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  1. With the arrival of the Americans, and the dreams of a Football Club and New Football Stadium, most of us, initially anyway, saw a bright future for the Club. Now, although the idea of possible (sometime) progress of New Stadium has been raised again (JN) And even after yesterday's game (still only 6 pts off top) Is it now time to rein in our ambitious dreams? Accept we are where we are: On both the Stadium Front As well as our expectations as a potentially Top Club? John Nelms latest update on the Campie Stuff has did little to cheer me up... And I still question, if it will ever happen. If (as seems the case) his whole focus is on this, would it not be better, if he withdrew his involvement/reponsibility in DFC matters, involving football (recruiting managers) & general running of DFC? Surely if the New Stadium is ever gonna happen, there's plenty there for him to work on. If it does come to a successful conclusion, he can take praise/plaudits. I have on here, touched on JN's involvement in selecting DFC managers ... It is maybe an area he should keep well away from. JMP may still surptise us yet ... But I have just to look at my own praising endorsement of him & (as well as previoius DFC managers) to know he knows about as much as me, when it comes to choosing new managers (meaning very little) But what I've consistently stated is...Any Money that is gonna be spent on players & manager, the biggest part should be on a quality, proven experienced manager. As said, I still hope JMP may come good ... But when budgets are tight and it comes to "cutting corners" a Manager, who (imo) is the key man for success, is NOT the place to start.
  2. Difficult Times calls for Difficult Decisions .... Most folk on here will know I can't get to live games now for a range of reasons. Add to that, although I've been going to watch live fitba games, of all kinds, for quite a long time, and ken the difference beteween a good player & a bad player ... And a good game & a bad game, I have never really got into New Systems/Plans/Tactics. (As in life, I believe sometimes in an effort to improve things, we can end up over-complicate things. And I believe this might be the case (at times) in the World of Football) Neil McCann was a fine fella, intelligent & articulate, & also proven & an experienced quality player. As a manager he was totally focused on what was required, to make a successful team & him a successful manager ... And then it all went wrong. At least in part (imo) because he was asking players to do (& understand) something which they were in the main. incapable of doing. Every player should be ambitious & open to learning & further development, but I am also a believer, in allowing a player to do what he is comfortable & best at .. using his natural skills & those skills which he has learned & further developed Which bring us to the Three Names on the Topic Headline. It's been proven in the past, putting on front-line of top scoring forwards, goals will NOT automaticall follow (Even i know that) NORMALLY I WOULD AGREE, WE NEED CREATIVE GOAL MAKERS, AS WELL AS GOAL SCORERS TO MAKE THIS WORK AT ALL. But as a walk into the unknown, what might happen, if JPR put on 3 players mentioned above upfront, with simple instructions to all three players "I want each of you to focus on one thing only: Putting that ball in the net" I understand there is an obvious difficulty, of then finding a balanced team that could also be strong in defence, whilst at same time supply the feed for front 3. But for the sake of dicussion & to give those posters who have a real insight into the game (no me) if this was put to you, what could you, would you, come up with? If you feel like responding. I would prefer to hear views of how this might work, rather than dismissing it , as anither load of rambling nonsense fae that "Daft Auld Man" Yes, it could prove a real disaster...But on the other hand, were I the opposition team facing 3 front men of that quality, who've proved they can score goals, I would feel intimidated. The biggest, obvious problem as I see it, is finding a player(s) who can supply the front men with the right kind of ammunition. If Stewart was available, he could be the "missing link"
  3. Realistically, I would have thought, I just might have been feeling, a wee bit miserable, knowing that as the "Big Guns" get ready for another season in the Premiership, us as the "failing, falling, relegated Club" have to withstand a season, with the "lesser" clubs in a season in the lowly championship. Maybe that's no quite true, because as the disaster of last season, drew to an end & relegation loomed, I still felt quite upbeat with the thought of the new season to come. Well, not only do I still feel that way ... I think I feel, even more excited of the season & games ahead of us ... (hope eh'm not going totally daft) When in Premiership, my focus was rarely on the top six. Even during close season & new season drew nearer. I focused on the bottom clubs. Who could we edge out to avoid the bottom two? Happy Clappy Man, & negativity took over. This season I'm positively looking forward ahead. Not only am I NOT bother about the lower have of this Division. My eyes are firmly fixed on the possible Top Four..With DFC Well Up There Do any others feel the same?
  4. In a few words, I think it is ... As much as few would dispute there was a real need for DFC to dismiss their managers & employ their third manager in the space of 12 months, what an effect that must have had on the players, as they looked on to the "going-ons" behind the scene. Although it could be said ultimately the responsibility for points & performances is with the players on the park on the day, I'd be surprised if the players were totally focused on the job they were meant & expected to do. In our two managers over that period, leading up to James McPake, we had two managers with as much a diverse approaches to the game as it was possible ... And without going into any detail (again) about their managerial qualities or merits ... or lack of, it does look like (to me anyway) that in James McPake we may have found someone at last, whose more common sense & down to earth approach & temprement suggests, we may well have found someone, who is steady, successful & proves to be a "stayer" I accept he has yet to prove himself in this role ... But I believe there is a lot in him up to this point for us, & players, & his supporting coaching team to like ... Any views on this, or what we may expect in the season ahead?
  5. I've added the following link ... in part, mainly for personal reasons (It brought back memories) ... https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/former-dundee-player-gerry- Away in the distant past just about the time the photo was taken, I was a pupil at Lawside Academy. At that time there was the 11+ exams (1952) which decided which school you were bound for, once you left Primary. Those with an academic skill (small minority) went to an Academy, whilst the rest (deemed to be no' sae bright) headed for the "ordinary" Secondary School ... where they could learn a basic trade (or even waste there time, if they preferred) ...Fae the Joey's it wis either Lawside or the Johnies. Weel in sending me to Lawside, eh certainly proved them wrang ... If there was a fault in the system, I was the ideal example to show this I hated the school, I hated the teachers, & thon Nun !! And I couldnae wait for the first opportunity to get oot o' it as a 15 yr. old Only two teachers stood out for me Mr Tully And that brilliant teacher Gerry Follon ... A Proper Teacher and a Proper Gentleman. He taught geography (which definitely was not my subject) yet it was the only class I looked forward to. "Thanks for the memories"
  6. It looks like eh'm no the only one that's up far too early on a Sunday Morning ... There's at least anither six active on the Forum at 5.00am.. We are awe Daft & Tired But Mighty happy "Good Morning Freends." The Dee
  7. Normally I would see these "Breaks" as an annoying, frustrating, disruptive distraction to the "real thing"... The progress, or lack of, of Dundee Fitba Club. But maybe at this time it could be a big benefit to DFC (That's assuming that for the DFC players, it's training as usual) Does anyone know if that's the case? I'm starting to come round to the idea that JM might well be the man to get the best out of our players, The next two weeks is a chance to learn a bit more.
  8. Does anyone else ever feel, FPS's interest in DFC was a means to an end? I don't think, their initial idea was, let's buy a Scottish Club & use this procurement, as a real means to extend & develop our international business interests? (I'm finding this difficult to put into the right words here) There was a real buzz & excitement from the early beginnings ... For them & for DFC fans/supporters. From the outset and even up to the present day, they have continued to give DFC financial backing. They have been prudent & business-like in their approach. They've shown their professionalism by NOT throwing "tons of money" at DFC ,in an ill-thought effort to buy success for DFC. They've been sensibly cautious. I don't think we can ever question their interest & enthusiasm for their adopted Club. But I now have this "gut feeling" there has been too much shift of interest. Maybe understandably the Campie Project (& all this may offer in financial returns to them) has meant DFC has worryingly moved away down the Totem Pole. I'm still feeling pretty far down, by the way Ayr did a demolition job on DFC (This might be affecting my judgement) But it still haunts me, the way John Nelms, appeared to casually dismiss DFC in the context of the New Campie Development. Not long after it was announced, in answer to a question on TV, about how DFC's position would affect the plans, he responded (not in these exact words) The Campie Project would go ahead, " irregardles what position/division DFC were in at the time" At the time, I found that comment hard to swallow. As I was convinced the Americans main priority & focus, was on developing their very ambitious plans for Dundee FC. As already emphasised earlier in the post, I do believe they have done us well since their arrival ... But I hope their eyes are not being diverted, by the magnanimity of this ... In terms of, time, work, & the huge investment, that will be required. I am sure most fans now, will be delighted to see Dundee FC housed in their, Brand New Stadium. But at this time, Total Focus, on Building A Succesful Premiership DFC Team would be my N01 Priority.
  9. DEETV (Copied & Pasted from Official) ..... "As part of the new DeeTV which will relaunch next week we are seeking volunteers to help on match days as commentators. We are looking for two commentators for the season to help add to the fantastic service which will be available for supporters. If you would like to apply, please send an example (Youtube link ideally) of your commentary to [email protected] We are also looking for a match day reporter to help out the media team on a match day with various roles which may include things such as social media, interviews, match reports and updates. If you would like to help out please email [email protected] with any examples of previous work which would be relevant to this role."
  10. Apologies if this not the most exciting, or current New Topic to put onto the Forum. Especially taking into account, it's a long time before we think o' that !! But wi' nae DFC gemme coming up this weekend, 'cause o' this International Stuff, the Forum is goin' kinda quiet methinks (least on the DFC Fitba Front) Just a simple question .... Is it worth DFC Playing Squad goin' awa tae some fancy place, like they did last year, tae thon really classy set-up in Austria? I remember at the time, especially seeing the Pictures, and the Daily Diary Updates, thinking, we really are moving along in a professional ambitious style. Even as an added thought at the time, I considered anyone thinking o' signing for DFC would see we were a go-ahead club. Well hindsight's a grand thing. There must have been some big pluses come oot o the trip to Austia. But the camaraderie/high expectations seemed to fall apart on the return Thoughts? (Remember what made me raise this as a topic. PH stated a few days ago that during this International Break there would be hard training)
  11. Don't know anything about DFC's pay structure. Nor do I particularly want to know, what the players are paid generally, or the varying degrees in the pay structure between individual players. However when it comes to scoring goals and turning games around, DFC showed what they could do in the second half (albeit against Dumbarton)...Putting away FIVE GOALS in 45 mins. As I said I do not know if DFC (or any other Scottish Clubs) are already on an additional Win Bonus, But if not, should it be something that should/could, be considered? Was it not Jim Mclean (& maybe many other managers) who introduced the idea of keeping the weekly wage level generally low, but adding a huge incentive, in the way of, a substantial Win Bonus? This may still be the case with many Clubs. Or on the other hand, in the present regulated climate, this kind of format just could not happen. Nor would the modern player accept this.However if possible....would it be a good idea?
  12. I don't know how many players are on DFC's staff (Maybe someone can help here?) But I would think, with the usual financial restraints on our budget, it's maybe a reasonable number. I'd expect many of them will not be on the highest wages. But on the other hand, they still have to be paid. And at the end of the day, it all adds up. Is it at all feasible to cut down on squad numbers? Or have we already reached that stage? It's never a good idea to cut down the squad to minimum numbers, knowing the problems that causes when we are overwhelmed with injuries. But would it ever justify trimming the playing squad even further, to free, even low paid poor players, & putting this towards holding on to the quality players. Fanciful idea ? I'd understand others who said it is all about finding the right balance. But I think I would accept the sacrifice of trying to work with a small squad, if it meant holding on to talented players.
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