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  1. andrak

    Enough Is Enough

    That they were, again, so comprehensively thumped by one of the bigger boys in the CL playground saddens me a little more. But something about the other night made me angry writes Andrew Keith. That they were, again, so comprehensively thumped by one of the bigger boys in the CL playground saddens me a little more. But something about the other night made me angry. Not the players, their effort, or even the schoolboy defending. Not the semi-ritualistic way these games are presented on TV or the ludicrous hype that is generated by the commentators and pundits. What offends me is the casual referencing of the weakness of the game and players in Scotland as a key reason why Celtic struggle against the best teams, and the implicit suggestion that if only their domestic opponents were more skilful, Celtic’s Champions League training friendlies schedule, aka the SPFL Premiership, might prepare them better for these big games. Pat Bonner said it outright. The weakness of the SPFL is the problem. Several others made the point that Celtic defenders never get the chance to play against top strikers in their own league and are, therefore, somehow unable to cope with it when they do. Others claim that Celtic are so used to being in possession of the ball and winning games easily at home, that when they face a top-quality opponent, they are suddenly caught like a rabbit in headlights without the faintest clue what to do. I don’t know enough about the tactics of modern football or the language used to describe systems of play to critique that in footballing terms, but I do have a reasonable grasp of what constitutes bullshit. And so much of what our journalists, TV commentators, and pundits say, on occasions like this, is definitely it. I blame Celtic for their own failings and the executive branch of Scottish football for facilitating that failure. Here’s how. In my opinion, professional football in Scotland has been organised around a single goal. To generate Scottish success in the Champions League. A good way to achieve that is to ensure that Scottish teams get plenty exposure to that league. The best way to ensure that is to make sure that the same team, or teams, gain regular entry into it. The way to make that happen is to organise the league such that it is unthinkable that any other team could win it. How might you do that without making it obvious what your intentions are? Well, first, you lay the financial ground. Allow teams to keep their home gate receipts. That way, clubs are kept in their place, the big two stay big, the middle six to eight, not so big, and the rest, remain almost irrelevant. To further entrench the financial status quo, you need to ensure that income from domestic sources (particularly TV money) is kept low enough to stop any other club paying for a team above their station, but not so low that mid-sized clubs go out of business. Next, you would have to ensure that the rules stay in place long enough for the plan to work. Give the two big clubs the right of veto over rule changes. The masterminds of the plan have to be kept in office for as long as possible and committee members must be carefully selected. A generous portion of executives from the big two, and a fair sprinkling of others too afraid of their own clubs going to the wall to bother about grand generation-long master-plans, should guarantee no one rocks the boat too much. Allow a rogue committee member to challenge things every now and again to make it look good for the punters, safe in the knowledge that no permanent damage can be done to the plan. But what if something unexpected happened to one of the big clubs? That could be tricky, right? The whole plan could be put in jeopardy. On the other hand, what is there to worry about when you have ensured that the decision makers are either on message or too concerned about their own teams’ survival to get in the way of a stitch up. Sure, we lost a few years, but it’ll soon get back on track. Journalists would get wind of this surely, or even be able to work it out for themselves, right? Well, in a profession that seems to have lost most of its towering intellects to be replaced by either agenda driven zealots or barely literate fan bloggers (like me, I suppose), we might be asking a little too much of them. In any case, the overwhelming coverage of the big two in the national media and the simple fact that promoting Celtic and Rangers sells advertising space means that they are, more or less, complicit, even if they don’t always realise it. At this point I’m beginning to sound like a mad conspiracy theorist, but as Spock would say “When all logical explanations have been discarded, the illogical explanation must be true.” Pat Bonner and those other pundits and commentators are right of course. Celtics failure against the big teams is the fault of the rest of Scottish football. Our players and teams aren’t good enough. But fault is a convoluted thing. It is not our fault because we are not good enough. It is our fault because we are not brave enough. Not brave enough to stand up to the powers running our game and put a stop to this madness. I have absolutely no evidence that there is such a master-plan, or that anyone at the SFA or SPFL has even considered any of these points or the consequences that might flow from them. I even have serious doubts that any of the current leadership have the intellectual capacity to dream up such a Machiavellian plot, let alone execute it. But one thing I do know is that Scottish football is not in a healthy place. Not even the handing over of Celtic’s next Champions League win bonus to Ross County, for giving them such a good run out the week before, would fix it. How glorious would it be for the other Scottish teams to be credited for Celtic’s CL victories (especially the big ones)? I imagine the words would get stuck in plenty of throats. Celtic win CL games despite Scottish Football and lose them because of it. That, in a nutshell, is where we are right now. All that is likely to change any time soon is that Rangers will join them again. Something has to change, if only because my TV won’t survive another shoe being thrown at it and my dog’s wee heart will surely give up if I’m incited to scream excitedly at some Celtic minded blowhard telling the world that my team is partly to blame for Celtic’s defence not being good enough to stop Neymar or Lewandowski, or some other top player. Next up, my thoughts on how to fix Scottish football in the shape of a ten-point plan. Ten Point Plan for Scottish Football Share gates 50/50. This is an essential first step in reversing the years of financial genocide that has been committed on all but two of our professional clubs in the last 30 odd years. Bring in a proportional voting system (based on a combination of league placing, number of professional players signed, average home attendance as a percentage of the population within 10 miles from the home stadium, and percentage of fan ownership) to stop the two richest and the next three or four richest clubs rigging things in their financial favour. Introduce financial fair play rules much stronger than UEFAs. Let’s punish clubs proportionately for being financially reckless so we don't have to completely crush them when it goes too wrong in the end. A crime of attempted administration or reckless endangerment towards a football club would do here. Encourage clubs to move to the German model of club ownership and operation, or at least limit ‘single investor’ ownership to 49%. Encourage local councils to get involved in club or facilities ownership (stadium, training facilities, parking, etc). I would ideally love to see wholly or partly council-owned sporting areas in towns and cities that contain facilities for all sports from beginner up to professional level. The proposed Caird Park development and the New Campy plans that will see football and ice hockey side by side are examples. Invest massively in several SFA run regional youth academies. Raise the age that children can be signed by club academies to 14 and make school marks a significant performance measure. Force clubs to guarantee academy players a minimum number of first or second team games before they are released. To give other clubs a chance to see them perform before they are dumped. Do you imagine that Celtic have such a large academy (http://www.celticfc.net/team/academy) only to produce one or two future Celtic players, could it be to stop other teams getting to them? Introduce international standard treatment and rehabilitation centres funded by the SPFL or SFA. Just like the NHS, in principle at least. Treatment costs or the insurance premiums must be crippling for most clubs and will stop them signing injury prone players or risking highly skilled players in games against 'industrial' type opponents. Consider withdrawing from European club competitions for a few years. The damage that regular failure against apparent European minnows inflicts on our young players season after season must be deep and painful. Consider introducing some kind of handicapping system based on income in cup and league competitions. The greater the income the lower the handicap that is reduced from your points or goals total, like golf, although not quite as brutal. Enough to give smaller clubs from the lower divisions a non-financial reason to want to get into the top league, but, sadly, not enough on its own to stop the ugly sisters from winning it anyway. OK, the last two are a bit far-fetched. But, if we are to move football into a new dawn, we need to have radical ideas and proposals that challenge the complacent and narrow-minded approach of our current football leadership. If our primary measure of success for Scottish Football is little more than how far Celtic get in the Champions League, then we are in big trouble. Celtic don’t share their wealth with other clubs except in their away support for matches. We all subsidise Celtic (and no doubt soon to be again, Rangers) to one degree or another: by the low fees they pay for our best players, by the priority they get over TV revenues, by the hoovering up of the best young talent in the country, by the way the football authorities allow them to act with near impunity when other clubs would be and are punished severely, by their near total domination of column inches in the sports pages of our national newspapers (and sometimes our local ones too). by the lack of respect for Scottish football resulting from the bigotry displayed by fans of both clubs. I could go on……… Let’s hope we can find leaders who are prepared to tackle the underlying issues. So far, all I have seen or heard, is a few calls for changing the menu in the restaurant and adding a few more deck games as our Scottish Football Titanic steams, still, towards colder waters where there be icebergs.
  2. TheDarkBlues

    Dundee v St Mirren

  3. Players, staff and fans from clubs across the Country observed a minutes silence prior to their matches over the Remembrance Sunday weekend.
  4. TheDarkBlues

    Dundee 0 - 4 Hamilton

    Accies hammer Dee to keep survival hopes alive As inspired performance from David Templeton inspired Hamilton to a thumping 4-0 win over Dundee at the Superseal Stadium to ensure that they avoided automatic relegation from the SPFL Ladbrokes Premiership. Rakish Bingham, Giannis Skondras, Dougie Imrie and Ali Crawford got the goals that relegated Inverness CT and secured a playoff match for Accies.
  5. TheDarkBlues

    Dundee 1 - 1 Kilmarnock

    Dundee were held to a 1 - 1 draw by the visitors to Dens Park Kilmarnock. Kris Boyd opened the scoring within the first 10 minutes, thanks to some terrible defending which let Scott Bain on a one to one with the veteran striker who slotted past Bain and into the empty net. Kevin Holt made it 1 - 1 in the 27th minute as he swept the ball past three oncoming Kille players.
  6. TheDarkBlues

    Aberdeen 3 - 0 Dundee

    Magic McGinn fires Dons to win over Dee Niall McGinn scored twice as Aberdeen beat Dundee 3-0 at Pittodrie in the SPFL Ladbrokes Premiership. Ryan Jack opened the scoring before McGinn took over, sending the Dons up to second in the table.
  7. TheDarkBlues

    Dundee 3 - 0 St Johnstone

    Dark Blues beat Tayside neighbours at Dens Park Dundee finished 2016 on a high as Faissal El Bakhtaoui, Kostadin Gadzhalov and a Steven Anderson own goal gave them a 3-0 win over St Johnstone at Dens Park in the SPFL Ladbrokes Premiership.
  8. Jags into top six after victory over Dundee Partick Thistle moved into the top six in the Ladbrokes Premiership as goals from Callum Booth and Kris Doolan gave them a 2-0 win over an out-of-sorts Dundee at Firhill Stadium.
  9. TheDarkBlues

    Dundee 3 - 2 Hearts

    Brilliant Dee comeback stuns Hearts at Dens Dundee came from two goals down to score an injury time winner and beat Hearts 3-2 at Dens Park in the SPFL Ladbrokes Premiership. Jamie Walker and Callum Paterson had given Ian Cathro’s men a comfortable lead but Darren O’Dea and Paul McGowan levelled the scores before Marcus Haber’s late winner completed the turnaround.
  10. TheDarkBlues

    Raith Rovers V Dundee

    The Dark Blues new signing Sofian Moussa comes off the bench to open the scoring, before Hendry scored a dramatic late winner in injury time to secure all three points in the first round of the Betfred Cup. After all the excitement of the pre-season flurry of signings, Neil McCann's new look Dundee side didn't exactly hit the heather alight, in what was a pretty dull and lethargic game to start off with. However this changed in the last 10 minutes when both sides upped their game after tempers started to flare from both side and referee Stephen Finnie did as much as possible to keep the game from flowing along. Dundee lined up against Raith Rovers with seven new faces from last year. Manager McCann handed competitive debuts to five players, Hendry, Kamara, Deacon, Allan and Wolters in the starting eleven. While Spence and Moussa were both consigned to the bench for the start of the game. Raith Rovers Boss Barry Smith made just one change to the side that lost to Dundee United last Saturday, Yaw Osei came in for the injured Bobby Marr. The Rovers had a few familiar faces with ex-Dee Players Davidson and Benedictus at the heart of their defence. The Dark Blues played in their Red away strip and blue shorts and stockings. The match started on an immaculate Stark's Park Surface and the Dark Blues of Dundee seemed quite content in retaining possession for large parts of the first ten to fifteen minutes of the game, without really troubling Lennox in the Raith goal. Both sides were prone to slack passing and frequently gave the ball away and both teams could not find a way past either sides defence. Raith's keeper Lennox had to look sharp after Allan found Wolters who nearly caught the keeper out at his far post. In the 17th minute, Buchanan struck the ball from outside the Dundee box, and the ball deflects off Spence into the arms of Bain. A couple of minutes later, Buchanan who lays off Callachan, however his shot comes off a Dundee red Shirt. A minute later, a Thomson cross from the right finds Vaughan and his shot is palmed away from danger by Scott Bain. The game started to come alive in the 38th minute. Wolters made space for himself inside the box, his shot hit the crossbar from 16 yards and Lennox was left standing on his goal line watching ball. El Bahktaoui also had two chances in quick succession, his first was blocked by Davidson and the second was saved by Lennox. Spence was the first player of the day to end up in the ref's little book. He was judged to have dived in the box and referee Finnie booked him for simulation. The first half ended in a stalemate and there were no changes to either line ups when both teams came out for the second half. Right after the second half started, the ball broke to Deacon on the edge of the Raith box but his shot flew well over the top of the bar. Dundee had a massive let off a few minutes later when Buchanan and Vaughan played a 1 -2, but fortunately for The Dark Blues Buchanan sliced his shot wide of Bain's goal. Dundee made their first change of the second half when McGowan came on for O'Hara, and within a few minutes McGowan was complaining that he was hit in the head from a stray elbow, to which he had to receive treatment from the physio. After a lengthy pause in the game Allan then went on to waste a free-kick by nearly kicking it out Starks Park. Roarie Deacon got his first yellow card in a Dundee shirt after having a little spat with Murray, and then gave the ref no choice but to produce the yellow for a foul on Buchanan. Spence is denied a goal scoring opportunity when Kevin Holt puts in a fantastic last ditch tackle as Spence is about to shoot with only Bain to beat. However, Spence goes down easily in the box and Raith players and fans appeal for a penalty but the ref is not interested stating that Holt played the ball. Dundee make another substitution, controversial signing Moussa comes on for Wolters and nearly gets a goal within minutes of his debut. Cammy Kerr cross defects of McGowan and straight into the path of Moussa, however he can't get the ball from under his feet and Lennox comes in to smother. The deadlock was finally broken in the 83rd minute. An Allan free-kick in from the left found Moussa who controlled the ball with his back to the goal, turned and hit the ball high past Lennox in goal. Moussa was then booked for celebration in front of the away crowd. Raith Rovers equalised on the 90th minute through Vaughan who was unmarked at the edge of the penalty box, he struck from 12 yards and his shot flew past a helpless Bain. With the game almost to a close and looking like it would finish with penalties, Dundee struck in the 92nd minute to secure all three points. Allan played a short 1-2 corner with McGowan and Allan swung his cross high into the box and Hendry header past Lennox. The Dark blues get their first win of the season under Neil McCann. Dundee will now face highland opposition Buckie Thistle on Saturday at Dens Park.
  11. UWTB1893

    Dundee's Post Split Fixtures Announced

    The Dee will travel to Motherwell and Kilmarnock for the first two Saturday's before welcoming Ross County to Dens the week after. Fellow Highlanders, Inverness Caley Thistle, also travel down to Dens the Tuesday after before our final fixture at New Douglas Park against Hamilton. 29/04/16 - 3PM - Motherwell (Away) 06/05/17 - 3PM - Kilmarnock (Away) 13/05/17 - 3PM - Ross County (Home) 16/05/17 - 7.45PM - Inverness (Home) 20/05/17 - 3PM - Hamilton (Away)
  12. UWTB1893

    Fixture List Released Tomorrow

    The Ladbrokes Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2 will all kick off on the weekend of August 5th. Since promotion in 2014, Dundee have faced Kilmarnock twice and Ross County once on the opening day. The first season back, we shared the points with Kilmarnock at Dens and the following year we also faced Killie but on their own turf when we ran riot in a 4-0 victory. Last season we visited County in the Highlands and left with all three points after a 3-1 victory.
  13. UWTB1893

    SPFL 2017/18 Key Dates

    Friday June 2 – Betfred Cup draw Friday June 23 – Fixtures published for 2017/18 Saturday July 15 – Betfred Cup begins Saturday August 5 – League season kicks off
  14. The news came about after the SPFL today announced that the game at Dens Park will be shown live on Sky Sports. We previously reported that chiefs had arranged a venue for the game, which at the time was 85% confirmed. However, the club today issued a statement saying any game across the pond “will not go ahead at this time.” The full statement read: “With today’s fixture amendments release including the upcoming home match against Celtic we would like to address the situation regarding discussions which have been ongoing with the possibility of playing a fixture in the United States of America. “A lot of positive conversations have taken place regarding this over the period since the initial discussions took place about playing this fixture in America but unfortunately it will not go ahead at this time. “Some of those conversations which have taken place over the past few months have branched off to other areas of discussion which the club are actively pursuing for the future. We will continue to look into any and every avenue which we feel can benefit Dundee Football Club. “As with a number of projects like this, for various reasons, we are unable to give all the information and we appreciate our supporters patience around this subject. “The club are always looking at new initiative ways to take the club forward and we have been heartened by the support we received from our fans about this potential project. “We will be making no further comment at this time.”
  15. The Tangerines’ table-topping clash against Hibs at Tannadice in March has been moved to a Friday night (March 10) kick off. The game gets under way at 7.45pm and will be shown live on BT Sport. Meanwhile, two of Dundee’s fixtures have been moved. The game at Dens Park against Celtic on Saturday March 18 has been pushed back to the Sunday with a 12.30pm kick off. Sky Sports will broadcast live from the fixture. The Dark Blues’ home game against Aberdeen two weeks later has also been moved to Friday March 31. BT Sport will show the game live with the match kicking off at 7.45pm.
  16. TDB Staff

    Football Fans In Training comes to Dens

    Two separate classes for men and women, the 13-week programme will provide coaching from professionals, a behind-the-scenes look at the club and encourage a healthier lifestyle. What’s better? It’s free! This Fitness course is only open to members of the public who are between the ages of 35-65 and are over 38 waist size for men and size 16 dress for women. The course will start on Wednesday 18th January at Noon for men followed at 1.30pm for women, and will be weekly held in our Penman Lounge at Dens Park. If you are interested in taking part please contact [email protected]
  17. Dundee's losing streak continues with a 2 - 0 defeat away from home to St Johnstone. Less said about this performance the better. St Johnstone 2 - 1 Dundee
  18. https://www.thedarkblues.co.uk/calendar/event/87-motherwell-vs-dundee/ The Dark Blues head to North Lanarkshire this weekend to face the Steelmen in our fourth premiership game of this season. Motherwell are currently sitting 9th place in the league, having only one of their last three outings. Having beat Kilmarnock 2-1 in their opening game of the season, they have gone on to narrowly lose their last two games against St Johnstone (2-1) and The Rangers (2-1) this last weekend. However, the did lose heavily to Celtic 5-0 in the Scottish League cup Second round. Match Info Opposition: Motherwell Football Club Competition: Ladbrokes Premiership Date: 27th Aug 2016 Kick-off: 15:00 Venue: Fir Park Head To Head Last Five Games: 30 Jan 2016: Dundee 2 - 2 Motherwell (SPFL) 12 Dec 2015: Motherwell 3 - 1 Dundee (SPFL) 03 Oct 2015: Dundee 2 - 1 Motherwell (SPFL) 21 Feb 2015: Motherwell 0 - 1 Dundee (SPFL) 10 Jan 2015: Dundee 4 - 1 Motherwell (SPFL) Overall Games Won Motherwell: 67 Dundee: 90 Draws: 40 Highest Scores Motherwell 6 - 1 (1932) Dundee 7 - 1 (1903) Game Information This match is a 'Pay At The Gate' and the Dark Blue Fans will enter at the South Stand for this game. Admission Prices: Adults: £23, Concessions: £16 (60yrs+, 16-18yrs and Students with a valid matriculation card) , Kids: £12 (15yrs and below). Match-day programmes can be bought for £3 available around and in FirPark on match-day. Travelling To The Game Use Google Maps for getting to the game by car or train. If you are using a car Sat-Nav: Postcode: ML1 2QN How Watch Online This game will not be shown live from Motherwell on DeeTV this weekend. You will however be able to watch the full game later on Saturday night on DeeTV. Match highlights will be shown on Sunday. More Information at the Official Website http://dundeefc.co.uk/match/motherwell-vs-dundee-27th-aug-2016/
  19. Dundee host St Johnstone at Dens Park in the first of the post split fixtures. Game Details: Competition: SPFL League game. Venue: Dens Park Date: Saturday, 25 April 2015 Kick Off: 15:00 (3.00pm) Ticket Prices: Fans are reminded that The Bobby Cox Stand will be all ticket for this match. Prices for this match are £20 (adults) and £10 concessions ( Under 16, Over 65 or Students with valid student photo ID) Family Area Priced tickets available in the Bobby Cox Stand Rows A – Y, Seats 1 – 47 with prices as follows: Adult and one child under 12 £22 Two adults and two children under 12 £42 With additional children under 12 at £ 2 Children under 16 are £ 7 Under 12 tickets can only be bought as part of a family group Under 16 tickets can be bought without an adult ticket Game Stats In our last 7 league games, we have lost three, won two times and drawn twice. Scoring seven and conceding eight in these games. Our last defeat was to Celtic at home. St Johnstone have won three times, drawn twice and lost 2 of their last 6 games. Scoring five times and conceding five times. Their last defeat was against Ross County and their last win was against Dundee on the 11th April. Head to Head Stats In our last 6 encounters with St Johnstone we have yet to pick up a win, we have lost four times and drawn twice. The last time we beat a St Johnstone side was way back in 2014 when we won 0-1 at McDiarmid Park and the time before that was 08 December 2001 at Muirton Park. Last 6 League encounters: SP: 11/04/2014 St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee SP: 08/11/2014 Dundee 1 - 1 St Johnstone SP: 13/09/2014 St Johnstone 0 - 1 Dundee SP: 27/02/2013 Dundee 2 - 2 St Johnstone SP: 02/01/2013 St Johnstone 1 - 0 Dundee SP: 29/09/2012 Dundee 1 - 3 St Johnstone D1: 25/04/2009 Dundee 0 - 1 St Johnstone Last 2 cup encounters: Dundee have never played St Johnstone in a cup game? Head To Head Dundee: 52 St Johnstone: 44 Draws: 35 Goals Dundee: 198 St Johnstone: 164 Highest Scores Dundee 6 - 1 (63/64) St Johnstone: 7 - 2 (96/97) League Standing St Johnstone are currently sitting in 5th position. Away record Won: 6 Drawn: 4 Lost: 7 Goals F: 12 Goals A: 17 Goal Dif: -5 Current: Played: 33, Won: 14, Drawn: 6, Lost: 13, Goals F: 28, Goals A: 32, Goal Dif: -4 Points: 44 Last Home win was: SP: 21/03/2015 St Johnstone 2-0 St Mirren last 2 wins: SP: 11/04/2015 St Johnstone 1-0 Dundee SP: 21/03/2015 St Johnstone 2-0 St Mirren last two lost games: SP: 07/05/2015 Ross County 2-0 St Johnstone SP: 14/03/2015 Partick Thistle 3-0 St Johnstone
  20. After this weeks fiasco with the post split fixtures and moving the Hearts V Rangers games 24 hours ahead of everyone else, do you feel the time is now up for Neil Doncaster? Chris Sutton talks about this in the Daily Record today stating the whole affair was nothing more than just scandalous and now it is time for Doncaster to be fired or resign. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chris-sutton-neil-doncaster-needs-5540801
  21. Welcome to the match thread for St Johnstone Vs. Dundee FC in this weeks SPFL fixture. Competition: SPFL Premiership Date: 11 April 2015 Kick Off: 3.00pm Venue: McDiarmid Park Lineups: St Johnstone: 01 Mannus, 02 Mackay, 05 Wright, 06 Anderson, 24 Easton, 07 Millar, 04 Lappin, 10 Wotherspoon, 29 O'Halloran, 14 Graham, 09 MacLean Substitutes: 03 Scobbie, 11 Swanson, 15 Banks, 17 McFadden, 19 Miller, 20 Brown, 25 Kane Dundee: 12 Bain, 19 McGinn, 04 Konrad, 06 Davidson, 03 Dyer, 20 McAlister, 11 Ferry, 18 McGowan, 48 McGinn, 15 Stewart, 16 Clarkson Substitutes: 01 Letheren, 24 Black, 26 Gadzhalov, 33 Wighton, 35 Colquhoun, 47 Harris, 49 Heffernan Match Official: Steven McLean
  22. Source: The Courier Dundee’s game with Celtic, originally scheduled for the weekend of the League Cup final, has been rearranged for Wednesday, March 18, with a 7.45pm kick-off. To coincide with this development, Dundee have announced details of a special ticket deal which will see supporters able to purchase cut-price briefs for the Aberdeen game at Dens on March 23 when bought along with a ticket for the Celtic match.
 Fans buying a Celtic ticket for £25 will be able to get an Aberdeen one for £15. A concession for Celtic is £15 and if supporters buy an Aberdeen ticket at the same time, they will get that for £5. The offer is available until March 18.
  23. This weeks match is away up in the highlands. We face Ross county in the last league game of this month. While we haven't been playing pretty over the last few months, we still seem to be winning games and we are currently sitting in 6th position just 2 points behind Hamilton (Who are in free-fall, again). Game Details: Competition: SPFL League game. Venue: Victoria Park Date: Saturday, 28 Feb 2015 Kick Off: 15:00 (3.00pm) Ticket Prices: North Stand (Away - Dundee Support): Adults £22 Concessions £12 Under-16's £10 How to get to Victoria Park Game Stats Dundee have not lost for the last 8 games and scoring 14 goals in the process, however we have only conceded 7 in these games. Ross County beat Partick Thistle 3 -1 to finally move off the bottom of the league, however all bottom 3 clubs are sitting on 18 points. Ross County's last win was against Partick Thistle on the 21st of Feb this year(2015). Dundee's Last 6 League encounters with Ross County: SP: 04/01/2015 Dundee 1 - 1 Ross County SP: 27/09/2014 Ross County 2 - 1 Dundee SP: 08/03/2013 Dundee 0 - 2 Ross County SP: 15/12/2012 Dundee 1 - 1 Ross County D1: 25/08/2012 Dundee 0 - 1 Ross County D1: 25/04/2012 Ross County 3 - 0 Dundee Last 2 cup encounters: SC: 17/02/1998 Dundee 3 - 0 Ross County SC: 14/02/1998 Ross County 1 - 1 Dundee League Standing: Ross County are currently sitting in 10th position. Home record Won: 2 Drawn: 0 Lost: 10 Goals F: 12 Goals A: 25 Current: Played: 26, Won: 4 Drawn: 6 Lost: 16 Goals F: 27 Goals A: 52, Goal Dif: -25, Points: 18 Last away win: SP: 21/02/2015 Partick Thistle 0 - 1 Ross County Ross County last 2 wins: SP: 17/01/2015 Ross County 3 - 2 Motherwell SP: 08/11/2014 Kilmarnock 0-3 Ross County Ross County last 2 lost: SC: 07/02/2015 Aberdeen 4-0 Ross County SP: 24/01/2015 Ross County 0-1 Celtic Ross County have won their last two games, but have been on a really bad run of games recently that has left them on the bottom for a long time this season. At the start of the season Ross County were the whipping boys of the league and it was Dundee who game them their first league win of the season when they won 2-1. Victoria park is a bogey ground as far as I am concerned and I would be more than happy with a point this weekend, but in reality if we have any ambition of grabbing fifth place, we need to be winning games like this.
  24. Welcome to the match thread for Dundee FC Vs Partick Thistle in this weeks spfl fixture. Competition: SPFL Premiership Date: 14 Feb 2015 Kick Off: 3.00pm Venue: Dens Park Stadium Lineups: Dundee 12 Bain 19 McGinn 05 McPake 26 Gadzhalov 02 Irvine 04 Konrad 48 McGinn 47 Harris 20 McAlister 18 McGowan 49 Heffernan Substitutes 01 Letheren 03 Dyer 08 McBride 16 Clarkson 24 Black 29 Harkins 33 Wighton Partick Thistle 01 Fox 02 O'Donnell 06 Balatoni 13 Frans 05 Booth 18 Osman 08 Bannigan 28 McDaid 22 Fraser 14 Elliott 29 Taylor Substitutes 07 Craigen 09 Doolan 10 Stevenson 11 Lawless 12 Gallacher 15 Higginbotham 21 Richards-Everton Match Official: Craig Thomson

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