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  1. "Dundee boss James McPake has urged his players to up the tempo today as they look to get back to winning ways" (Tele Quote.) Although I don't get to live games today, I do watch all there is to see, in the way of some broadcast live games, recorded games (full games & highlights) And of course I listen & read all there is to read about DFC, be it on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Forums, Websites. Based on that (and trying hard to be kind) although there are more than a few embarrassing games, when instructions & tactics appear to be non-existent, generally (& I might be stretching this) the players look to be committed, giving their all for the 90 minutes. As I said I might be "stretching this" for their are also quite a few games (many maybe) that whatever the questionable tactics may be, many of the players, simply appear ... not really too interested. If that is the case, ... What has today's manager got to do & say, to get them out there, act like professionals, show the Paying DFC Fans, they mean business, by showing some hard effort grit & determination for the whole of the 90 minutes !! I don't know what physical time & effort is put into players' training these days ... But the same applies there. (At the very least we need players 100% fit and ready & eager to go on Match Day ... To give their all for DFC Club & Fans. The days of the ruthless tough-talking manager has moved on... But are the conditions now, just too much in the players favour? Is it really all, only about money now? Today come out. And show us DFC
  2. So it says ... According to today's Dundee Courier Article/Headline above. Think it is time JMP realised...Us "experts" on the forum have the final say Need a poll please Cobra. Time JMP remembered we make the decisions
  3. The reason I put this up as a topic is because, although it is (again) further promises of (maybe) better things to come from DFC players, it does come from a player, who I believe has the will & ability to deliver. But the other reason for adding it, is to ask the questions ... Do all Dundee have the "hunger to succeed" Are they fit enough? Are all Dundee players giving their all (in training & in game time)? Alex O'Neil emphasises his commitment to bringing on players from the lower divisions. The reason he makes this a priority is because he is looking for players with the "hunger" ... He states this as a key factor to his club, his own, & the players' success. I think in some games, going with some of the comments on here, players' fitness, drive, determination & commitment, may be absent. I am not sure what is involved in DFC's Training Fitness Schedules ... How much time is spent? How demanding it is? How they determine a player's fitness & commitment. But it does seem (based on full game tv perspective) that in quite a few games, the opposition, are much more focused & fitter as the game reaches the 90 minute make (imo) whilst the DFC players are struggling to keep up. In Johnson's article it is suggested (as I read it) the 2 Week International Break will give the players a chance to "reflect & rest" (my words) And be ready for the ICT game ... During this (no games) period, does anyone know if the Training Regime/Schedule is relaxed? Or do DFC use this period to intensify their physical fitness training & mental winning attitude etc? I am the forgiving kind (I think) ... I'll generally accept DFC players' poor performances. As long as I know they have give 100%
  4. I'm not at all sure you can't play effective "pretty fitba" & keep winning games. But although I am not sure just how other teams go about it, we all know there are other teams, that are not so concerned about the quality of fare on offer (described at times by some as 90 mins of negative boring stuff) but there only focus is a determination to leave the field with the 3 points in the bag ... Regardless of the quality !! They are not necessarily "dirty" as such, but it is apparent from the off, they don't mind putting up the shutters, mixing it up a bit, & if needs be, taking no prisoners (When you look at DFC's foul count after some defeats, it seems to me, that we are not assertive enough & allow the street-wise opposition to take charge & run the show. It might be said by some, DFC in a few games this season, have managed to play "ugly" at times & never been in the game. But simple question: Should DFC continue to at least put the emphasis on improving standards of football...Or get tougher? Don't get to games now. But was always aware when attending regular. Even boring games were sweet, if we won the points
  5. It is said Football is a Simple Game & in the main I go along with this. But that said I think it takes a great deal of time to learn & develop the skills required ... even if you are blesed/born with a natural talent. My own standard of football was at a lowly level (Class Team & few times for the School Team) I was never great, but I loved the game. Loved it so much, that even when there was no team to play with, eh wid go the "the backies" in the Auld Tenement & practice & practice. The result of this was... Although I was never brilliant, this constant practice & repetition, coupled wi a guid left foot & speed, meant I was no only comfortable I had the confidence to know I had some things going for me & could probably do some things that others could not. As I said I was NOT a natural Football Player ... So it was never easy. However it would have been impossible if someone had come along & said to me ... "Forget awe that stuff you've learned & developed yourself, today your are now in defence & playing right back & I want you to play interactive passing football. Try not to cross the halfway line. I accept it might feel strange at first, but like the rest of the team, who today are all also playing in totally new positions, you are sure soon to get the hang of it"...(Think it was NM who started this)...DFC Keep it Simple. (JMP LET ALL THE INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS PLAY IN THEIR PROPER POSITIONS, IN A TEAM THAT UNDERSTAND WHAT'S REQUIRED OF THEM)
  6. Reading the situation on another thread about United's Financial Seasonal Loss, the point that stood out for me (Raised by Cobra & referred to, by Andrak) was how would any of our clubs survive without the Americans? It appears that neither the Championship or Premiership can provide the sole income to allow a Club to run competitively or financially these days. It seems the higher costs (wages etc) & what appears a falling interest on what's on offer, would seem to me the future does not look too bright for any, who are reliant totally on attendances, or some very charitable benefactor, who is will ing to subsidise a Club on a very regular basis. So back to the original question ... What happens if the Americans walk away? Do we just then shelf our ambitions & "jog along" ... find another investor ... discuss fan ownership ... maybe go part-time ... or is there some other solution? (I am focusing on DFC here, because I've little interest in the "ither lot) But I will say, as highlighted by Cobra's post ... Even a promotion to Premiership, although offering a bigger financial prize, is no guarantee, all will be well on the financial front. Firstly, you have got to be up there in amongst it, & to do that means better players (bigger outgoings in the way of signings/wages)...And as already said, there's no guarantee of success Is United's American Investor going to continue to invest, if he finds the Premiership, is creating bigger losses, as United find themselves fighting to survive? The same can be said for DFC. But the main difference is ... Our Investors seem to have a greater awareness, that for a Club to survive these days, there has to be another, real, regular source of income, outwith football ... Hence the Campie Project. It appears to me, regarding the possibility of real success of DFC's future, much is going to hinge on this .... Whether we get planning permision, if it is ever built, if it is to be the success hoped for, and exactly just what increased financial benefits will come directly to Our Club, if/when the Campie Complex is up & running? (Any kind of response that might encourage a discussion appreciated) .... Meanwhile, starting with the game tonight ...C'mon the Dee
  7. Strangely, when DFC got relegated last season, I felt relaxed & accepting of the situation we found ourselves in ... In fact the period before in the Premiership was in the main kinda getting me down. At the start of each season, knowing probably that whoever was gonna be contesting the Top Six, recent past experience (under various managers) was telling me ... Not to be looking for DFC's name up there in the fight for a top six place. And as the season progressed quite a bit of negativity took hold of me as it seemed to be again another season where my thoughts were focused on a game at a time, on who in the bottom half of the table we might beat or draw with to pick up the odd point to keep out the "danger area" As I indicated at the start, when relegation was certain, I approached it with (in part anyway) a sense of relief. Much of the thinking behind this I suppose, was knowing (or assuming) that in this lower division, DFC were at least in a position where I felt they could compete against any of the teams. I never thought this season season would be a walkover ... In fact, under our new manager, I accepted from the start of this season JMP would at least need a full season to "bed-in" (And I still believe this) So I approached this season with "not too ambitious expectations" ...Not thinking of promotion, or even getting into the play-offs. Partly, this was around my personal health. And that included my mental health ... The strain & depression that comes from following a game, where a DFC win is expected, & simply doesn't happen. And then trying to work through the disappointment & pain that follows a poor, or non-performance, that means another loss of points. I understand we all go through this to different degrees. Even after this, although I still held the view, that the bigger picture was more important (looking at the whole season as a chance for us/new manager to find our feet) another defeat or poor performance from the Club/Team we all love was just as hard to take as it ever was. Do others feel the same? If our "slow" forum of late with a big emphasis on too many negative posts (imo) it does look like we are all really suffering bad. Not criticising anyone but I've noticed that some posters on here, appear to be totally unnaffected, or even uninterested, by Dundee United performances. Genuinely I say, "Good for them" I only wish I could remain as totally detached as others seem to be. Each to their own however I suppose. No me though. Not gonna go intae the floggin they gave us (we awe ken that wisnae easy tae tak) But any doubt I may have had, that what they did, didnae really bother me evaporated that recent game they had at home against Arbroath when they stole the game 2-1 with 2 goals in the last two minutes...Eh was seek that day !! Any pretence I had of "couldnae care less whit they day" definitely vanished then. But enough of that ... Saturday it's our turn ... C'mon the Dark Blues ... LET'S DO IT
  8. Maybe as the New DFC Season gets ever nearer, eh'm getting meh auld self bit over-excited. However on reading this Aricle from the Courier, I find I'm starting to get this warm feeling I've got to watch not to get carried away at this stage. Paper-talk, disnae equal points. But whit I see/read/hear of James McPake. it looks to me, we could be on a winner...Slow & Steady https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/919691/dundee-assistant-boss-jimmy-nicholl-quickly-realised-james-mcpake
  9. Firstly, apologies if someone else has already added following link (I'm still catching up)...https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/the-mood-has-been-great/ I already watched/tried to listen, to his video comments...But being now a bit hard of hearing, it's much easier (& better) to read what he had to say. Chances are, all of you will have either read this, or listened/watched video, but even so it's good to hear something good positive coming from DFC. Although I am not advocating James is a shoe-in for the permanent role of DFC Manager, it's good to read/see/hear the respect he has for the Club. Maybe at end of the day, we could do much worse. But whatever way it pans out, and we do want the best. It's good to know it's not all bad news
  10. To say he was angry was putting it mildly ... He was furious !! (I'm not sure how to add BBC Radio Scotland Sound here ... Maybe someone can add this)
  11. The Topic Heading may clearly indicate, it's me going on again, aboot the process of choosing the next manager. Well it is in part ... But certainly not only that. It is also about, what appears to be, the little that is happening about our present manager position (although of course things may be happening behind the scenes) I understand we're not privy to be hearing everything...And this is probably one area, where we would NOTbe expected to know too much. But is anything happening? I have had no experience as a Football manager, so in that specific area, I probably know less than nothing. However like many, if not most people, in their working & personal life, although realising the importance of knowledge & experience in the subject area you wish to be involved in, I also believe, it is as important, to be able to relate your point in a clear, concise, firm, but friendl,y non-aggressive & non-threatening manner "MAN MANAGEMENT" To be a football manager (or even just a simple person, trying to get through personal & working life, marriage/partnerships, etc, I believe the demands can be much greater. Finding right person to manage our Club is not going to be easy .... As it stands at the moment, a new manager, as well as trying to put a plan into action, to get us back to some kind of respectable/professional level, he is expected (I think) to take on the every day responsibilties of conveying these ideas (in a professiona, likeable, civilised way on to each member oh his team. In my view and experience, on a general level, there are many folk out there .... Knowledgeable, well educated, well qualified & experienced, who it appears, have all the needed attributes ... But fall down, because they lack the ability to get their point across in an understandable & welcoming manner. Football managers these days are expected to be first class in every area ... And it is a "hard ask"... But this time, we must get it right. As suggested, a DOF would maybe help share responsibilities. But let's start the process NOW (Maybe havered on a bit there)...But there might be something to start of (another) discussion
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48085400 Basically another Review & Analysis & Some More Stats, which you may wish to comment on...(If you feel you can handle them) On a slightly different theme (include this in responses if you wish) I'm now OK with thought of dropping doon a division ... ARE YOU? I could not have faced another season like one near ending. If Championship means, winning some games & challenging...That's fine. But Let's Get The Right Man at the Helm. So Please DFC Let's Do This Right. ALL TOGETHER NOW. "THE ONLY WAY IS UP DFC"
  13. I think when I started doing that just after our promotion (Was that 3 seasons ago?) some posters may have resented this, Thinking I was being "too cocky & presumptious" That however was NEVER my intention...I accept, it did not feel too bad, to keep reminding our neighbours, who was the City's Top Club (Maybe simple banter, or gloating) But the main reason was to constantly remind DFC/BOD/FPS/MANAGER/PLAYERS (not fans) that we had at last made that big final step up to the Premiership. And it was now ours to lose, or take full advantage of, by slowly, but steadily, making our place in the PREMIERSHIP secure. Not to take our eyes off the ball (That's directed at FPS) I think they did, & a golden opportunity has been squandered. And we, as DFC fans/supporters, have been left angry & disillusioned. What happens now? I really dont know.
  14. I have popped back & forward onto the forum today & added an occasional post...And checked out for new posts. However, just about each time (every hour on the hour) there has been "no new posts" except sometimes, one or two. Members online today (like all week) it seems to me, number around the10 to15. Unless maybe I've missed something. Have we all totally given up any hope on our Club? Are you all...Angry, depressed, apathetic, really couldnae care less? I'm specifically talking about Game tomorrow. But on a more general level. Does relegation mean, that's it for you?
  15. Assuming FPS finance a spell in the championship( not guaranteed I know). Whoever is in charge faces one hell of a job building a side from the wreckage of this season. Apart from Ralph and Nelson there are absolutely no resources available to the next manager. Even the 25 point deduction wasn’t as serious as where we are now.
  16. Talk aboot salt in the wounds ... Aye thanks for the reminder Steven Gerrard This thread is no' really aboot Kamara (I've just used him as an example) ... I'm asking the question: Are DFC destined, NEVER to be a force in Scottish Football? I might be daft, but when I use the word "force" I'm no daft enough to believe in DFC reaching Top Six in Premiership. But the 3 seasons past (basically) trying to fight oor way oot the the relegation zone ... Is this the kinda future we are noo looking forward to? This disastrous season, we've reached the point of no return !! As I said I dinnae want to focus on Kamara...Because most will agree, it appeared, he had decided to give up on Dundee & had made up his mind he wanted the move to Rangers asap (who "generously gifted" DFC £50,000) And then he went on (not at all surprisingly) to do the great stuff, he knew, we knew, Rangers knew, he was more than capable of. This Topic I'd like to hear views from others (& DFC) What really is our future? Is it (as before) Sell our decent players on & cheap?
  17. As said above, I apologise for old news of a few days ago ... But on the back of our present position (cliff-edge of relegation) after yesterday continued run of defeats... What were DFC thinking about when they decided to off-load the following players? "Dundee Football Club can confirm that the following youth players will leave the club at the end of their current contracts .... Tom Bradbury, Kyle Gourlay, Matty Henvey, Sam Jackson, Dan Jefferies, Jack Lambert, Brian Rice and Cedwyn Scott will not be offered new contracts when their current deals come to an end next month" Although I don't know the merits of those released, is it really the case, none of these players, had the potential to earn a place in the team yesterday? Next season, at it stands just now it looks like we'll have about half a dozen players on contract following mass exit of "loan & out of contract players" Know it has already been well discussed, but in our present position...I'm willing to regurgitate just about any/every topic (if it draws us to a solution)
  18. After watching Ayr Destroy the Dabs on Alba a few days ago, I'll certainly be watching this game (They were like a machine) I've added it to Dundee Chat. because I am still holding on to a very faint hope DFC might still make a move for Shanklands. Read this link https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/46429273 They Highlight the overall talent in this team. Shanklands a "Free Agent" in the summer ... His fee is doable for DFC (imo) Maybe we have missed the boat regarding him. But what an asset he (& their left winger) would be to Dundee Fitba Club. (It's starting to look like Jim McIntyre's team selection might yet help us avoid relegation...He really has got to be backed) In terms of the huge, high costs...Financial & support to DFC if we we get relegated, does NOT bear thinking about. DFC
  19. It says it all in the "link" ... https://www.scotsman.com/regions/dundee-tayside/labour-of-love-to-dundee-fc-scores-top-uk-man-cave-prize-for-scot-1-4832704 May no' be most exciting story aboot DFC at the moment (It was ether that or meh tomatoes or long-johns again) So whar dae you keep your DFC Stuff?
  20. It wid be Braw if DFC were in Action Today. But they are not ... So can anyone and everyone oot there, like to post on what they hope/believe, the Two Jims will bring to DFC? It's maybe near impossible, not to make comparisons with NM ... But it would be better (imo) to focus on J&J. Although we all miss the DFC game today, it gives Dundee, New Manager, Assistant, & Players, a bit extra time. It's time & training I'd like to start off on: Are two Jims into fitness, harder, tougher & longer training schedules? Can we see new approach? I admit I don't know much about this. But players spending less time in Newspapers. Telling us what they are gonna do ... And more effective time training & on the park would be a good start (imo) Other Posters, more knowledgable than me (that covers everyone) may wish to cover all other aspects as well.
  21. I am aware if anyone responds to the New Topic I added to the Forum, a few moment ago (On the Two Jims) there may be "crossing answers" But the truth is ... Although I would love to hear/read others' views, I am also trying to stimulate a few conversations/discussion on TDBF HOWEVER FOR THE RECORD: IF WE CAN GET POINTS OF 'WELL & ST. MIRREN I THINK WE WILL BE ON OUR WAY. Starting to feel good again.
  22. Yes I know it is far too late ... But for those who did not hear Jim M's post-match interview, His answer to the final question was, he will know before the end of the week (finally at last)
  23. I know some (probably most of you) will read the Topic Heading and think What the Hell is that Awe Aboot !! Well as I see it he has been getting (justifiably) shot at from every direction & reached it high point this week. All this criticism & venom's landed on his/ players doorstep, in the week of our biggest game of the season. I've already said, in the main, it probably all justified. And maybe around 5.00pm we'll be increasing the heat. But for those who can...Maybe Today is the Time now, to get behind the Manager & Players. We need points. It's fair to say I think all of us feel "let down" by him & probably players as well this season, but maybe today? POSITIVES He's intelligent, he's focused, he's ambitious, he oozes positivity, he's articulate, He's personable. NEGATIVES ... Yes he's got plenty. And I'm no hiding the fact. But please start another Topic for Negativity. (Reminder: Topic is for Positive Comments Only...New Topic for Negative Comments) Dundee Football Club
  24. There are many on here, that want NM to go as far away from DFC as possible. In managerial terms (at least at this time) I agree... In fact it should have been sooner. Some folk simply cannae stand the man. Not just as a manager, but as a person. There are some who believe he's a hard working decent man, with a range of qualities. I believe he is the latter. And there may yet come the time when he does actually make the grade as a Football Manager ... But at this time, he proved he's not yet ready. So what do we/dfc do with him? We kick him oot, gie him his big lump of compensation, send him on his way ASAP (Watching him disappear a wee dot on the horizon) Or can DFC/FPS make use of his qualities & offer him another role in their vast Orgainsation.? I really don't know, but I get the impression he is held in very high esteem. By John Nelms & Tim Keyes (as well as some others) ... And even in his pre/post/general interviews, he seems to know exactly what to say ... (some might call it spin) But even if it is just that, and NOT genuine words from the heart, most folk would admit he is good at it. Before putting up this TOPIC, I researched the role of "Director of Foootball" ... What they actually did !! The general message I picked up was...No one appeared to know exactly what it was. But the general feeling was, although not clearly defined, it could be a very important role. For those like me, who were unsure, it might be worth doing a check. I am NOT saying this is the job for NM. But if FPS dinnae like the idea of him losing his job ...OR PAYING OOT BIG COMPENSATION, they could find a role for him. Call it promotion. And upward step somewhere in there Huge US Organisation: The New Campie Complex (no parking control) Or DoF. Spokesman Ambassador
  25. It's a genuine question I'm putting forward here. I have no idea how much time the Modern Football Player put into (in hours) in the way of Daily Training etc. & Preparation fotr the next game. I'm NOT necessarily trying to be critical of DFC. Although I'd like to think they were knocking the doors doon to improve their present situation.
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