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The Dark Blues

Match Aftermath: Dundee 4 - 3 Dunfermline (14th Dec 2019)

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1 minute ago, Cobra said:

It's a funny old game. Had we come from 3-0 down to win 4-3 it would be considered one of the greatest days at Dens ever but because we risked turning a rout into a calamitous draw after getting an extra man nobody is happy.

Just imagine it did, with this goal coming at the end of the second half rather than the very beginning of it.


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A great 3 points to stop the rot. For 60 minutes we played really well and were well worth our 4-1 lead, could have been more if it wasn’t for the Pars keeper. Hemmings, Johnson, McDaid, McGhee and Ke

Support were an embarrassment today. Booing whilst we kept the ball at 4-1. Booing our own player at 3-1. Toxic. 

I have no words for how incompetent James McPake is. 

Posted Images

Loved that goal. It was like the Dundee of the 90s. Direct ball into a dangerous area. A wee flick. An effort on goal then the ball is smashed in from the rebound. Thrilling stuff. Opposition didn't have a second to think before the ball was in the back of their net.

I hope Dees wake up tomorrow feeling better about things. We scored four goals against one of the best teams in the league. Lots for us to work on but finally we have something to get excited about (going forward at least).

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McPake interview on the Dunfermline report. Sounds as pissed off with the capitulation as the fans.


I'll continue to be the one focusing on the positives. Hopefully the poor defense on counterattacks is a real focus (if it wasn't already before) on the training ground this week.

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I'm glad I knew the result before reading this particular topic!

How many times have we reflected on a game we lost due to any number of factors? Let's just take the 3 points, accept the positives and move on.

I hate to criticise fellow Dees here, but come on guys, take the win and give the negativity a wee break.

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3 hours ago, Cobra said:

Don't think I've ever seen the board so negative after a win. Hopefully once the dust settles we can take some positives from the game.

Four Dundee goals in 30 minutes, home fans entertained, the gap to second slashed to four points.

I quite fancy us to take another three points at Firhill next week.

Course we will 

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Glad we won. 
Haven’t watched it yet but we’d all have taken the result beforehand. I’m getting the vibe that not many are convinced though?

Forster and Meekings and Hamilton seem the weakest links today.

From what I’ve seen we need 2 centre backs and a box to box midfielder (dare I say a Mark O ‘Hara type?) that isn’t so slow as to leave a slime trail behind him..

Glad the strikers scored.
Big game next week to try and build momentum.


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8 hours ago, rossbatchelor9 said:

McPake interview on the Dunfermline report. Sounds as pissed off with the capitulation as the fans.


I'll continue to be the one focusing on the positives. Hopefully the poor defense on counterattacks is a real focus (if it wasn't already before) on the training ground this week.

Mcpakes biggest asset is his honesty...

Although last week he had a relapse.

Not trying to dress up the last 25 minutes as anything other than unacceptable...

Have to look at the first 65 minutes, more like we know what is capable from these set of players....

Another huge game next week, but everyone is I suppose.

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Another massive positive is that we didn't concede an equaliser. They still had 20 or so minutes to find one but we held on and could've got a 5th ourselves. 

Really looking forward to Patrick which is a totally winnable game. 

Prediction is now 3-2 dundee based on yesterday's performance.

Also 2-0 for Ayr at the dump 👀

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10 hours ago, WeighorstsWang said:

If my auntie had baws she'd be my uncle. 

Although comment above is funny WW, In these days of "gender fluidity" 

(eh jist made that term up) it disnae quite have the edge it used to have.

Noticed in the news yesterday a pic of a couple (ex army officers) who both changed their gender. 

Now living together as a partnership as new man & woman. And are now expecting their new baby.

(Apologies for going off topic aboveAnyway re the game, it was all a bit strange ... But we won :happyyes:

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11 minutes ago, Pepe said:

A great 3 points to stop the rot. For 60 minutes we played really well and were well worth our 4-1 lead, could have been more if it wasn’t for the Pars keeper. Hemmings, Johnson, McDaid, McGhee and Kerr were excellent. Marshall, Dorrans and McGowan were very good, Robertson wasn’t his best but still did a good job and it is easy to forget he is still 16/17.

Hemmings and Johnson worked well for the first time I felt and could have had a couple each easily. McDaid before he went off was a constant pest, brilliant 60 yard run for the assist on the OG and great pressing the defender to win the ball back to help with the 3rd, we desperately missed him when he went off but that was probably more down to the manager choice of replacement, we will get to that. Dorrans ran the show for the most part and Gowser was impressive coming in from the left. Great to have Marshall back and McGhee was a rock again, if we could simply clone a couple of McGhees that would be bra (modern science to come to the Dees rescue please).

Sadly for negatives. Firstly, our fans. Booing at 4-1, truly incredible. Had a pop at a few boys round us for it, genuinely mental. Think they had the last laugh at 4-3 when I briefly considered booing with them 😂.

Forster and Hamilton. Hamilton has been fine this season bar the mistake at Dunfermline but Jesus. First goal he had no chance and did the right thing to charge the attacker after his defence parted like the Red Sea. The second he simple has to save it, it was an ok effort but there was literally only one place Nesbit could put it and he let it pass through his hands. The third, at the game I thought it was harsh to blame him but seeing it back the deflection wasn’t as bad as I first thought and he got a hand to it but it was again weak. New keeper is needed for me, we simple can’t afford to have a keeper that’s prone to be a liability in games. Forster is just plainly dreadful, Dunfermline put Nesbit on him for the 90 and anytime the ball came near him below head height he was all over the place, couple of good headers but that was as good as it got for him really. Championship version of Kusunga.

Finally McPake, just when you think he’s did well with his initial step up he again ruins it with subs, well one in particular. Meekings is a horror show but there was no choice with McGhee going off and Nelson for Johnson was a straight swap with Johnson looking f**ked. But McDaid for Byrne🙄 forced yes, correct player on? God no. I am starting to think McPake wants to punish Byrne, an out of form defensive midfield where shall I put him? Wide right, genius! That sub killed our game and brought 4-1 down, 10 men Dunfermline right back into it. He has Nelson and wee McPake on the bench but decides Byrne is the correct choice. Now if Dorrans for example went to the right and Byrne screened the defence then I’d get it but for Byrne to actually be told to be a right winger is mental. 

A combination of a McPake sub, Forster and Hamilton howlers almost throw away a 3 goal lead v 10 men. That is ridiculous. However, thankfully we got the 3 points and it is very much needed and for 60 minutes we 100% were well worth our 4-1 lead and that must be taken into the next game v Partick. The positives out weight the negatives but the negatives were massive which is still a huge concern. Come January a centre back and a keeper is a must.

Great post mate. I don't think you can blame mcpake at all though. He has learned and is now playing the type of football we've all been asking for. 4-4-2, moving the ball forward (and quickly), getting balls into the box. He did it all. Was Byrne the right choice to bring on? We were 4-1 up and he brings on an experienced defensive minded player to see the game out. It's hardly the worst decision in the world. I would say like was played at right midfield and not as a winger though. He brought him on to make us harder to break through. How do you legislate for Hamilton's howlers? That's not mcpake fault. 

Anyway,  mcpake will know what needs to be worked on before the weekend and if we get a result in glasgow its game on for the derby! Get through that and we can strengthen the weaker areas in January. 


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28 minutes ago, GlasgowDee said:

I'm pleased  that Cammy Kerr has clearly been working on his crossing. He took a bit of stick for it, it was a major downfall in his game. Our full backs need to be good crossers 

2 assists in 2 weeks mate, massive improvement in his crossing 👍

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