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  1. A quick glance at the match programme and that nights Sporting Post confirms it was indeed and I start to feel that little bit older as I cast my mind back to that day. Despite my advancing age, I seem to remember most of that season. The opening day pumping of Falkirk which herald a new beginning under the Marrs and Jim McInally scoring at Starks Park in a 1-0 victory on a cold, dark, November afternoon that had me believing that we could win this league are just aa few from many that I hold. Then there was the game at Broadwood the week before our trip to Starks Park. We were drawing 1-1 and with minutes to go, then up stepped big Steve McCormack to score at the back post to give the Dee the victory. Then only minutes later, the new filtered through via some bloke with a wireless that Morton had also scored a late winner against our nearest rivals Raith which meant we would need just the one point from our remaining five matches. In this day of age, next to everyone has a smartphone with the scores at their fingertips but back then, you relied on a few people who took a radio with them to pass on the other scores. The feeling you got as the news started to make its way down like a tsunami from one end to the other side of the stand that we were on the brink of becoming champions was stunning. One hand was one the title and one foot was in the Premier. As a fresh faced thirteen year-old, success with Dundee was pretty much nonexistent following the Dee. You could say that that's been the case ever since but back then, you latched onto the good feeling of winning every week and as a kid, you were on cloud nine after each match and it felt like this team could take on anyone. With Eddie Annand and James Grady banging them in for fun, who could blame me for thinking like this! Travelling to the Raith match by car, the scarves were flying out the window and we were passed by with hundreds like us. It was a great sight to see. Everyone was buzzing. Crossing the Tay Bridge must have looked like the Derry were about to invade the Kingdom of Fife with our flags and scarves for all to see, flapping majestically in the wind with their dark blue colours and sun behind us. Magic. The atmosphere was absolutely electric walking up to the park. Every fan sporting a massive smile and song after song was belted out. It's if everyone of our support just knew we would get the result that day and even though those feeling would prove to be true, it was not without any nervous moments. Raith started off the better side and would take the lead after half time when Paul Hartley nipped in to silence the away support. This goal always reminds me of their No.11 Kevin Fotheringham turning around to us behind the goal and giving it the big yin by kissing the badge and shouting what I can only imagine was a ‘get it right up ya’ type comment with maybe a few profanities thrown in. Thankfully, we found our feet and with half an hour to go, an Iain Anderson free-kick was whipped in and Eddie Annand rose to net his thirteenth goal of the season and also the one that would make us champions. It was absolute bedlam in the North Stand when the ball hit the net. Bodies were flying everywhere with the fans letting out years of frustration of having to play in this league with a return to the big time now on the horizon. The last ten minutes were the longest I have ever had to endure but when the final whistle went, it was time for everyone of the 5,000 Dundee fans who had made the trip to Starks Park to start celebrating. The Dee's had done it!
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