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Has Dundee, Like United, Put Their Players On Furlough Leave?

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"All of Dundee United's players and most of the coaching staff are among "a large number" of employees to have been placed on furlough leave.

The government's Job Retention Scheme will pay 80% of their salaries up to a monthly sum of £2,500, but United will cover any shortfall in wages."

If not, should they? It seems to make financial sense ... Any views?

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Most sites here are closed mate, we are concrete producers, the only one left open in the area !!! (Due to my greedy boss) We are busy, picking up any work that is going in the area, some quite b

I know where you’re coming from mate and I’m so sorry to here that. I’ve just retired from the maintenance side on one of the big players platforms. A shower of ruthless heartless bar stewards. They d

If we haven't already then I think we should 

We definitely should, it can be backdated to 1st March, so isn't an issue re losing out.

Dont see why clubs furloughing workers is newsworthy, its available every business,they should all be doing it as a matter of course

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If we can afford not to, then we shouldn't.  But which business can afford not to - who knows what the future is going to bring?  

I read a few things online today criticising top clubs such as Spurs and Newcastle etc for utilising the system - it's easy to see why they have attracted criticism given they are paying individuals in excess of 100K or more per week.  

An all this free money isn't really free, is it?  

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Very little information is coming from our board regarding the present situation, which maybe a good thing or a bad thing. Tim Keyes will be worried about all his other business interests as well as Dundee FC. Maybe he has enough money that will enable him to navigate a path for the club through this crisis without having to depend on the furlough option, we just don't know. We will soon find out no doubt.

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3 minutes ago, deesforever1893 said:

Makes no sense for any Company NOT to use the furlough option

I agree ... Unless there are some "wee hidden clauses" we dinnae ken aboot, when every penny is a prisoner, TK & JN should already have this in hand.

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2 minutes ago, Gedee said:

I agree ... Unless there are some "wee hidden clauses" we dinnae ken aboot, when every penny is a prisoner, TK & JN should already have this in hand.

Naw, think its a no brainer, no hidden clauses, still paying out a lot to the higher paid players, if they decide to make up the difference, but should cover all the kids, office staff etc.

Its been extended to cover Employers NI contributions and Company's share of basic pension contributions as  well.

No system in place to claim it back yet though, so big cash flow issues at present I would think.

They say end of April before Companies can begin claiming back, and can be backdated until 1st March, although employees would have had to be off work at that time

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Does dundee not have insurance for this? I thought I seen it on here that there was 6 teams got insurance and dundee were one of them?

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Dundee - and five other clubs in Scotland - have insurance that covers this supposedly.

Edit : Just seen Deeboy's post.

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7 minutes ago, WeighorstsWang said:

Dundee - and five other clubs in Scotland - have insurance that covers this supposedly.

Edit : Just seen Deeboy's post.

Do we have proof of this,anyone in the know 

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    • By Gedee
      I understand the question will be controversial and it may be there is only one answer to this ... But I'm not so sure.
      The Premiership Season has already started and I'm sure many of the Clubs involved there, will even now be panicking, as to how they can avoid relegation... And maybe this question was already in their mind before the season even started. Certainly the idea of winning the Premiership, or even finishing in the top six would NOT have been even a forlorn hope, for possibly the majority.
      It's fair to think ...especially in "normal" times, that at the start of a season, every club will have ambitions....But I believe for many clubs in the Premiership there best hope/ambition is "I hope we can avoid relegation" ... And If I'm right...What a dismal way to start a season (For Club & Fans alike)...Feeling depressed, before the new season has even started.
      Even in these crazy times" with the season not even started, I think it's fair to say, our hope/expectations (DFC & FANS) is that, one way or another, we can get promoted. And although this is by no means anything like a certainty, it is more than possible we can achieve this. If this is the case, then every single game is important to us, with full points up for grabs..
      I'm not saying, promotion is gonna be anything like easy...
      The Champions League has always been a hard battle ground. But I think that's my point...Every Club in it has an equal chance. As opposed to the Premiership, where games/results/final positions become more of a foregone conclusion, before the season has even started.
      Maybe All the Fun & Excitement is in the Championship
      Well we will soon (or maybe not so soon) find oot
    • By Gedee
      "Has being a Dundee manager become such a poisoned chalice that no decent manager is interested in it?" ....
      (That quote (Iain) is taken from  post under the Topic of Paul Hartley. And although I am not sure it justified a New Topic, I did not want to add it to other thread, in case I was going "off-topic" ... But the statement got me thinking)
      I'm putting it out more as a personal question, to get an idea of the character of some of our members/posters (And maybe to help keep the forum rolling along) So I suppose it could include just a general response as well.
      Assuming all things being equal and you felt knowledgeable enough to take on such a role as Football Manager, would the idea of applying for a managerial job with a Club (DFC in this case) that had a reputation of "poisoned chalice"... Graveyard for hopeful managers, put you right of from even considering !! I kinda agree with above comment and do think, some experienced managers would give Dundee the body swerve, with thoughts that...this is the kind of move that could  start the end of my career.
      But as I asked at the start, on general  terms... Just how would you describe yourself?
      Speaking for myself if someone says, it cannae done, it's likely I'll then give it a go
      (I'm not wishing to sound big headed. Because there are many times I'll definitely fail)
    • By Gedee
      The Topic Heading may give the impression, the The Dark Blue Forum has been awarded some "Very Public Award of Merit" for it's continued service to Dundee Fans.
      Maybe it should. And in fact, maybe it has. But this is no any special award of that nature ... I guess it is no more than a thankful acknowledgement and appreciation, of the time, work (And money) specifically John & Scott, but also  everyone else who has contributed in any way (& still continue to do so) to keep Our DFC Forum (And of course Our Club) the only one worth being involved in.
      During this pretty awful times of the past few months, I have struggled to maintain an interest in anything connected to football. On a general level, but also matters relating to the Club I love ... DFC. I suppose in some ways I have gained the benefit of becoming interested again in totally new & aulder forgotten pastimes, which has not only help me "just chug along" but has raised again my general enthusiasm & zest ... Well for life I suppose ... I am limited in what I can do some days. But that said I seem to be busier than ever...
      Out gardening this morning at 6.00 AM ...   "Jings whit's happening to me"
      Okay DFC friends, sorry about the diversion & rambling, so back to the Topic ...
      No surprisingly we're struggling at times with the current problems of the past few months. The health matters of course. But also on a much lesser scale "Football"
      No real DFC fitba news or/& weekly fitba games to talk or write aboot. Yet I go on the forum at least once a day & although I have cut back on my own contributions,
      every day I see the posts still coming in and be well responded to. Seriously, Well Done DFC Forum Lads and Lasses for your consistency of posting during the times.
      Many days I am struggling to post anything that might add interest to the forum, yet every day (not gonna embarrass anyone by mentioning the many names, or one
      very special poster) Yet, not only do these posts still keep regularly coming, the quality & range is really something special. Whether, serious. informative, funny, mad.
      The post keeps coming in, on a regular basis, I can see there is some real effort being made especially by some, to regularly introduce New Topics and take time with
      some very interesting engaging responses. As already said my own posts recently has been a bit spasmodic. But as the Mannie says "I'll be back" Meanwhile. Thanks.
      I'd suggest, if you feel a wee spark & you feel like adding a post (New Topic or a Response) Dinnae think twice. Just do it. Mind it takes time/work to hit my standards
    • By Gedee
      Just noticed that on Official ... Any Thoughts?
    • By Gedee
      So DFC Supporters & Fans, how has it been for you?
      For some, it seems, they might be into deep depression (heading onto madness) with the realisation just how much all things DFC  & Fitba, were an integral part of their life ... Maybe even their whole life. Whilst  others (include me here) have come to a realisation, that not only do I NOT miss it all so much, the absence of live action & the ongoing current news around regular games, this endless break, has opened the door for many other opportune, & more satisfying activities.
      When live fitba action is back maybe all this will change again & life will be back to "normal"
      But the nonsense spouted by the media experts & those supposedly running the game has left me flat, angry, and basically, comprehensively,  scunnered with the whole business ...
      I understand others may NOT feel the same. And although the quieter forum here still shows up some sound posts/posters, there is now an element of posts/comments, in my view, that shows,  that this frustration felt, for whatever reason, is being reflected on here by some posters, which (imo) is making the forum, not a very happy place to be just now (it may be just my opinion)
      Most of the current posting of political issues for "discussion" (if we want to call them that) are well outwith current football matters. They have left me frustrated and have done nothing to raise my spirits, or engage me in anyway at all ... There seems to be in some posts (imo again) a total lack of respect .... Which ill becomes us lads & lasses of the Dark Blue Ilk.
      Maybe, as I've suggested above, once the real football action starts again "everything will be back to normal" and it will all be behind us ... But I am not sure this will be the case.
      (Not sure what Tim Keyes is reading into this present debacle) Thanks all the same, for" "hingin-in" & continuing to give us your financial backing. It surely can only get better
    • By Gedee
      To be honest, I'm not sure there is anything in the above headline, that will affect us in any way.
      But as I came across it by chance "Daily Business" I assume it must be public, so thought I'd share.
      Any way wish him & his associates well in his new enterprise
    • By Gedee
      As In said above, that's maybe only a personal perspective of the present situation ... I certainly don't feel the waves of warmth from other Scottish Clubs coming over the horizon.
      If we were a Big Club, in the Top Six of the Premiership, or had a real focus, ambition, determination, with the guarantee of financial backing, then maybe eh widnae care, whit others thought aboot us. But we are definitely not nearly in that position ... We are where we are: With hopefully reasonably ambitious plans, but nevertheless a Championship Club, that may well be in the near future, fighting to avoid relegation, as well as fighting for survival, ad fans/supporters turn away & attendances drastically drop even further.
      The point I am trying to make is, as it stands just now (& I accept, there is maybe much better to come) I feel we are in a mess, which might be of John Nelm's making.
      It is only a few days ago, when most of us felt we had a leader. A decent, honest man in charge who showed he was willing to stand up to his principles. Is this still so?
    • By Gedee
      From The Online Courier ... He said:
      I love the club and I loved being there. The fans took to me straight away and we didn’t look back. “One of my proudest moments in recent years was coming on as a sub for Thistle at Dens Park and getting a full round of applause.“I had Dundee fans messaging me afterwards saying, ‘I haven’t seen that happen to an opposition player before’. That was really special.”
    • By Gedee
      Check BBC Link ... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/52113667
      I've added this to "Dundee Chat" as it will possibly have some direct relevance to DFC  & United (As well as all Scottish Clubs) should Scottish Football Body follow suit.
      I only just picked up this news from a thread on Dundee Mad (Harry) early, this morning
    • By Gedee
      I took this Heading from the Official ... A bit vague, but there are more details to follow ...
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