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The Dark Blues

Charlie Adam - Officially Signs

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Got yourselves a legend here you guys and so jealous of you. He is a great player and a good man to have around the club and i am now a closet  Dundee fan.

I haven't logged on in about a year.  This has made me want to sign in and discuss tbh. A great bit a business. Gonna get a season ticket now. 

Charlie Adam has signed for Dundee on a two-year contract.  

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1 minute ago, Derry Drummer said:

Had alot going on bud. Need football back. Welcome distraction. 


Sorry to hear that bud, hopefully things have calmed down for you now?

The quicker the better with the football. So we can get back to the se's shite, he's no as good as I thought he was, and McPake oot and take Nelms with you posts!! 🤣

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39 minutes ago, troodee1893 said:

A big well done and thank you to the three club sponsors that helped this to happen.

Who are the Guys behind this Amazing news, their names and also their Company's. Also heard Micky Mellon, greeting on the Radio this week, stating, he requires Premier League standard players signed, not the Mince, he has at the Club just now, yet Another DABS Manager having a dig at their Owner, I wonder how long it takes, before he walks, after false promises?? Boy the DABS, would just love, to have Dorrans and King Charlie, in their pitiful midfield. So well done to ALL involved in this deal, yet Again, proud to be a Dee. Those who haven't bought a Season Ticket yet, come on, others are Standing up, to be counted.🍺🍺 Welcome home Charlie, your Dad would have been so Proud, we All saw how, much it meant to you scoring for the Dee, that night at Palace, brought a Tear, to my eyes, that night.

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40 minutes ago, Cobra said:

Chick Young said Caniggia was a washed-up has-been who'd embarrass DFC. I don't pay much attention to the "experts", never mind the average guy on Dunfermline high street.

He lives in The Ferry 🤣

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