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The Dark Blues

This Over70's T V Licence Business

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I noticed today some Newspaper Article, (cannae find the headline source now) that there are a huge number of elderly people in Scotland paying for their TV Licence, who should in fact be exempt. It was only a Headline, so I don't know the details. But if it is because they are entilted to credits/benefits, but have never bothered claiming ...Or more likely totally confused as to the procedure, it would not surprise me at all.

(I fill in Tax Form every year, to cover a minimal additional income, and yet nearly every year I make some mistake and  am then asked politely to do it again, or clarify some error I've made) ... I accept of course, there are others of all ages, who could afford to pay, but for a range of reasons do not :ph34r:

I came across online some of these excuses....some are hilarious.

Here is a link https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/you-wont-believe-excuses-scots-7328465


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    • By Gedee
      I came across this exercise video on BBC Sports Page
      Thought it was very impressive, but certainly beyond me.
      But made we wonder if anyone out there could go though that series of exercises (or something like it) & look as relaxed at the beginning & end as that young lass did.
      I think I'd get as far as stage1, & then I'd need Mrs Gedee to be calling the Paramedics...But that said, I've now taking up again short daily walks & really into gardening.
      Jings, even put some time aside to play the guitar and hae a big sing-song with myself (Pretty awful but definitely helps with social isolation)....So whit aboot yirselves?
      (Try to keep it nice please)
    • By Gedee
      Probably everyone will have their own strong views on that ... My view it is, that when so many will be fearing for their jobs, 10% is no more than a token amount.
      Read Link ...https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52106922
      (The 10 in the Topic Heading should read 10% ... Maybe someone please can sort this out please)
    • By Gedee
      (The time has come when we must make a stance. I for one will be tearing up meh Concession Card)
      Eh can jist see Future Headlines:
      "Driver of "Driverless Bus" brutally attacked, while Bus crosses Forth Road Bridge"
      "A Bus load of Senior Citizens from Dundee on their Annual Bus Day Trip to Edinburgh, went into a panicked frenzy on approaching Forth Road Bridge, with the sudden realisation that their was no driver behind the wheel ... He was in fact leading the Group Singing at the back of the Bus (This was part of his new duties, now his driving responsibilities were no longer required)
      Although it was agreed all of these elderly passengers, were suffering from various degrees of incapacitation (mainly severe mobility issues) they all managed to vacate the vehicle in a rapid time. Some did sustain injuries during this process, but this was mainly due to to battering each other with their zimmers & walking sticks as they tries to reach the emergency door first.
      The Driver however was the most severely injured as most passengers in the process of leaving the bus, gave him a special battering. Those passengers with dementia, were reminded once of the bus, that it was all the driver's fault that they were put into this predicament ... And were ably helped back on to the bus ... To allow them to give the driver another guid skelping wi' their sticks.
      Although the driver is still in hospital and may not press charges, it is expected because of the severity of his injuries, charges will be forthcoming"
    • By Gedee
      Watching the very short post match interview of both managers on BBC Website, I thought both managers were cool.
      Was particularly impressed with Kierney's response to question/statement. "But you are the premiership club here"...YEH
      Don't know much about his background, but I like his style & can see why he might have impressed, in an interview situation.
      Considering, that like us, he also has been through the mangle this season, he's coolness personified. Guid Luck in 2nd Leg.
    • By Gedee
      Not so long ago I enjoyed long country/coastal walks, but age (& whit goes with it) has curtailed this pleasant therapeutic pastime.
      But still try each day to take a short walk (barely a mile) It was on these walks I came across a car-key & popped  notice in local shop.
      Guy phoned this morning & came along to pick it up. Hysterically happy. Because he had been quoted nearly £400 for replacement
    • By Gedee
      I'll bet there's a load o' men oot there that disnae ken whit that is ..... (Eh do, cause eh'm efter googling it)
      But eh'm no telling you. Ye'll hae to look it up yirselves. But eh will tell you, it appears every year on March 8th.
      Anyone feel like adding anything to this topic? Assuming we hae some women members, whits it awe aboot?
    • By Gedee
      Even people that are no' really into music have heard a phrase or a line or two fae a song, that's maybe passed them by (or even impressed at the time ... But then at a later .date, happened to look at it, or hear it again...And thought, whit wis awe that sh*t aboot !!
      This is a wee example that went through my mind twa minutes ago ...
      Catching up wi the forum, there was a wee bit friendly banter going on between twa posters and it was commented on "You Twa should get yirselves a Room"
      It was nothing to do with me, but for a wee bit fun, I was gonna comment ...
      "It's harsh comments like that, that can bring, a tender, loving, budding relastionship to a halt" (as it happened, eh didnae bother)
      However, it was then I thought o' the words o' this sang (auld ains are best for this nonsense) ... "Once on a high and windy hill, in the morning mist, two lovers kissed, and the world stood still. Love is natures way of giving, a reason to be living ... A Golden Crown, that makes a Man a King" 
      And eh thought .... If they words stuck in meh heid, I must have thought something o' them at the time.
      And eh wis trying to relate these "romantic prose" to my younger days (near 60yrs ago) when awe my
      courting took place up tenement closes, or roond the back (jist ahent the bins) wi me trying to appear
      sophisticated (whilst trying get meh hands up her jumper) & a cauld winter wind, blawin' up my bum
      I might have just missed the boat somewhere then.There was nothing too Royal aboot my approach
      (Maybe the kind o' threed that will die an instant death...But come on folks, let's hae a wee laugh)
      (And it disnae have to be aboot love stuff. But maybe they sangs are the best Maist ridiculous possibly .... Jist pick some sang & disect it)
    • By Gedee
      Hi Wood'...Thank you for PM.
      I have responded (if it works)
      Having an early night again
    • By Gedee
      House of Lords  Fresh Expenses Row  (Remove if unsuitable for TDBF)
      The TOPIC question is tho' around House of Lords...WHY, JUST WHY?
      Although I am using Labour Members as examples ... (as they have the highest expenses)
      Labour Scottish Office Minister Highest Expenses £43, 896 (no questions or participation)
      Paisley Labour MP Baroness Irene Adams picked up £41, 287...( No questions either A/A)
      SEVENTY THREE MEMBERS (1 in 10) in HOL, pop in just for 5*cheap lunches & expenses.
      None of 73 contributed/asked questions/became involved in debate. Food, expenses, &
       If this topic is okay, please let's try to keep it within the boundaries of respect & politeness)
    • By Gedee
      Okay, maybe no ground- breaking news for maist fowk ...
      But if you are a lonely DFC fan,  sitting, starving & shivering, wi' yir Dark Blue Scarf on, at the Northern edge o' Canada, thinking, if only eh had a Haggis, wid life no be mair bearable
      If only eh could get my hands & jaws aroond a steaming hot juicy haggis Your dreams are about to come true. After ban of 50 years Haggis is being allowed entry into Canada
      Weel haggis of a kind, Nae meat, is being made/manufactured by an Edinburgh Company which can now be imported. Nae heart/liver/lungs/suet etc. But there again it's Scottish 
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