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  1. Because of my lack of knowledge, I'm putting this forward as a genuine question (After reading this link) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51005537 I know it's been well discussed on here many times, but maybe because of an "age-thing" I've never been able to get my head around the ins & outs of this. If Americans walk away, because they've had enough of us, or failing Campie plan. Or even if we simply reach the stage, where we've had enough of them. What then? Where do we go from there? Would Club-Fan- Ownership ever be an alternative possibility for DFC? I'd never dismiss financial backing by FPS. But I think this is mainly around the fruition of their plans of New Campie Complex. If this falls apart, I think they may well walk away. There's still (imo) this disconnect between "them & us" How long will they (like us) be willing to watch DFC floundering in the lower divisions watch by disappearing die-hard fans? (Apologies if this posts sounds loudly of gloom)...Maybe Sat's result & performance (& forum posts that followed) had a bigger effect on me than I thought.
  2. It's the short statement of fact above, more than anything else that convinces me, it really is time for NM to go. Had he (or any potential manager) indicated prior to his final appointment, that his aim was to win at least 3pts. out of a possible 24 points in his first 8 premiership games, not only would he not have made the short list, he'd have been laughed at !! Of course he would not have said that, or even believed it. But the fact is, that is where we are now. I'd never believe NM is a con-man (hate that expression) Because I really believe he's convinced, that his way is the way to go. And I've got to add, just as I reach the stage where I know (at least at this time in his life) he does NOT have the necessary qualities/experience for a Premiership Manager's Job...I get sucked in again by his eloquent prose, analysis/explanations (excuses) But I then bring myself back in a sudden shock to reality, when an other defeat is added to our already long list & I focus on above: Eight Games. Possible 24 pts. Pts achieved...3pts. No amount of talk/explanations/excuses, can now convince me, that for DFC (Under NM)...The best is yet to come. Two things however still concern me...Should JN finally find a few moments to tear away from his wondrous, future vision, of the New Campie Stadium Complex & start addressing the present current reality of the plight of Dundee FC, WHERE/WHAT/WHO is the manager, who's going to take over the role of leading DFC out of their precarious position?
  3. I took a wee break for a week or two off the Forum ... The despair & misery (understandable though it was) was finally getting to me. However, no only have I came back replenished, I actually caught up on ALL the posts. In fact so much so I had a look at P&B forum. No surprisingly, like us, their main talk is awe aboot DFC's present position...And when is the "Mannie" going & wha's gonna take over. Was surprised to hear/read (Mainly by Ludo right enough) the praises that were being rung oot for that Auld Crafty Devil Jocky Scott. Some posters thought, he was joking. But as I read it, he was deadly serious. So hence the topic question above .... "How Old is Old?" In the days of yore, let's say when I was 6yr. old (70 years ago) when someone reached 50 yrs. they were auld !! No jist tae young lads & lasses like myself ... THEY WERE SIMPLY AULD !! And definitely looked auld ... (People that lived to 60yrs aroond my area o' Dundee were in maist cases looked upon as "someone blessed") Nowadays some people, in their 60's 70's 80's & 90's look/act like young ains. For myself, I think I look no too bad for my age ... But my general heath & fitness could be better. However, just maybe 4-5 yrs ago, not only was I putting in a full days work (7days a week) I easily walked 10 t0 20 miles over the course o' a few days, wi' at that time 4 dogs. Now I can barely walk a mile However, enough aboot me ... Jocky Scott, Craig Brown, Archie Knox etc. Is it really a daft suggestion? Point maybe to remember When someone reaches 60/70/80/90 yrs, they don't suddenly go daft & there's a lot of experience there
  4. Actively reading, & I hope contributing, toTDBF during the Close Season, I've realised (again) whit a Grand Forum this is. I'm no' trying to sell this idea, to all DFC Fans & Supporters. Or to become involved in a Special Promotion of Our Forum. It's nae mair than a personal view. But during whit seems at times, alang drawn oot close season TDBF keeps me going. Maybe no' everyone would agree, but I think, within extreme DFC posts there has been on the whole respect & harmony. Whatever topic, we would awe expect disagreement (& I think this is the life-blood of a forum) but generally we are fine. However wi' a day before the first game, we are again entering a different world as the auld & new pressures arise again. This is NOT a plea for Love, Peace & Harmony. I say ( within thebounds o' respect) Let's awe go for it In oor ain way Ahead o' us are, Tears & Joy, Pressure & Elation, Fun & Sadness, An "Emotional Roundabout"... But we are ready for it ( Noo, Let the Fechtin Begin") Last Comment...A Wee Joke
  5. It has just about becone a "given" in the Premiersip who will be fighting out the Top Six for the order of top places & what six Clubs will be left to fight out (& avoid relegation) I am NOT gonna say the whole conceptt disnae make, for an exciting Permiership battle ... But it also makes a mockery (imo) of the meaning (for want o' a better word) the elite Clubs of Scotland. Just a few days ago, one of the "expected" lower finishing Clubs, on making a prediction oN where his Club will finish at the end of the season, said something along the lines of ... "Make no mistake, we wll be aiming for this last, top six place. But we realise, so will the other six clubs, it's not gonna be easy" Obviously having Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Rangers, makes for an exciting league, with the prspect of exciting games (between themselves & the lower teams) ... But have I got this wrong/ Is there no' something daft aboot a Division, where before the season has even started, the majoity of managers, have alredy given up on any real idea of hitting Top Four ... BUT DREAM ABOOT, FIGHTING FOR/OR EVEN SNEAKING INTO, THE LAST TOP SIX PLACE? The present situation/set-up, has a lot going for it. I don't know how, but can we not do better? Know part/most of this argument has been aired before. But is there NOT a better alternative? Is there not a way to make it14/16 division? Or even Two Divisions of 10? "Discussion Topic" (Because I am seeing this mainly fae DFC's perspective I've added this to Dundee FC Section)
  6. "However, supporters will have to find other ways to commemorate the victory after the plaque was scrapped. A spokesman for Dundee City Council said: “This item has now been removed.”.... (Quote fae the Local Paper) If I am reading it right, it looks to me like they are asking for suggestions (See they're no sae bad efter awe) SO CAN ANY OF YOUS HELP THEM OOT AT AWE? (If stuck for ideas...Jist rip the erse oot o' them anyway)
  7. Admin John continues to work day & night on improvements to TDBF. Possibly, for those like me, who are of a non-techy disposition, much of the work that goes on behind scenes will pass us by un-noticed. But here is something which maybe all of us can help John with ... Maybe after the good response received by many of you, to my more General Topic on this Forum, he has asked me, to ask you, if any of us on here, can suggest any further suggestions/changes/ideas etc. to make TDBF an even better & busier place to visit & contribute. It was his initial intention to ask his "elite" supporting staff, but thankfully he came to his senses quickly .... Before any real damage was done !! He is mighty busy at this present time making loads of changes (which as I said, I dinnae understand much aboot) However can you help? THIS IS FAE ADMIN JOHN ..... (PASTED) As you may have noticed there has been a few changes on the forum. Not all of them are complete yet and I have a few tweaks here and there to do yet. I want to ask you guys what you would like to see added, changed, tweaked or overhauled on the forum? This can go from the forum administration, moderation issues or changes, things you would like to see on the forum. I will make this as blunt as possible, if you think that something can be done better (I mean in all aspects of the forum) then please feel free to let me know and I will do my best to make sure that they are implemented. If you see something on the forum which has bothered you: The look, aesthetics, workability or anything, please feel free to let me know. So go ahead.... do your worst. (Fae me, Admin & Awe Staff & Members, Thank You in advance for the responses to come. Get on your thinking caps. Get TDBF buzzing)
  8. This I understand is no more than a dip into Fantasy Land...(I know because I go there quite often) But if it does no more than make others think (preferably the BOD) & creates some discussion, well it may have some value. We all know DFC do NOT have a Big Treasure Chest & even if they had, we also know, the present investors (who are generally doing a good job) are experienced & professional. Also prudent in all matters pertaining to business (although I am not sure what there idea was behind their decision to stick another price on "special" premium games. In doing that, it seems they managed to further distance themselves from even the hardest core of loyal DFC fans. "Lose-lose situation for all" OK, noo back to Dreamland...Imagine, John Nelms, making a statement along the lines of ... "Although it is still, most definitely in our plans to make the "Campie Complex" something really special for DFC, & the Supporters, as well as the City of Dundee, we feel now is the time to further invest in DFC Players. We are happy to announce, we have been in discussion with top quality players of recognised, proven, goal -scoring ability, who have decided the wish to join DFC in the Premiership in coming NEW season. It is our hope & our intention that you will show your support. And together we will make it to TOP SIX Players who will be joining us for next season, you may already know...Griffiths, Hemmings, Stewart" WOULD THAT KIND OF ANNOUNCEMENT ENCOURAGE YOU (& others) TO BUY A SEASON TICKET?
  9. "Darren O’Dea believes in Dens Park, Dundee have a pitch that is prepared perfectly for the way they want to play" .... Online Tele. It's a pity that message wisnae spread aroond the DFC players fae the middle o' December, before we went on to lose 6 games at home.
  10. I've added this Topic to Dundee FC Chat .... Not because I am advocating Robbie Neilson as a future replacement for NM. But because when reading what he had to say about his own career, I thought it was relevant to near every Fitba Manager. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43493453 When Neilson left Hearts they were second in Premiership...He took MK Dons from relegation to 12th place .... And One year after 21st place ... Left by mutual consent He also makes a "telling" short summary in the article about what must be an on-going pressure for I would think, all struggling managers .... Maybe worth a wee read?
  11. It is maybe unfounded (or still too early) but eh cannae get this fear o' DFC relegation oot o' meh mind. The Topic with the following detail, coupled with the posts that follow, may ease or increase my worry. The simple scenario choices are this.... 1) Neil McCann remains Manager. 2) NM goes. Recruit New Manager. 3) NM with an Experienced Mentor. (I understand this will be no more than a discussion point, with no right or wrong answer. And whatever conclusion is reached, the BOD are no' gonna act on anyting we say) Choice 1) It is no my intention to "put down" NM here, because I still think he is going through a learning process and may well turn out to be something special. But at this time, most would agree (I think) he is still feeling his way & making some basic, obvious mistakes. I am putting this down to lack of managerial experience. NM's potential qualities are there (imo) ... But we cannot be expected (in our position) to allow basic errors to continue on his road to learning, while we are losing points. But on the other hand NM may well be the best bet at this time to avoid the drop. Even Choice 2 for those who feel NM must be removed as quickly as possible is no easy solution ... And without going on to a range of details, which would affect even this decision (eg money) ... Who would we get? And who would want the job? (in these circumstances) Choice 3 Is the one I would opt for ... But (imo) this is never gonna happen. Bringing in an older, much more experienced manager (mentor/adviser), who has had past, proven successes, might just be possible (I believe their are good names out there. who might consider this) But where it would come to a sudden halt would be trying to sell this idea to NM? In my view, although I could see this as bringing benefits, I believe NM would see this as blatant interference, as well as an afront to himself, as a person & as a manager. So that freends is basically meh thoughts.You may have more ideas. But at my age eh really dinnae need this fear o' relegation So however it's done DFC, let's start picking up these points. Let "the fear" pass on to other struggling clubs. The Mighty Dee
  12. Around about a year ago, someone posted a grand image of Dundee City with Tay Road Bridge ... Highlighting DFC But "fiddling & piddling aboot" eh seemed to have lost it My Grandson helped me with this New One. Any Others?
  13. In case you are wondering why I've put this Topic on DFC Chat & No on General Discussion ... It is because eh believe, it's awe Dundee FC's fault Some of the more recent forum posts & topics (including mine) could have caused controversy/fights But, unless I am reading this awe wrong, it seems we have awe been on oor Best Behaviour ... BRAW Harold Finch, has only been a New Moderator aboot Twa Days...I'm no' sure he's contributed anything yet. But already he has it awe soarted oot Anyway, am I deluding myself? There's been some grand posts. Three Cheers for TDBF ... (& Harold)
  14. DFC Fans & Supporters...Strangely I am (I think) generally a pretty positive person and when things get me down I (actively) work hard at it, to get myself out of a rut (when it is in my own hands to do so) I know the effect long term depression can have on myself & those around me ... So as I say, I work hard at it, to avoid it. However when DFC get beaten as in the circumstances above, I think it does seem to hit me far more than it should. I don't scream & shout. But I do withdraw... And it takes me quite some time to get back to normal ... Normal? Weel ye ken whit eh mean In the great scheme o' things, Dundee FC losing, is no quite the end of the world. But jings it can feel like that at times. Guess others must feel much the same (& you can feel it in the posts) Do you? On the plus side a DFC Win is jist braw Now DFC Players .... No' gonna gie the players as much time as I gave myself because it's awe their fault eh feel Seek Logically of course, there's no' really an answer tae that. Mainly 'cause they're awe different & it's probably...Jist a Job (So Dundee, ye noo ken whit you have to dae ... Beat Celtic, then eh'm a Happy Mannie)
  15. I am trying to retain my respect for him, because I believe he is not without a range of qualities, that if time allows, will come to the fore. Given time, it's possible NM will go on to be a very good manager. Meanwhile relegation becomes a real possibility while NM "tinkers awa" Although. when he arrived (putting aside his lack of direct management experience) I welcomed him. His general countenance, & general presentational style, relaxed, clear, articulate, just about did it for me of. Worryingly those particular qualities seem now to have gone AWOL. His analytical experience of the game (gained from playing at top level & in the TV studio) I thought would turn out to be his biggest asset. Now I think it may prove to be his downfall !! Can a person over-think a situation? YES!! And at this time I think he is. There is a need to be aware of the opposition...Their strengths & their weaknesses etc. But first & foremost, know your own team/players. Let them play as they know, making use of their own, & their team mates abilities & qualities. Keep it Simple. It's the players on the park that define/decide result. NM I believe you are intelligent, & will see things others will not. But it does not always follow the opposition/or our players will necessarily go along with your carefully, well thought-through, analytical reasoning & plans. Just take a breath & let's not over-complicate. Dundee FC
  16. I think all of you know, the point I am making The only one eh might read, is Steven Caulker's. If only to be relieved to see he is still here & NO' 'Run Awa Hame the Weekend...After the Game (Easy on the Paper-Talk Lads)... Let's save it for the game DFC
  17. http://dundeefc.co.uk/news/big-win-wee-derby/ I am sure DF Official won't mind me providing link above to their own Headline & Report to last night's game. (Anything that provides a wee bit cheer) It's awe there to read. The lads are at the top. CW made a return
  18. Firstly, apologies to the poster who suggested (maybe as a throwaway comment) that we should consider trying to get GGH back. It was my intention to respond to the post, but somehow I lost the thread, (cannae find it) However GGH deserves a separate topic. I'm no' gonna go into awe his faults & attributes here. They have been well documentated. But he is a player that creates opinions. And woud I have him back if he was asked & agreed to do so? YES I WOULD. Now 32 yrs old, but I really believe he's plenty to offer. Dundee FC in recent games have offered us "various performances" In their worst games they've run about like headless chickens. Would GGH make all things sweet again? I'm not sure. But when I watched the recorded DFC games on DEETV he's been in my mind. Was about to add, would it not be grand to see with the return of Craig Wighton, GGH alongside him? I think we can take this further. Gary Harkins is never ever gonna be running up & down the pitch. But if he's there laying off flicks & sweet passes, then maybe our "Present Duds" (sorry DFC lads) can at last start producing some goals. Maybe the case we are no' that far away from a good team. Fifty plus years ago eh mind DFC were derided/laughed at, for signing Gordon Smith at 37 year old (We awe soon stopped laughing) http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15810957.Gary_Harkins_happy_taking_step_back_to_go_forward_with_Morton/
  19. Firstly, I hope some might find this Topic interesting. And be happy to provide answers & responses. But others might be wondering, NOT only, why I ask the question, but why I put it into "DFC Chat Bit" This is a reference to, many of my posts & topics, that might be aboot...Weel jist aboot anything (But we'll leave tha answer for another day)The Question is, How long are you on TDBF days/hours? This is NOT, A Special, Formal Survey, for the benefit of TDBF. It's jist me being basically nosey
  20. The inevitability of reading of the promises, of what players are gonna dae in their next game, efter anither puir performance & defeat is really starting to wear me out ... "Weel if it's that bad, jist dinnae read it" you might say. And of course you are right ... But each time I do.( As it draws me in like a magnet) And each time, my innner reaction is the same ... Just Shut-up wi awe these promises of what's to come. And quietly jist go oot on the Park & dae it !! Putting aside the DFC debacle, that was Saturday's game, we have no' been playing that bad .... But let's leave the promises to 3.00pm on match-day. Anyone else feel the same, reading & listenining to DFC Players promises & plattitudes? Or eh'm eh feeling mair seek & peeved than eh first thought. O
  21. Although I am no' attending games these days ... Tomorrow's game, is gonna be an interesting & important one (for obvious reasons) So meh FreendS...Can we expec,t a Big, Enthusiasic, Loud Supporting Crowd to Cheer on the Lads (New & Auld) Are ye going? DFC
  22. The Premier League's average wage rose above £50,000 per week for first time The average yearly pay in the 2017-18 season totals at around £2.6million Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5117533/Premier-Leagues-average-weekly-wage-rises-50-000.html#ixzz55HTlIbZW Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook I never added above Topic, to point out out the discrepancy, between English & Scottish Football Wages... (But if anyone feels, they want to discuss this, well that's fine) The main reason I added the above was, I was researching online, the average Scottish Premiership wages (which I couldn't find)....But came across above. Only reason I was doing this, was to get some idea what DFC might be able to afford to get a quality striker. Are there any posters oot ther (like me) who feel we will NOT get a decent one, for the money we will offer? I understand if we trim oor present playing staff (hate the word deadwood) that might make it then possible. I agree with I suppose every DFC fan/supporter, that we cannae afford to go on thinking "Och it'll be jist fine" (So how much could DFC afford in a weekly wage, for someone wha kent whar the net wis?)
  23. I would not expect anyone to know the exact cost in monetary terms, just how much it would cost DFC were they to be relegated. At the outset, I'd like to say, I do NOT think we will be. But it is possible. And we all know, once there it is no' sae easy to get back. It's this talk of Hendry, moving off, for whatever money is on offer. It's never just ONE man that will make a team. And were he to move on, & if his Transfer Fee was used wisely, to add strength the weak areas of our team, his move may be worth considering. My concern is though, if he goes at a "silly price" & whatever money is received, is NOT used constructively for the benefit of DFC. we might find ourselves in a worrying place. And maybe like thon ains doon the road heading for the "Hard to escape fae division" I dont think there's any easy answer to all this, But I hope whatever decisions are made, DFC BOD, are thinking very hard. DFC
  24. The Question above could have been raised under the on-going post on Jack Hendry ... Because the more recent news (although maybe just speculation) is the reason I have raised it. But I did NOT want to take the specific Jack Hendry Topic ... "off-topic" So I have made it a general question. My general view is DFC are at last getting the hang of things here. It seems only a few months ago that Hemmings & Stewart left us for (imo) a pittance !! And we suffered for this. However I think DFC have possible learned from this lesson ... Although we'll no' ken until a final transfer fee is agreed (Assuming JH does go) As we have not reached the final stages, we cannae be sure just how it will awe pan oot .... But I feel DFC are doing things/& acting in a much more pro fessional way. If we are a "Selling Club" we have to have quality players worth selling (Decent players that will attract the eye of other clubs) But just as important, we've got to make sure we get a fair return for the players going. And no drop oor panties too quickly That said, would it no' be grand if we we could develop into an Ambitious Top Club, that reflected this New Modern Stadium? To do that, one way or another we've got to try to hang on somehow to our quality players. We'll go nowhere wi' second best. It is easier for us on the sidelines to think & say ... BOD INVEST PLEASE. Secure DFC's future as Dundee City's Premiership Club DFC, Love 'em
  25. Of course it will .... But I've got a lot of mixed feelings about this game. ICT have been playing steady & well during this break, while DFC have been without competitive games. In theory (imo) we would expect ICT to be primed, fit, ready to give Dundee a real hard game (bearing in mind, not only their match-fitness) but the confidence they must be feeling, approaching any game just now, with their recent run of sucesses. This is gonna be a real, hard test (imo) for Dundee...And at an important part of the season. I am finding it hard to figure out, just how they will perform. Is the break gonna affect them? Everything seems to get "twisted around" wi this daft break For manager, players, fans alike. I think though NM will have our players really keyed up & ready. But I've got a strong feeling , that the result of this game, will no' only affect our progress in the Scottish Cup, but might even determine how the rest of the season will go for Dark Blues...Any kind of win will do. But if we can do it in style and reflect the steady progress we are making we'll awe benefit
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