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  1. Hey Gen hope you are well, don’t know if you remember me, but we spoke through at the pre season friendly at Stirling a season or so ago, and I thought what a good guy and very knowledgable and a bit of a diehard Dee like myself, I know times are hard and it is not much fun just now, but things will inevitably change, and if we can keep our present squad together I think we are ready to turn the corner and be back on the up again, please keep the faith mate we don’t want to lose you, we need us all sensible fans pulling for the club. Hope to bump into you again sometime in the future, take care.
  2. Thanks Davie, enjoyed that!👍
  3. Welcome back at Dens anytime great player and person, miss him!
  4. Might be wrong but I don’t think so, 12 and under I think qualifies, but we need to clarify if they are 12 when you go to buy the ticket are they valid or not, I think it should be the age of the kid when ticket is bought and not matter when they turn 13.
  5. Yeah don’t want to kick the club, but I feel it is too big a jump and may put parents off taking them once they go to the higher price, would like to see a more gradual rise like maybe £50 then incremental rises, we need the younger generation to stay interested, especially when they get to an age when there are lots more distractions and other things to do.
  6. Yeah had the same thing happen last season my young lass turned 13 in June and they said that she should really be the higher price, but common sense prevailed and they sensibly turned a blind eye.
  7. Couldn’t be there last night as work away all week, but well done JMcP, and coaching staff, think we are on the way now, well done, some stick you have taken!👍🇫🇷
  8. Thanks for that Harry, be great if we could manage another couple of games then!👍
  9. Anybody know when we last went 5 clean sheets in a row, that’s seven and a half hours..........never saw that coming!👍😂
  10. Magic result tonight and sounds like we dominated the game again, working in Southern Ireland this week so couldn’t make it again, but sat in the pub supping Guinness and listened to every word on Dee TV, can’t wait till Saturday now! Are we still filling the Derry this week?🇫🇷👏👏
  11. Same, it’s the pints before and after the game I miss, we only have one pub in Abernethy and it caters more for food that drink, only a few of us Dees here and the Heverlee in the Crees is over a fiver a pint........ bit off putting so usually straight home and into the tinnies of Stella!
  12. Luck bu**er, am working in Huddersfield all week so will miss the game be in my hotel with a couple of beers following the commentary, enjoy guys! Cmon the Dee.
  13. Please do mate, nice to see somebody step up to the plate and try to make a difference instead of moaning about it! Count me in.
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