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Found 10 results

  1. Just under two-weeks ago, the club announced that sales had topped 3100 but it would seem since the signing of Kane Hemmings last week, it has sold fans who were maybe sitting on the fence to purchase a season ticket with supporters and even the official club shop Twitter account reporting the ticket office being busy constantly throughout the last few days. Even on the day of our first home match of the Championship on Saturday, the queue for tickets was standing well outside the door from midday up until kick-off. The last day to purchase a season ticket at the 'Early Bird' price ends tomorrow at the close of business. If you attended Saturdays match against Ayr, you're advised to bring your ticket from that game and the price from that game will be deducted from your season ticket price. The ticket office is open from 10am-5pm. For more details - Click This Link
  2. Moussa only lasted for the opening four minutes of the defeat to Motherwell, having to come off with a calf injury. This gives the gaffer Neil McCann a potential selection headache as the Tunisian seemed to be picking up a bit of form and finally starting to find the back of the net. “We worked on something all week and Moussa went off early. “He was carrying it but felt it was OK and we felt it was OK but it’s obviously just gone on him. “We had to change things and it took A-Jay a wee while to get into the game but once he started protecting the ball it allowed us to get up in the game and create. “We played a wee bit wider with Simon Murray and Craig Wighton and I felt we were getting joy, I thought Simon looked dangerous.” With goals hard to come by in the Dark Blues starting XI, if Moussa is ruled out then McCann may look to replace him with A-Jay Leitch-Smith who has found himself on the bench lately and only found the back of the net just six times. Another option would be Cedwyn Scott who made his first team debut at the weekend for the Dee. The youngster signed from Huddersfield Town this season and has been knocking them in so far for the development team. McCann will obviously be hoping that Moussa recovers from his injury but if not, he may decide to push Murray down the middle with A-Jay taking up his position out wide. In other news this week, the club announced yesterday that season ticket sales had broken through the 1800 barrier. Season tickets had only been on sale for twenty days prior to this announcement but considering the league position and precarious situation the club find themselves in with a week of crunch ties that will either see them safe or in the bottom two come the end of the season, the fans have backed the club in numbers.
  3. We have seen video packages produced, phone calls to the fans who have bought tickets from the squad and management team, players looking back at their favourite moments following Dundee and even speaking to three generations of a family about why they support the Dee. My personal favourite has been video messages that some players have took part in to thank a fan by name for buying a season ticket and posting about it on Twitter. It’s been a fantastic way to connect with the fans and the response has been overwhelming. The fans love this type of interaction from the club. The club have also announced that over 700 tickets have been purchased so far, after only eleven days which is a fantastic response. This was followed up with an announcement that the Super Early Bird renewal period has been extended until the 1st May. You can view the prices and extras for Season tickets for 2018/19 by checking out the picture or visiting the website by clicking this link: DUNDEE SEASON TICKETS INFO KIDS FOR A QUID During the Super Early Bird period which runs until the 11th of May, under 12s tickets will cost just ONE POUND, when purchased with an Adult or Senior season ticket. An additional youth season ticket can be purchased for £10 within this scheme. FINANCE OPTION The easiest way to spread the cost of your Dundee FC 2018/19 Season Ticket is to pay through our finance partner over 10 or 5 monthly instalments. With students and seniors at £25.16 and adults for £37.19 a month during the Super Early Bird renewal period it’s a great way to split the cost of your season ticket throughout the season. A season ticket for Dens Park, gets you into every league home match of the season but it gets you so much more. Don’t miss the moments. Full details of prices for both the 10 months and 5-month instalments can be found in the application form below. DOWNLOAD FINANCE APPLICATION
  4. First off, let me say that the club have done well to freeze season tickets prices for another season. There is still the ‘Kids for a quid’ for U12’s when bought with an adult ticket which I think is a fantastic deal. There are also a few incentives thrown into the season ticket package. They now include two ‘bring a friend’ vouchers for any home match this season and one free voucher which can be used in any of the remaining home ties this season. These are of course subject to availability but it’s a nice incentive. You also get a free month of DEETV when you buy a season ticket. Though in need of some improvements, it still is a must have for Dundee fans for checking out player and manager interviews along with highlights, replays and archive footage. While this is all good and well, the club I feel have shot themselves in the foot by announcing a new ‘Premium’ category along with the A and B that already exist. I use the term announce loosely though as it seems to have just appeared out of no where along with its hefty £30 price tag. After plenty of fans started to query what exactly this was for or what games would be in this category, the club announced via Twitter that; It’s became clear to most fans that it will now cost £30 to attend a game at Dens Park when we play either Celtic, The Rangers or Dundee United if we are in the same league. This has led to a backlash of Dundee supporters criticising the board over on TDB website and also on their own Facebook and Twitter page. The current prices for 2017/18 are already hefty enough. It’s £24 (Cat B )and £26 (Cat A) to pay into Dens on the day which is hardly enticing. We get told that for a good team on the park that we need to pay the price so our manager is given a good budget. Well for the last two years, the fans have paid their hard-earned cash to watch a team struggling to stay in the league and hardly winning any matches at home. Attendances are down this year and last and the board have mentioned to break even, they need 1000 extra bums on the seats. Adding a new, expensive category makes a mockery of their cry for help. Looking at the teams these prices will more than likely involve, we are struggling to pull in a decent crowd as it is when the Old Firm come to Dens. Nine times out of ten it will more than likely be shown on Live TV and with the price at £26, most fans feel that it’s a lost cause straight away and decide to spend their cash in the pub. We should be doing everything possible to get Dundee fans attending home matches, even if it is against a Celtic team who haven’t lost a match at Dens since the end of the ‘80s. Have the board given up on getting home fans through the gate for these matches and are under no illusion that it benefits them more to fleece away fans to make up for the stay-away Dundee fans? Or is it more of the case that they want to make a season ticket that more appealing than strolling up to Dens to pay on the day? We need answers why this ludicrous ‘Premium’ category has come into existence. No game at Dundee is worth this much, especially when we are losing fans. One fan on Twitter said that any member of the board is more than welcome to wait in a queue to buy a ticket with them, to then go and stand in another queue at the other end of the stadium to gain access, walk up a hill and then sit in a seat with no back to it in a stand that is around thirty years behind it’s time. On the day when bottom of the table Partick Thistle announced a package for their last three games to fill their stadium along with putting on free buses to their two away matches, the men in charge of our club showed just how out of touch they are with the fans when they should have really been announcing their intentions to fill Dens against St Johnstone, Hamilton and Partick. I get the club have to try and make their season ticket package more appealing than paying on the day but unfortunately they have got their PR all wrong and if anything, It could be the tipping point for some fans. I know of a few people who can’t attend every game but felt that the £26 was too much too far and now hardly attend. This new price will no doubt add a few more to that list. The board have done a great deal for this club, that goes without saying, but they are not immune to criticism from the fans.
  5. I know the obvious answer. A winning side on the pitch that plays pretty, flowing football that thrills the fans and sends them home happy. That’s the dream and for the foreseeable future, it will no doubt remain just that, a dream. I suspect that the bulk of the 3500 fans that purchase season tickets do so like a creature of habit and I include myself in that group. That’s all fine and dandy but how do the club build on that, especially with attracting new younger fans that will become the next generation of Dundee. Firstly, I’ll look at any incentives the club could be looking at as ‘extras’ with purchasing a season ticket. There’s lots that can be explored by the club. We could extend the early bird period, maybe run competitions at the end of every week where five people who have purchased tickets receive a gift such as vouchers for the club shop, a home or away shirt, DEETV subscription or hospitality. Each person that wins could be invited to Dens to collect their prize and meet the players and management. Then for the reminder of the season, the same can be done at the end of every month. All these ideas could be advertised with fans believing they might potentially get more for their money if their name is drawn out the hat. It won’t add a 1000 more fans onto the gate but it’s a step in the right direction and would look like they are thinking of fans. Who remembers a few years back when our season tickets came with offers such as attending certain Dundee Stars games throughout their season along with special food offers for the DCA, The Fort etc? Could this be used again and more importantly, could they add more interest? The club can also up their PR game, something that I feel they lack massively. Compared to some of the clubs around us, I feel the publicity for selling this seasons tickets was below par and even for half season tickets, any mention seemed sporadic. They should be mentioning this every day from the day they go on sale to the very last day. They have no right to do this but would reaching out to unofficial sites such as The Dark Blues and asking them to advertise season tickets relentlessly be such a bad thing? This site is the place for Dundee fans to visit and would be a fantastic source for getting free advertisement. Go the whole hog. Create video packages, have various players giving interviews while plugging season tickets, speak about the greats of yesteryear to create a sense of nostalgia, pull at the heart strings with emotional blackmail in the hope of selling a few more books. Have the owners, managers and even ask the fans to come out speaking about their hopes for the season. Interact as much as possible and make it feel special. Add any of these along with holding events in the Bobby Cox concourse or outside it if the weather permits during match days, which could attract more families who will see it not just as a game of football but more of a day out that they look forward to. Finally let's speak about the pricing of the overall product. For a start, the pricing of season tickets and Pay at the Gate (PATG) are far too expensive for a city like Dundee. It’s no secret that poverty is a problem in this city and at £385 a pop to buy an adult season ticket, that price far outstretches most people’s budget. There is the finance option but who’s to say that everyone has the credit score to be accepted. That leaves the old PATG Unfortunately, the PATG price tends to creep up each year to the point that I applaud any fan who can afford to walk up to Dens and pay either £24 for a category B game against Hamilton or £26 for a category A against Celtic. For me, the season ticket prices should be vastly lower than £385. Would a more economical price of £300 see an upsurge in sales? Would saying ‘£20 is plenty’ see more fans deciding to pay on the day? There’s no guarantee these prices would attract more fans back but until we at least try to do something, I fear we will only see smaller crowds as the years roll by. Comparing our prices for the 2014/15 season an early bird renewal for an adult ticket would have set you back £300 while a new customer would have to pay £320. At the end of the early bird period it would then cost £340. Now you are between £340 and £360, depending on what early bird period you buy your ticket, and then a whopping £385 which is the normal sale price. The U18's price hasn't jumped much, the same as the price of an U12 ticket but for an OAP, the price for a normal ticket has jumped from £170 to £265. I'm sorry but that's a ridiculous and unnecessary price hike. I applaud the board for backing our managers with the aim of reaching the top six in the Premiership and ploughing ahead with their ambitious stadium plans up at Camperdown but I really get the feeling that they are out of touch when it comes to what we fans can afford to attend football in this city. Credit where credit is due, they offered kids tickets for just £1 when purchased with an adult season ticket this year and that was fantastic and hopefully that continues on for the many moons to come. They have also done well with the Bobby Cox family ticket but other than that, it feels like they are trying to get the as much cash out of the paying adult. We all want a competitive side challenging on the pitch but firstly and most importantly, we need to make attending Dens Park more affordable for fans old and new.
  6. The end of the Super Early Bird saw the fans back the club after the Board of Directors decided to freeze prices for the third year in a row. This Monday saw the Early Bird stage for Season Tickets begin with prices starting at £350 and under 12s tickets available for just £10, when purchased with an Adult or Senior season ticket. You can view how to buy yours by visiting the Official website here - Official Dundee Website Season Ticket Details
  7. The support through the season has been fantastic at home and away. You showed at the derby exactly what can happen when the support roars the players onto victory. You are the heartbeat to the Club and we want your help to continue the great work on and off the park. From Greg Stewart’s mesmerising runs to Kane Hemmings goal scoring exploits to Craig Wighton’s last minute derby winner....if you want to make history, you have to do historic things, and when historic things happen, you don’t want to miss out. Passed down from generation to generation, Dark Blue blood is coursing through your veins. Like the stories of greats, it is passed down from our ancestors. To guarantee your seat at Dens Park, the home of Dundee's Premier team, buy your season ticket now, available at the Ticket Office inside Dundee Direct, by telephone on 01382 889966, or online by clicking on 'Tickets' at the top of the page. To read a Club statement regarding season ticket purchases, please - click here. It’s in the blood, DARK BLUE COURSING THROUGH!!!
  8. Sales are going well and the Ticket Office have seen some major footfall over the weekend and again this morning after the end of the month pay days. With the ending the Super Early Bird prices falling on a week day we as aware this is not ideal for those in full time employment. As such, the Directors have made the decision to extend the prices to allow as many fans as possible to take advantage of these prices. The Super Early Bird prices will now run until Saturday the 4th of June. Work has continued in building the squad for the new season with Paul Hartley adding striker Yordi Teijsse yesterday. The manager continues to look into a number of different options ahead of the season to ensure this is a campaign you do not want to miss. Don't miss a moment of the 2016/17 season at Dens Park. Buy your season ticket now online and in store at the Dundee FC Ticket Office (inside Dundee Direct). Details of ticket prices - click here
  9. On Saturday, sales of Season Tickets will be suspended from 1.30pm until after the match to allow our Ticket Office to deal with tickets for the Hamilton match. The Ticket Office will be open after the match for anyone wishing to purchase a Season Ticket. Full Details of tickets - click here
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