. Abernethy Dee

    Scotland Match

    Hope you have an enjoyable and safe trip mate! Enjoy.
  3. Abernethy Dee

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

    sh*t timing for me am over in Cyprus, should have arranged the holiday for the international break doh! Give them a shout from me please!
  4. Abernethy Dee

    Scotland Match

    It’s no easy this life! Being a Dee and a Scotland fan.........I must have been really bad in my last life.
  5. Thanks really good listen that was! Andy seems such a genuine and nice human being, hope he keeps knocking them in, we need him so badly!
  6. Abernethy Dee

    Dundee V Celtic

    Anybody got a stream?
  7. Understandable though Gedee considering you asked them to lay the patio you just bought and wallpaper the bedroom when they finish that!
  8. Aye this one really took the biscuit! Take a bow Nick Walsh, prick!
  9. Abernethy Dee

    Dundee V Hearts

    Aye the Jambos would enjoy that.
  10. Abernethy Dee

    Senny Dieng Interview On Dee TV

    Whearabouts in the world are ye TD?
  11. Abernethy Dee

    Senny Dieng Interview On Dee TV

    Might at least provoke a more interesting answer Gedee! Yeah quite sure it was in there Dondeh, heck the female interviewer was even under the impression we lost to Hamilton!
  12. If anybody hasn’t see this yet, got to watch the Senny Dieng pre Hearts interview! So funny, I don’t think his English is great and the interviewers end up answering the questions themselves with big silences after they initially ask the questions! Seriously though who decides the questions? Am sure they use the same list every week almost embarrassing, and think JM looks bored getting repeatedly getting asked the same obvious things week in week out.
  13. Abernethy Dee

    Relegation Battle

    Sorry I think it is the Celtic game he is suspended for.
  14. Abernethy Dee

    Rangers V Dundee

    Thanks Harry..........I think

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