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The Dark Blues

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I don't have any kids myself but I was just thinking today how fantastic it is that so many Dees are getting their young lads and lasses to wear our colours.

We haven't won a major trophy in my lifetime (I was born in 1975) and yet we have hundreds of young ones running about Dens wearing dark blue.

These parents are keeping my late grandfather's club alive and I just wanted them to know how much it means to me (and probably others around the world).

Also... special mention to the Dees who've bought a season ticket every season even during the dark times. "You Da Real MVP", as our American owners might say.

The 6-2 was a real kick in the baws but how good is it going to feel when we pay them back at Dens? The biggest derby highs for me have come when we've been feeling low. The Georgi chip was majestic but almost expected. Jamesie's rocket was off the scale. I was walking on air past those dejected dabs outside the ground.

Mon the Dee!

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Couldn’t agree more, as I’ve said in previous posts, if they had suffered half of what we have went through as fans then there club wouldn’t exist.

As for yesterday, I wasn’t there so can’t comment on the performance, but I think the 6-2 result the previous week had an influence on his team selection yesterday, if we had drawn at Tannadice for example I am convinced he would have played more kids to give them valuable experience against a senior team...

Unfortunately the performance was poor which now puts real pressure on players and manager alike to put on a positive performance Saturday against a very stuffy side....

Im desperate for Mcpake to succeed, but he has been backed well by the board, and he needs now to be earning his wages and getting the best out of these players starting Saturday.

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