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The Dark Blues

Malky Mackay

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Just now, Frank Grimes said:

Page 2 of the woke playbook is to object to the term 'woke', completely ignore the opposite argument and tell them they've lost the argument. But i digress.

You're always welcome to come to my place of work and hear the testimonies of some of the guys there. They'll tell you not only the crimes that they've gone to jail for but also the opinions they used hold, some of which would be racist. 

Radical redemption is possible bud. And id hate to live in a world where i didn't believe that.

Again mate, you’re talking about people that have had some form of punishment.

Mackay has had none.

And rates of rehabilitation vs recidivism are sadly incredibly low, particularly for race related crime.

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Your mate's dad missus must have been tidier and/or dirtier than mine, I'd go with the booze..... 🤣

I did like Frankie Boyle's take on it. Don't worry, its the first joke.

Would not surprise anyone if that despicable club hired a known racist. after all they've supported most other types of low life scum in the past, sexists, rapists, false accusers etc. so why would th

12 minutes ago, Deewee said:

Ah the use of the word “woke” or “snowflake” - the first and most predictable refuge of someone right of centre when losing an argument.

In case it hasn’t been clear, here are my thoughts on second chances, “done your time” etc. 

Racism is a disease of thought. It’s a very different crime to committing a robbery, or dangerous driving, or whatever. It’s a whole mindset that needs re-wired. I come from a very working class area, I’ve got friends who have been to jail and like you say have turned their lives around and are now as straight down the line as they come. But that’s because in prison they learned new skills and new coping mechanisms that set them on the straight and narrow. They weren’t able to provide for their wives and kids whilst in prison. They never want that to happen again.

Mackay has swanned from one high paid position to another without any punishment. He’s not daft enough (I wouldn’t have thought) to get caught saying anything racist in public again but I would be very surprised if he doesn’t still hold those views privately.

Do you not find trans activism a little troubling? Young children are apparently being encouraged to transition because they feel like they're in the wrong body, and folk face a lot of abuse if they challenge certain views.

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