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Curran & Davies

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11 hours ago, HK Blues said:

I'm not sure if they are at it, or being unreasonable,  in asking to leave and looking for a bit of cash to do so (if they are).  It's custom and practice in football.  As has been mentioned above, the club needs to rise above the personalities and make a business decision - if they can unload a non-performing asset for less than the contract then it should be at least up for consideration.  It doesn't sit well with players who appear not to have done much/anything to help the club in the past but cutting your nose off to spite your face rarely makes sense.  


Watching Si Ferry intereview David Robertson earlier and he was on about some of the stuff clubs do to piss players off to make them move on. It's a side of football that we don't see as fans but sounds quite murky. 

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On ‎13‎/‎08‎/‎2019 at 12:15, Cobra said:

So two English guys who were happy for years working under McIntyre in a tiny Highland town and both were happy to sign long-term deals with Dundee a few months ago are both now desperate to leave for family reasons now that they're pal McIntyre has been sacked. Seems a tad unlikely that they've both simultaneously had a change in circumstances that means that they can't work in Tayside and DFC has to offer them a way out.

I said they are acting like homesick kids who need to urgently return to their family. I know they didn't use that particular word.

For someone who is normally a  sensible poster, I find it strange you seem desperate to turn these guys into villains. We don't know the in depth details of why they want away. McPake says it's family reasons so surely we should trust that. Even if that is not really the reason, I don't see a benefit in holding a grudge against them. Davies in particular is doing us a favour if he wants to rip up his contract. 

When at Ross County, they were both important players in the team and no doubt therefore enjoying their football. I'm sure both would have made sacrifices to go up to the highlands but sometimes they can be worth it for a job you are enjoying doing.

It is completely different circumstances they are at with Dundee. It must be psychologically difficult for Davies to be out injured for so long. Curran now finds himself 4th choice striker and a boo boy/scapegoat for some fans. Hardly conducive for enjoying your football and wanting to stick around.

For me, I say to them thanks for your efforts and we move on.

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18 minutes ago, Edin_Dee said:

For someone who is normally a  sensible poster, I find it strange you seem desperate to turn these guys into villains.

I can't be that desperate to demonise them if I haven't posted on this thread since I said 24 hours ago that I was leaving this discussion to others as I can't be bothered with it.

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19 hours ago, Dens Bound Rhino said:

So that means a player who wants to leave a club can have half a years wages upfront, just to go and sign another 2 year deal at another club? Great way for an average player to maximise career earnings I suppose. 

I thought if the player requested to leave then he’s effectively requesting to leave the terms and conditions of the contract - providing the club are in agreement with lettting them go. However, if the club wants to move the player on then it’s up to club and player to agree a settlement. 

I’m sure there are a number of different scenarios that are tied into contracts and settlements that prevents a club from just paying out settlement sums. For example, if Curran finds a new club but will only offer 70% of the wages he’s currently on, Dundee might settle by picking up the remaining 30% for the number of months he has left on his current deal with us. It might even be a possibility that the Dabs are contributing a % to his wages at the moment, we just don’t know. 

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