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The Dark Blues

Charlie Adam - Officially Signs

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32 minutes ago, Wattie Rojas said:

Which position will he play?

I read that Reading played him at no. 10 but he has played deeper too. 

I would like to see him playing deep with Dorrans further forward.

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Got yourselves a legend here you guys and so jealous of you. He is a great player and a good man to have around the club and i am now a closet  Dundee fan.

I haven't logged on in about a year.  This has made me want to sign in and discuss tbh. A great bit a business. Gonna get a season ticket now. 

Charlie Adam has signed for Dundee on a two-year contract.  

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40 minutes ago, TheDarkBlues said:



I did enjoy what both had to say. No fancy airs & graces. Just come over speaking a lot of common sense. Think (accepting the league has not yet started) both were relaxed & quietly confident. I'm starting to feel the same.

(Appreciated subtitles, which helped me pick-up on the bits I missed) Thanks for adding to Forum:chaplin:

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53 minutes ago, Barryboy said:

I can think of  times on here, when if  Dundee had signed  a player who is 35 in December, on a two-year contract,

would give rise to nothing but hoots of derision?

And that’s all you’ve got to say about us signing arguably the best player in near on 20 years 🤷‍♂️

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7 minutes ago, TheDarkBlues said:

santana lopez wtf GIF

John personally eh cannae stand Quizzes...But eh wis thinking that the next time there's a "Full Team Photie o' the Arabs" put it on the Forum and we can have a Quiz, trying to guess which one is the Criminal...This is one Quiz, that even eh can win, on the basis that they are probably awe a bunch o' devious crooks:chaplin:

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1 hour ago, eyeothedug said:

Other way round I think. Adam is more of a goal threat.

Think Adam playing further back allows him to try and dictate play, hit long balls/passes etc. His main goal threat will be through set-plays i think.  Good dilemma to have though!!

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On 16/09/2020 at 20:32, Reverend Lovejoy said:

Removal........kinda. Picked up a couple of sofa's that had been donated to the charity I work for.

Aw, you recognized me but obviously i have never met you previously. Should have said hi mate. I presum you were the older guy and not the 18 year olf 😂

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