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League Reconstruction

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League reconstruction poll  

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Four leagues in Scotland is ludicrous, we only need 2 or 3. Try and en d the monotony of playing each other four times then getting the same teams in the league cup and Scottish cup etc. You could end

How about 3 leagues. Premier consisting of two teams Celtic/Rangers (let the [email protected] play each other 40 times for all I care). That leaves two proper leagues for proper fans to enjoy.

Folks, reconstruction won't happen. Not for the good of the fans, not for the good of the clubs, not for the good of the national squad, not for the good of entertainment and certainly not for the goo

14 play each other twice then the bottom 6 join the top 4 from championship in a league to decide whos coming up.....yup nae chance but I kinda like an idea like that. 

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42 team league, then split it into four or three at end of the season. Just playing each other once of course! 

Actually I'd go for that, shut everyone up. 

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I think the 14-10-10-10 that has been suggested is the most likely, but one never knows. I would rather 18 or 20 in the top division wit only two leagues and the money split fairly between all the teams, but that is highly unlikely in today's climate.

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The problem with reconstruction since we created the "premier" league in the 70s is that the starting point is 4 old firm games. That scuppers any real "reconstruction"...and it's not just the Bigot Brothers or Sky who want it this way, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Hearts, Utd and others all want the 4 games a season so at 11 - 1 to vote anything through it's unlikely change will happen. Covid might be the one thing that is so severe that change will need to happen ... but I wouldn't put trust the DABs to do us any favours.

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thing is with teams like us the auld firm dinna seem to make our attendances v them go much higher than say Aberdeen hibs hearts visiting dens...ok they might fill their end but our supporters just wont turn out as normally the result is a tanking.



fully expect somebody to go post attendances proving I talk bollocks 😂


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There is no ideal solution. That is why there has always been so much debate. The “need” to have 4 old firm games also makes anything more than 14 a non starter.

I voted 14 because that would benefit us the most but I don’t think it would make the leagues any more entertaining. If I was a neutral and also thinking about finance I would say the current format is actually the best. 

14 means playing each team twice and then splitting into two leagues of 7 to get another 6 fixtures in. It is pretty much the same as we have now just with less money for each club. You are still playing a lot of teams twice (the main complaint with 12)

16 either gives you too few or too many games (unless you have another split). One way to get round it would be to have an expanded cup competition. Scottish cup group stages would have an appeal.

We don’t have enough full time clubs to go with 18. It really would be financial disaster for a club like Dundee to get relegated from an 18 team setup. Quite quickly we would find part time teams in the top tier and bigger clubs having to go part time because they’d been relegated

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Won't happen, yes it will be given lip service just to demonstrate how wonderful the SPFL is but that's about as much as we can hope for 

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Why hand this to the bottom and 2nd bottom club of the Premier League club to decide?

Already that's looking like a fiasco. 

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