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The Dark Blues

Well Done Gowser.

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Fair play to gowser.

He turned down a Premiership club and took a wage reduction to stay at Dundee and the first thing you come away with is "would he make as much elsewhere?".  Get a grip of yourself. 

Tags are probably a bit of a sore point for him tbh.

12 minutes ago, FanDee said:

Fair play to gowser.

He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t fault his commitment to the club. 

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Gowser is probably the only one of the recent Dees that deserves to be called a Dee Legend, great to see a player repaying a club that stood by him in his own hard times. I wonder how much influence the board's loyalty to McPake as a player and a manager had in Gowser's decision.

Gowser reminds me of another legend, Barry Smith, both been at Celtic as youngsters, both have that steely will to win, not the most glamarous players but the type of player you want by your side, the ability to talk others through the game, Dundee captain, commitment to the club........both have dodgy haircuts :D


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Brilliant from Gowser! never doubted his commitment so not surprised. He was out of contract so the club had no obligation to offer anything but glad we did as he is the kind of character we need in times like this.

Hopefully most players follow suit but would imagine a few will wait and see if they can get anything else. Makes sense to keep Gowser and move on a higher earner like Byrne if tough decisions have to be made. 

I wonder if we offered Meekings a similar deal or if he'll be off? 

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Great News ... I think I might be getting a wee bit excited again aboot Fitba/DFC ... Love & Respect :wub:

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