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We are a group of fans who have been in touch with Dundee Football Club with regards to raising some money for the club while at the same time honouring the outstanding work of the NHS during the pandemic. We are doing this by way of sponsoring a 'thank you to the NHS' message to be displayed on the 20/21 shirt's sleeve with a percentage going to Roxburghe House.

Click here to donate

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Well done to @Wattie Rojas and every single dee who donated. Some effort boys and girls. The £10,000 target was reached this morning it seems with a very big donation by the Charlie Cooke Dark Blues 

With the £450 from the prototype home top added to the £7500, the fans' fund should break through the £8000 mark tomorrow.  Thanks so much to the DSA, DFC, DFCSS, all the supporters' clubs and in

That's the 10k up thanks to an unbelievable donation from the Charlie cook dark blues.  Thanks to everyone who has donated to the fund. I'll keep it open for a while longer as there are stil

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£5647 raised since Monday evening is a brilliant effort especially since the fans also donated £3500 to Dee promotions on Saturday.

Dundee fans are the best fans going 🇫🇷💙

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Also a huge thanks to the DSA (£1147), DFCSS (£500), all the supporters' clubs and individual fans 👏

Hopefully we can raise even more for our famous club. 

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Members of Forfar Dark Blues are donating as a club. 😁


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Donated on Thursday seems to have slowed down since then, money tight for a lot of folk just now understandably. Not got round to renewing my season ticket yet couple of mates self employed so just back at work so waiting on them to get same seats together in the Derry. Strange times indeed oh to go for a few pints then the futba!💙

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Well done to the guys who organised this. Cash is going to be King more than ever especially as I believe the insurance question will run for sometime. We need to find a way to help the club bridge the next few months and maybe longer. 

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