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The Dark Blues

Realistically When Will We Get Live Football At Dens?

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6 hours ago, Cobra said:

Ok Attilio. There is no evidence of the virus in the city despite folk being hyper-sensitive to symptoms and testing being fairly good.

If something cannot be detected in the 10,000 square miles that is the Highlands, is there any need for tens of thousands to start wearing masks in Inverness? I suppose it's good for shops selling masks like Boots but not sure what else it achieves other than getting randoms riled up at each other.

Last night I was forced to brush past someone in Tesco because of a newly erected plastic barrier. I was just thinking... ffs we beat the virus without all this sh*t!

Whilst I agree with point you are making Cobra, I can understand where the government are coming from with the masks. 

Totally get that there might not be any cases in your neck of the woods but as the restrictions ease and people are free to move about the country that can change pretty quickly when people start to migrate to these areas for holidays.I know masks are by no means a way of stop the spread completely but the evidence does suggest that they lower the risks. 

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In all honesty, I understand where you are coming from and why there's a logic in that sort of conclusion but I think it massively understates where the evidence is coming from, it's a lot more substa

You’re now a marked man tho - wear that top in a socially distanced dens and you might hear the cry of “there that overly positive chunt - get him ! “ 😂

8 hours ago, DFC1974 said:

Mask wearing is a pain in the erse, no doubt about. God knows how many times I’ve totally forgotten to bring one out with me and had to turn back. Someone berating me about it would tip me over the edge. 
However, to be fair to the bloke and contrary to your argument Cobra, if Inverness is reporting zero new cases then surely the mask is ‘doing it’s bit’ at keeping that number down. To suggest Covid doesn’t ‘exist’ in Inverness is a big shout. Plenty people will soon be traveling back and forth outside of the Covid-free borders of the town who may be unknowingly carrying the virus. The mask is a layer of protection from preventing Inverness from losing its Covid-free status, so I’d have thought it was probably a good thing. Your bloke in the shop maybe just wants to keep things that way. Or maybe he’s just one of those twats that just like to moan about something for the sake of it. 

I can see your logic in thinking masks are doing their bit but I think they are needlessly creating conflict as well as being a pain in the a**e.

We know that length of exposure is vital in the spread of Covid so you are not going to get the virus popping into Tesco. The masks are pretty pointless in that environment.

Cramped housing, intimate social gatherings and folk working close together in factories are needed for the virus to thrive.

Laughably, while Tesco is full of mask wearers, there are no masks to be seen in the pubs where the real danger is.

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13 hours ago, DFC1974 said:

Mask wearing is a pain in the erse, no doubt about. 

I think you're wearing it wrong mate! 

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17 hours ago, Budgem said:

Citizens duty Chomp!

Report the b#gger!! 😁

I've already upset a neighbour by 'getting him telt' at the start of lock down. He was banging on about how his missus had it while out with his dog. One of the other neighbours explained that they BOTH needed to quarantine and she would walk the dug and get messages etc. I saw him out the next day with the dug so chapped his door and told him if I saw him out that I'd report him to the police. They must have checked with their kids and realised he shouldn't have been out but I'm 'dead to them  now'. I'm sure I'll cope. 🤣

17 hours ago, Dondeh said:

The Spain ban is a nonsense anyway. 

Did he sneak back in via Covidshire south of the border 😉

Flew from Newcastle and told folk up here he was going to see his brother in Ingerland. I suspect his tan might give him away. 

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