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Out of respect for Chapecoence, do not expect any one to know the answers but researching it may explain what a shock this was. I was there twice and loved it and the fowk

1. How long did it take Chapecoense to get from Seria D to Seria A?

2. What is the name of their stadium.

3. In their home state of Santa Caterina what is the 2nd most poplular, some years, is what?

4. Compared to Dundee how does Chapeco compare size wise?

5. What kind of aircraft was involved in the crash?


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    60% in 00:00:16 BillDee62
    10/12/16 18:21

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    60% in 00:00:29 CammiesTash
    10/12/16 18:20

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    40% in 00:00:36 BCram
    10/12/16 18:07

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    40% in 00:00:40 dblair
    15/02/17 12:24

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A sad day around the world for football. My respects to all the family and friends who lost loved ones that day.

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