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Please Read: Disposable Email Addresses and Proxies

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We have noticed a moderate increase of people using disposable emails and registering/using proxies/vpn's on the forum.

So, in our efforts to combat abuse on our server/forum, from today, no one will be allowed to register/sign up using a disposable/BAD email address or via a proxy/VPN server.

Everyone's current registered email address as been vetted, if your email is known to be disposable/temp/bad (Doesn't confirm to DNS/MX) then you will have to revalidate your email address before signing in again.

In the next couple of days, there will be a check on members registered IP address, this is to check that they are valid and not a proxy/BAD. Any account which has been registered via a proxy will not be able to sign in until they validate their account again.


Why is the report button important? Because it lets us moderators know about possible abuse on the forum and we can deal with issues simpler and easier.

We have added automated moderation to our reports now. After a post has a certain (We are not telling) amount of reports, the reported post will be hidden, and placed into a moderation queue and must be reviewed by our moderation team before it can be approved again.

Please do not abuse this tool as this could result in a wee talking too. :)

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42 minutes ago, TheDarkBlues said:

Please do not abuse this tool as this could result in a wee talking too.

Hope for the sake of the continued quality of the excellent forum you run John (as well as your general physical health & sanity) with the support of others, you get the forum back on an even keel & manage to eradicate the "idiot element" that appears to have infested oor forum...

I'm sure all poster/members that can help will give unstintingly, their time, energy, support :happyyes:

I quoted above freend, because eh like the style (I am in favour of the quiet under-statement)

Usually found it much more effective than the direct "jumping oot oot knickers" approach :rant:

Hope you & Scott are looking after yourselves (& each other) :wub:

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