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What Would the Scottish Premiership Be Like Without the Old Firm? Would It Be Sustainable?

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I know this has been discussed before ... But having two clubs of that calibre in the Scottish Premiership makes our Top Division a bit of a joke (imo)

There is no doubt, directly & indirectly, they add much needed finance to other clubs, but at the same time, the idea of a competitive Premiership, where every club has a possibility of coming out on top over the season, is totally non-existent. This is accepeted, every season & even befor the season starts ...

The Championship is maybe NOT the most exotic place to be, either in the sense of top quality players & games, or big financial returns, but for "wide open competition" where each week, taking into account, the surprise of unpredictable results is part of the excitement, it has a great deal to offer. This season, United appear to have promotion sown up (maybe) but as shown repeatedly here, every single week brings up shock results & some decent games, that are constantly changing the picture & adding to the overall excitement ... The Premiership could be the same if the Old Firm were not here.

Just look at the latest betting (Odds checker) Over the weekend of 23rd Nov. Celtic vs Livingson & Hamilton vs Rangers. LIVI 25/1 & ACCIES 22/1 for these games.

Present odds for leading four to win Premiership: Celtic 1/2 Rangers 2/1...Then it's Aberdeen 500/1 & Kilmarnock 1500/1...(Reflecting the huge gap in competition)

I'm not disputing or disagreeing the odds are wrong, but it does as said above, make me wonder about the future of Scottish Football wi' Old Firm pulling the strings.


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Better, far more competitive. 

...and Yes.

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