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The Dark Blues

The New Season

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Usually by now the season would have started and most supporters, me included, would be well up for the games to come showing our usual pre season/early season optimism which happily was not always dashed after a few games. Looking at the news today of seven cases of Covid at St. Mirren it really makes me wonder if we will see the projected October start for the Championship (or next Saturday in the Premier) and see enough games played over the period to next May to constitute a viable season. For these reasons I can't build up the usual pre season enthusiasm (early days yet I know). I can see a scenario where the season is completed, hopefully, but this will likely require no second wave of Covid and experience around the world shows that a second wave is a least likely. I can see the season starting late and faltering after only a few games negating the season altogether. My worst fear, however, is getting good results and being top of the League or even, as with the season past, in a play off spot for the season to be called short again, this time with a good number but insufficient games played to be viable. I cannot see us being in trouble at the bottom of the League meaning that such a situation would save us, a position that United may well, fortuitously, find themselves in. On the contrary it would almost certainly be to our disadvantage.

I have for a long time thought that we have fallen on the wrong side of the divide at this difficult Covid time due to our failure to win the League last season or indeed having been relegated the season before. The performances were poor and both outcomes deserved but the bad luck element is to be out of the top 12 at this time (being 'promoted' has likely saved United, financially, in an opposite way).

We need crowds back at games and a reasonable number of games played to realise the dream scenario of club survival (and in this respect kudos to all the fans and initiatives to help the club), promotion by winning the League or the play-offs and United falling straight back down. As you will gather I am more of a glass half empty sort (wife thinks I am Victor Meldrew in the flesh) and the foregoing in certainly in the dream realms. If my/our club is still here to start the 2021/22 season in a Covid 'controlled' world, personally, I would call that a reasonable outcome.

Meanwhile can anyone recommend any optimism pills because copious amounts of good red wine just isn't doing the trick.


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I try not to think about it too much although personally we got to get on with our lives especially of you dont fall into a vulnerable group and if you are like me carrying a few pounds get on a blood

For 7 backroom staff to have caught it sounds like they haven't been following protocols.

Got to be honest Troodee, I'm just taking it as it comes. I would think FPS have similar concerns to yourself but I'm not trying to second guess anything yet, just looking forward to 'our' season starting and maybe at some point getting along to watch a live game at Dens. For now its just a case of being patient, at least there's football on TV. Even if we end up 'missing a year' 'our' football will be back at some point. 😀

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I try not to think about it too much although personally we got to get on with our lives especially of you dont fall into a vulnerable group and if you are like me carrying a few pounds get on a bloody  diet.  What will be will be but you are right it's not as easy to build up enthusiasm as in prior years

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