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  1. Pepe

    Whats Still Required ?

    Don't think anyone is scared of that lot, but there has been plenty on here, social media and offline that now we are in the same league again don't want to accept that they are a threat and refuse to talk about them in that light. However, if there is anyone "scared" of them, they should watch their game from Friday night. Utterly stinking, Hearts should have been out of sight at half time. Proper defence/keeper v attack. Couple of mates went and I expected the usual - ah such a great team performance, we will win the league by Christmas and that pish. But no, the words grim, f**cking and sh**e was used more than once.
  2. Pepe

    Whats Still Required ?

    They may very well be sh**e but it would be utterly stupid to disregard them at this stage. For what I did see off them on TV admittedly, they were sh**e. My pals that go to the dump really don't like the football as it is stinking but say its effective for picking up points in the Championship at least. They have the bigger squad, more experience, continuity of the squad that is why they are favourites. For what it is worth, I think the top 4 will be Dundee, Them, Partick and Caley (in no particular order) and we should not underestimate any of them or any team in this league as we all should know how much a b*****d of a league it is.
  3. Pepe

    Whats Still Required ?

    Very much agree. The scum have a full team, time together, manager, a big signing etc, so it is clear they should be favourites for the league (as they have been every season bar one they have been doon, and still very much doon). We are indeed a work in progress and will be a big ask it win the league regardless of what shape we are in. But there is plenty of positives through preseason, we have faced decent opposition (bar Brechin) and done well in all them by all accounts. The kids are very promising which is great for the future, the wee passage of play late on v Blackpool was genuine off the seat stuff - Cunningham, Cameron & Mulligan playing quick, sharp 1-2s ending with Mulligan driving 40/50 yards at their defence. Glorious. Maybe this season is a bit early to win the league outright, Yinited overall look poor but they have the continuity and don't lose many goals, but there is no reason we shouldn't get the play offs and if we don't go up it should not be seen as a disaster. Keep the core squad together, add a bit more quality and the kids will have another year under their belt. For me I 100% want to win the league and get back straight away but we are work in progress so the fans should be disheartened if we don't.
  4. Pepe

    Whats Still Required ?

    Should be looking for 5/6:- Goalkeeper, a full back, attacking midfielder, Left footed winger, Two strikers. Maybe even centre back regardless if the mythical Davies is spotted or not. Think our starting 11 is decent, definitely title contenders but the lack of depth is frightening. Sure some of the kids are highly rated but its a big ask to have 16/17/18 years as cover for a full season even if they were all super doper wonderkids. I don't doubt though the kids will play their part.
  5. A fine signing! Gowser - Byrne - Ness in midfield, that is very teckle indeed!
  6. Club posts tweet with little emoji....... 7 seconds of running. Me.
  7. This is very true and I hope he does but I can't see it happening for us at least. If we can get an experience keeper then that can only help in the long run and maybe help some of his confidence issues. I will maybe offer a defence of him here. It could not have been easy to become No. 1 at us when we had a shambles of a manager (2 of them) and a joke of a defence in front of him along with not having an experienced keeper in the squad at any point - Parish has always been a No. 2 and isn't that much older then Dieng who had barely played 20 games at a professional level. He also got a nasty injury to go along with that.
  8. I really don't think Hamilton should be our number 1 choice keeper at all, I like him and want him to succeed but I just can't see it happening now. He is 100% a confidence player and no team can afford to have a goalkeeper that's a confidence player. When he joined I asked the Hearts fans at work what they thought of him and they were delighted he was gone simply because if he made a mistake of any kind like a bad throw, bad kick, dropped cross etc. they could see the confidence drain out of him then he'd turn into a total wreck after looking very steady. That is exactly what we have seen with him at Dens, they liked him as a guy and honestly wanted him to do well in his career but a confidence based player like winger or striker can get away with it to a degree, a goalkeeper can't at all. I think we need relatively experience, solid goalkeeper. Hopefully McPake has someone in mind.
  9. Pepe

    Dave Mackay

    Using your medical training to keep your fellow Dee's healthy I see. Good man!
  10. Pepe

    Dave Mackay

    This is true. Aright Dave, want a joab in 18 months time or so? Aye that would be great James. Cool, a bit unconventional though mate. I'll be Parky and you can be whoever you want. .........Errrr.
  11. Pepe

    Scott Roberston Welcome To the Dee

    Scott Robertjudason..... Wel.... Come....
  12. Pepe

    Dave Mackay

    Good interview from him. Comes across really well and its clear the club is still special to him. I liked Mackay when he played, one of those underrated 7/10 every week players and was gutted when him and Davidson signed for the fermers over us. Glad to have him back at Dens as a coach and wish him all the best. McPake is clearly Derry'd oot his nut, looking forward to us swording the DABs with him and Mackay on the touchline.
  13. Ben Turner would be another cracking piece of business. Played at a good level his whole career and was well liked at Mansfield from what I gather from a quick check of them. I would have thought he could get a League 1/2 club down south with ease but if the story is true, and it won't break the bank or his legs are made of jelly then its a no brainer for us. Really happy with business so far. Still think we need (if hypothetically Turner signs) - A first choice keeper, another full back, two midfielders (one of which being a No. 10 type), another winger and a striker at least. Getting Waddell and Curran to sign up again would be grand also for cover and depth. Things starting to shape up nicely.
  14. Away from Strachan. McPake has appointed Dave Mackay as a First Team coach. Another decent coach on the staff can only be a good thing, did a reasonable job as Stirling Albion manager if I remember right.
  15. Massive signing. Too good for this league, absolutely Deelighted with that, big statement from the BOD - money paid, 3 year deal plus an option of another. We won’t have a powderpuff midfield this season that’s for sure! Away the Dee!
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