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  1. Pepe

    Dundee V Partick

    The good guys of Glasgow. Sadly Kenny Miller is a prick and Ian McCall is a prick, time to give someone a bit of a hiding Dundee. 3-0. Hemmings x2, Johnson from the bench.
  2. Pepe


    I have put not as much as Dundee because I am slightly interested as I still check the scores and look for call ups etc. but overall I don’t really care anymore. Go back say, 6-8 years I’d likely say the same as Dundee. Me and my dad went to all the home games and as many away as we could, it was great and I loved it. Since then a combination of the SFA being spineless, backward, money grabbing arseholes and useless managers, gutless players have turned me into someone that doesn’t care. It is a pity personally, I love my country and want us to succeed at everything and anything not just sport. However, just now the Scottish National team sucks the life out of you. On a positive side, it has shown me my support for Dundee is probably near unbreakable considering we have generally been a bigger basket case than Scotland and I still have the same passion for the Mighty Dee now as I did as a kid, despite the odd “I’m not buying a season ticket this season but ultimately cave like a paper bag”! So that’s something.... I think.
  3. Pepe

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    As I said, bizarre. Denials, false reports, etc. all week. If it turns out he is guilty then it makes his comments through the week stupid as f**k along with DCT who were quite happy to print them as fact. On a purely DFC standpoint it really is the last thing we need right now, that said none of us know what exactly has gone on so we will just have to wait and see. However, it is the international break and we now have something to keep us entertained till the 19th!
  4. Pepe

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Very bizarre. The past few days have been McPake in the press telling them that he wasn't involved, a reporter from the Courier came out and confirmed he had nothing to do with any incident at Braes that included saying the person who made the claim had retracted it. Yesterday the line from the Courier was there was an incident and there was a minor injury caused to someone and now it is a serious injury. The "facts" have changed a couple of times already this week, so best to hang fire on any reactions or over-reactions on this.
  5. I am not seeing much criticism of Cammy, it is people pointing out that we looked better with McGhee at right back. Cammy is a good defender particularly one v one, he is also quite good in the air and has good pace. His work rate and fitness are his main strengths and he would be an ideal player in a team that is set up to counter attack or on the right centre half position of a back 3 IMO. However, he is limited as a "footballer", his first touch, his passing and crossing isn't to good. I don't think he has been bad at all this season, but with the way we are playing and more so the way other teams are setting up against us, it is not suited to his strengths. Particularly in an attacking sense for example, instead of being able to bomb into space down the wing he is hitting a wall of players and being forced to turned back. He was good v QoS so it was maybe a bit harsh he was dropped but that was a more open game particularly in the first half and he was able to run down the wing and get into a few good areas and had El Bak in his pocket for the most part. However, the Arbroath game was going to be about possession and use of the ball which McGhee is much better at so it was a good decision. I would not be surprised if we see Cammy play against the better teams in the league or away from home when we are under more pressure and have the chances to counter attack and utilises his pace and work rate with McGhee moving back to CB.
  6. Felt we played well for the most part, first 20 odd minutes were on the slow side as other have alluded too before me, Arbroath set up with everyone behind the ball looking to counter so we were perfectly within our right to be patient, poke and prod until an opening inevitably comes. Really don't understand the moans and groans at this as it is very difficult to play against a side that is well organised and camped on their 18 yard line. Try not to jump on the bandwagon about our fans but I did have a pop at a few guys around me including one of my mates dad for getting on the sides back straight away for not blasting the ball 70 yards up the pitch to Hemmings or into "space" ie launching into effectively nothing. Overall it was a good win, a comfortable win at that and our game was all about control, particularly in the second half. We were never in danger at of dropping points, there was one error that I seen which was Meekings taking to long but it came to nothing and they had a wee 2/3 minutes spell after the second goal but other than that it was an easy win really and we have not had many of them lately! We looked more assured at the back but didn't have the passes from CB with McGhee at RB but it mattered very little. McGhee is an improvement on Cammy at RB and Meekings/Forster looked comfortable, hopefully Marshall is fine also as he is coming on to a game and I have changed my unconvinced opinion of him to being impressed. Hamilton had a good game and dealt with everything that was asked of him, took a cross in the second half while being under a lot of pressure which was impressive. The midfield worked nicely despite being on the slightly strange side with Mackie playing as a winger which I thought worked quite well and he himself did well, a few good touches and interchanges if slightly rough round the edges. Dorrans is a class above and just seemed to take the piss at times, he will be our main man if he stays fit. Two 90 minutes under is belt and looks cracking. Gowser, was fine as well probably his best game in awhile and nice play for 2-0. Byrne did what he was brought in to do, break up play and move the ball on to start attacks. Hopefully he is ok as it was dull one he was on the end of and the boy was lucky to only get a yellow for it. McDaid very impressive again, took his goals really but his overall game was great. Good work rate, good tracking and looked to make things happen. I am starting to feel sorry for Hemmings, he is making great runs and getting in good areas but it is just not falling for him yet. Should have shot when he tried to play in Todd but other than that it just didn't land for him at all. That said he linked up well and ran himself into the ground, I am sure one he gets going he won't stop scoring much like his last spell.
  7. Pepe

    Arbroath Game.

    Aye that was my thinking. Let the forward players do their job without having to run 30/40 yard backwards into midfield to cover every time the ball is turned over. The Ness Byrne partnership hasn't exactly been a total success so far but with a proper creative player like Dorrans in front of them may be just thing need to get the midfield clicking and moving the ball quicker. That said I reckon Ness will still be injured which is a pity.
  8. Pepe

    Arbroath Game.

    Think it is going to be a tight game. Dick Campbell will be raging at them falling apart v Ayr, hopefully they keep that level of performance against us but I reckon he will set them up to shitfest it and try not to get beat. We did a few things well on Friday but the way we turned the ball over and the distance between the Midfield and Defence was worrying. Injuries depending I think we will set up like:- Hamilton Kerr Forster McGhee Marshall Byrne Ness McDaid Dorrans McPake Hemmings Could see Gowser in place of Ness and Todd for McPake if they are injured. Reckon Gowser will be back regardless.
  9. I have said it before, this team is a total enigma to me. On paper we have a quality side but in the flesh is so below par it’s unreal. IMO we controlled (if you can call punting it up the park control) 70% of that game. However, we never made that control count. They had hopeless balls forward that turned into half chances, we on the other hand (mainly in the second half) turned good possession into goal kicks. The first half was ridiculous, basically hoofball. Hemmings and finiesta in-particular were wasted. Finn is and will be in the future a quality footballer but if you are just blootering the ball over his head why have him there? The second half was abit better, we moved it around well enough had a couple half chances and so on. But anytime QoS cleared it we were straight on the back foot and despite doing very little they looked dangerous. On the positive side. Dorrans will be a game changer, he isn’t fully fit but is utter quality. Him at full pelt will be invaluable to us. McGhee again impressed me, very good footballer and a good defender. Would love to see him at RB but until we get another centre half that isn’t happening. I also feel if or when we do play two up top, Nelson has to startZ was shocked when he came off as he was a pest and put their midfield under pressure and no shock QoS had their best spell in the 5/10 mins after he came of in the second half.
  10. Pepe

    Jack Hamilton

    I am still unconvinced by him, but he deserves nothing but praise for his game on Saturday. Could have came for a one or two more crosses but he came and dealt with nearly everything else despite Alloa putting a lot of pressure on him at set pieces in particular. It was probably the first game I haven't felt uneasy with him in goal if I'm honest. Other than his mistake at East End Park, he as been fairly solid if I think about it. Of the goals I have seen him concede (Never seen the Aberdeen goals or the scums last) it is only the Dunfermline second that has been his mistake. Could make a case if your being harsh for the first & second scum goals but the first was an utter freak of a looping header and the second was smashed in from so close to him that it would have been a ridiculous save if he made it. Another thing I have heard and read on here a few times is his height. He is just over 6ft 2 according to Transfermrkt, he's a big guy and a fine height of a keeper. Slowing but surely it looks like he is starting to prove folk wrong including myself, long may it continue.
  11. Looking at those highlights from the Alloa guys (a very good quality highlight package) I am taking the stonewaller pen for us back. He wins the ball to be fair but at the game in real time it looked a stick on. For their pen I am still of the opinion Byrne blocks the ball, its a hard challenge but he blocks the ball before the man, no pen. For their goal Cammy has had a nightmare, not sure what he is trying to do. It was still lucky to go in IMO, takes a big deflection of Marshall, then flicks of McGhee before just squeezing in. Might even take a wee nick of Hamilton. Couple of tough away games coming up so this is a great result, if we tighten up a wee bit at the back and create as much as we did on Saturday I'll be quietly confident at taking 6 from 6 at Morton & QoS.
  12. A decent 3 points, far from vintage but I felt we were pretty comfortable for the most part bar a 10 minute spell in each half were Alloa looked quite handy. Not getting to the gloom about here though think we need to remember this league is an utter b*****d and are little to no easy games. Hamilton looked good today, a smart stop in the first half and a fine penalty save. Did come for a few crosses which was pleasing to see and dealt with them well. Could do nothing at the goal as it seemed to take a few deflections on its why in. Kerr had a good game, dealt with everything Alloa had and put in a couple good crosses. Should have burst the net and had a stonewaller pen. Was nearly caught out after a good move from Alloa went the game was stretch but was saved by McDaid. Forster solid and comfy, great ball in that lead to the opener and made McDonald make a frankly ridiculous save. McGhee was really good, like him a lot. Some fine challenges and doesn’t need to slide in. Took his goal nicely. Marshall good as well, worked well with mcPake and looked lively, stood up to everything defensively. Byrne was fine did his job, couple of good passes and a great run in the first half and broke up play well. Also never a pen against him for me, it was a good block (Ref had a mare). Finiesta love this guy, bossed the midfield, two great feet and put in some good challenges. Some of his first touches were fantastic. Special player, get him on an iron clad 10 year deal please! McPake looks to be a player, took a few minutes to get going but when he did he tore the right back a new one, great pace and played a few good balls, glad he got an assist for the winner. Pity he had to go off hopefully he’s ok. McDaid was great for me was a threat all game and was unlucky not score after hitting the bar and McDonald making a great save. Great tracking back to stop a certain goal. Gowser was probably our poorest player for me, held the ball to long at times when he should have passed and gave it away a few times but that said he wasn’t bad. Unlucky his shot was tipped onto the post by McDonald (another great save from him) and his ball for McDaids header was lovely. Good finish for Johnson he played well, used his body very well and his touch always stuck. Never got many chance but took the one that came along. Nelson had a couple of decent touches but never had enough time, should have been on earlier for me. Hemmings made McDonald produce another fine stop and picked up were Johnson left off, did well. Todd had a couple of good runs but not much else, would like to see him in the middle instead of the wing. Overall a decent win and we were comfortable for probably 70 out of the 90. However, during Alloa’s good spells they got into really good areas and maybe should have punished us but 3 points is 3 points and it was deserved.
  13. Pepe

    Alloa On Saturday

    Looking forward to this despite our recent results. The dreaded international break is finally over, the weather is meant to be decent tomorrow, Frews for the lunchtime kick off, several pints and a fine Dee victory. Magic!
  14. Pepe

    Graham Dorrans

    That will be him signing any day now then . Managers love telling porkies. On Dorrans, never expected him to sign, he will get far more lucrative offers else where. Think 2+2 has been put together to get 5 over him due to his history with McPake. Great if it happens but if not then so be it.
  15. I have kept my powder dry about the squad until we had a decent amount of games, we have had 11 now which is an ok number to judge so here it is. This squad has me baffled to be quite honest. On paper we have a pretty decent squad, one that should be comfy in the bottom 6 with a outside chance of top 6 IMO. However the reality is in stark contrast. The funny thing is I am sure at lease 90% of us were more than happy with our business in the summer, on paper it was quality over quantity and it was looking pretty good but needing a bit more depth. As the season has bore on the performances have been up and down at best and that is just within individual 90 minutes. Is it the players? Dens seems to have a curse that good players anywhere else walk through the doors and turn into dug meat. Is it the management? Early signs were good but the past few games any system we had seems to have gone right out the windee. On the player front, only couple are getting pass marks from me. McGhee, Robertson, Nelson. Johnson and Hemmings are barely getting a pass but in fairness the service they have got so far has been pish poor. For everyone else - Hamilton is an ok shot stopper (which all keepers should be) but at all other aspect of being a keeper are below par. Kerr simply isn't good enough (despite his screamer yesterday lol) for all his effort he is not a good player, he can tackle and that's about it. Forster is slow and a bombscare. I am unconvinced by Marshall but he's not been the worst. Meekings is a broken man, a shadow of the player he was before his injury issues. Feel a bit sorry for Byrne tbh he is a sitting midfielder who should be sweeping up and doing the unnoticed but invaluable work, however he is being asked to charge about midfield which just isn't his game at all. Ness clearly has quality but isn't showing it for more than a flash, he should be strolling this league but has barely got out of first gear. Todd is not a winger, he is a No. 10 or a centre mid (which QoS fans said was his best positions) and so far he has not started in either position, played there in the second half v the Pars and he looked dangerous but overall he has been poor. McDaid is just your typical hot and cold winger but he has offered less than expected if I am honest. Gowser has simply been pish since the league cup, did fine v the scum when they took the foot of the gas but overall in the league hes been poor. Can't say much for McPake and Mackie as they are just in the door. For the gaffer, the early signs were very promising IMO. Seemed to have a plan and clear instructions. However, as time has went on some of the selections and in game changes have been worrying. Pretty much every game he has had to scrap is starting set up and change constantly in game and has barely played the same team and set up in consecutive games. Our best team performance was in the cup v the sheep and should have been the baseline to continue in the season but was thrown out the very next game. The derby summed it up for me really. Most of my pals and family were over the moon he was setting up to attack Utd but I had been saying all week that it would be madness to go out an attack them and we should be defensive, overrun the midfield, stifle the game and hit them on the break. I was told "Nah they are sh**e, we will pump them" despite McDaid and Todd being out of form, despite Hemmings and Johnson being woeful together to that point, depsite ICT ripping us open quite a few times the week before. Seems Jazza let the fan side of his brain get the better of him. And yesterday should have been win no matter how we do it, just win. But after controlling the game, he surrendered the midfield and the rest is history. It might have been the Teacake Wafer Cup but it was simply not good enough. I was never expecting to win the league. We have came off two of our worst ever seasons and are going through a total rebuild, it would have been a massive ask to win the league but we should be comfy in the play-offs at the very least. We are desperate for another CB but I am not holding my breath so looks like we are stuck with the defence and keeper we have so I feel we are going to have to play 5 in midfield to protect them more. 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1 to a 4-3-3 when on top and attacking. Hamilton Kerr McGhee Forster Marshall McPake Bryne Todd Roberston McDaid Nelson (on current form)
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