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What I Took for the Dunfermline Game

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Watching the recorded version on DeeTV, I  agree with all the points you have raised in the  John... And I'm very happy to dwell on the positivity, of Dundee scoring FOUR goals. Losing the 3 goals, we/they/us, could certainly have done without & maybe not surprsingly, took away the joy of a glorious victory, from a team appearing to find their form recently.

But fairness to the DFC Players, although they endured some shaky moments when the opposition lifted theirselves & goals started going in, they did NOT go into total panic mode ... The next game will tell us if DFC players are now getting  their act together.

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7 hours ago, TheDarkBlues said:

That our manager realised he had to change the tactics and formation from our previous games.

For me, McPake got it mostly right, and if this game is an indication, we might be heading in the right direction. We played with a much higher tempo all over the park, better passing and use of the ball, got the ball up to our forwards quicker where they we in more of a position to score.

Lets be honest, to put 4 goals past one of the teams who are inform at the moment, tells me that this team on paper can do damage to other teams if they are managed correctly.

Our biggest issue at the moment is that we do not seem to be learning to cut out the silly mistakes. As soon as we score we let out guard down, the last three or four games we score and a minute later the other team equalise or score again. Either this isn't being addressed properly on the training ground or it is a case of individual errors.

Another thing I noticed on Saturday was the body language of the players. Our players seem to be taking the way that the fans are on their backs rather than supporting them through these times. I can understand from both sides, but when the team is 4 - 1 and some of our fans are still dishing out abuse at our players, you can understand what they must be thinking.

These players came out and played well and we the fans should have been behind them at that point. You could see that the players were upset about losing these goals especially after the way they had played. If they play like this from now on, we the fans have to start doing our part and help putting the confidence back into the players by getting right behind them.


Fecking booooooo






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