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Found 2 results

  1. I have noticed that there has been a lot of topics/posts which are starting to contain personal attacks, trolling and baiting other members of this forum. It is now becoming more and more frequent and starting to disrupt the normal activity of our other members. Well today, this was the tipping point for myself and I have decided that there will be a zero tolerance for anyone who wishes to use this forum for their personal vendetta's against other members. I don't care if you have a beef with other members because of another forum you may have frequented, or you do not like the other person and I don't care to see it on here either. Any member who engages in 'personal attacks, name calling, flaming, taunting, baiting or accusing other members of being trolls' will be given one of the following: A message from the moderation asking you to stop or a Topic Ban (if you get ones of these you now know why), A warning which will result in posting privileges being removed from anywhere from 3 to 30 days, Member could possibly lose their Gold Member or Donator Status, In extreme cases, a complete ban will be issued. I also want to make this very clear, if someone baits someone else please use the report button to alert the Moderation team. Please do not engage in any personal attacks or flaming, as this could mean you will end up with a warning as well. Keep your personal shit at the login screen please and I apologise to our other members who have been affected by other members personal agenda's. If you are unsure please read our community guidelines: https://www.thedarkblues.co.uk/community-guidelines/
  2. When we first started this forum over two years ago, it was to give Dundee fans a place to come to discuss the highs and lows in a safe friendly atmosphere in the knowledge that you could air your views without personal attacks or irrelevant insults from other members of the community. We have always encouraged healthy opened debates on this forum, we even know that from time to time that they will get heated and not everyone will agree with you or see things from your stand point, that is how forums work. However, what we will not allow in this community, is for other members to come in and start throwing personal remarks, abuse and insults at people in an attempt to win an argument, they do not like what other people have to say or because they think they have the right to do that. We will NOT allow members to continually berate other members for their views or beliefs. Please keep the personal attacks, insults, abuse and the petty point scoring out of your posts. We will remove these posts from topics and posting privileges could be revoked if required. I would also just like to clarify a few things for our members in light of recent events. We will only remove topics/posts that do not follow our community guidelines and only as a last resort. Personal Attacks: We do NOT allow person attacks, abuse, flaming, baiting or petty point scoring on this forum. We will remove these posts if and when we come across them and our moderation team has sole discretion when it comes to this matter. We will NOT remove posts because we don't like the content or the poster. We take this very seriously, and if you believe this is the case, please contact Scott or Myself by private message or the support centre forum. We do NOT allow posts that discuss any actions taken by our Moderation team on the forums. If you have any questions regarding moderation, please use our support centre forum contact a member of the moderation team via email or private message and we will be happy to help you out. I would also like to clarify why sometimes it looks like your post has been removed for no reason. Sometimes we have to moderate posts because they're a reply of a post that has been removed in a topic. We do this to keep the continuity of the thread/topic and nothing more, and this is unavoidable in some cases. We would ask all our members to report posts that break our community guideline or ignore them. Please do not reply as your post could be removed by a member of our moderation team. Trolls and Disruptive Members You have the right to be here like anyone else, not be subjected to personal attacks or abuse by other members. If you feel that yourself or another member is being unfairly treated by another member then you have a few step that you can take to prevent this from happening again: Report the Post: At the top of each post there is a 'Report Post' link, click on this and let us know why you have reported this post. Using the Report tool helps us keep the forum free of Troll and Malicious members. We also ask that you report topics and posts that have broken our guidelines. Block the Person: You can choose to put another member on your ignore list, this way you can choose not to see their posts, private messages or status updates. Any member that circumvents your ignore list to continually harass you, could be banned. Contact a member of the Team: Please feel free to contact any member of the team with any questions you have or if you want to report someone for breaking our guidelines. Use our Support Centre: Our Support Centre forum is a special forum dedicated for personal support. Any questions posted by you in this are will only be seen by you and a member of our team. Please use this area for anything related to your account/profile, harassment by other members or moderation question you may have. If you are provoked or personally attacked, under no circumstance respond by doing the same. It is no less fallacious for you to return a personal attack than it was for them to make one. Either report the post as suggested or ignore it, you will often end up getting into an off-topic and personal discussion which no one wants to read about. My Post Was Removed Sometimes we will have to remove posts, we don't like doing it but it is a fact of life on a forum. In the event that one of your posts has to be removed or edited by our moderation team, we will do our best to send you an explanation for our actions, however this might not always be the case. We do try our best to keep everyone informed. There are a couple of steps you can take, if you have had a post removed by one of our moderators. You have the right of appeal if you feel that we were wrong. In that case we will review the situation and inform you of the outcome. All outcomes will be final. Moderation Discussion If you feel the need to contact a moderator, please do not use an open forum for this, we have many other ways for you to do this. If you create a topic such as the following, : Why was my post removed? Attention: Moderator or Admin FAO: Moderator why do do this? Why did you ban *whoever* etc We will remove any topics or posts that mention or question moderator actions in an open forum, profile or status posts. We will remove these types of posts without prior notice or warning. If you feel that your post has been removed without good reason, please contact us or create a ticket in our support forum. Regards,

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